Tag #1 : 30 disney questions

Hello guys !

So, here’s the thing: I may be nineteen but that means nothing, I’m still and (hopefully) always will be a little clumsy child, and what better way to entertain a kid ? DISNEY THEMED QUESTIONS. YAY !

Thanks so so much to Paige @ Thewildreaders for unofficially tagging me, if you don’t already know her, go check out her blog, she is so funny and nice, and her blog is hella cute. Enough blabbering and let’s get on with the questions.


30 is a LOT to think about and there are so many characters to choose from. I feel lost but here goes nothing:

1- Favorite character

The genie from Aladdin. He’s just the funniest character EVER. His responses are so witty, and facial expressions priceless.ea4cb45d69694d318219f75f0644cd8c.jpg

2- Favorite princess

It’s very very tight. I love both Merida and Rapunzel (What about Pocahontas though, SO MANY !!). But I think I’ll stick with Merida from Brave. She’s such a role model for young girls (Not the go chasing after you mom after making her a bear part) she’s an independent and strong young woman.83ed9eec651e546c80de3061b3287385.jpg

3- Favorite heroine

Mulan. Do I really need to justify ? She kicks ass, enough said.a630ae28733513ec4415b6daf3034d6d

4- Favorite prince

Eric from The Little Mermaid. Oh yeah definitely, he was my first fictional crush. Hard to let go of that, right? Look at that dreamy face though ! 1dc8516479a8da1c561fac82f36a8fc9

5- Favorite Hero

Flynn Rider from Tangled. I think that the quickest way into my heart is through humor and he certainly has a lot of that.201e060fb34e2c22f89c2e6ea0af1f3c.gif

6- Favorite animal

Abu from Aladdin. Just because he’s a monkey, Okay? Okay.c990f3b2c969c6632baa75ec395d94fb

7- Favorite sidekick

Muchu from Mulan. What would Mulan be without him? Plus, he has the best one-liners.99cc707eb39ade42ff350057a26ea385.gif

8- Favorite villain

Hades from Hercules. He has sass, he has class (Okay maybe not!) and wit too.3f0467e4a484149f53922c9e5c73b60b.gif

9- Favorite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc)

Goofy, Goofy and Goofy. I remember watching his movies so many times as a kid. He’s just so dumb and clumsy, I just wanna hug him and tell him that everything will be alright.304c151bc262c072b33c9aff03a7655d

10- Favorite love song

“I won’t say I’m in love” from Hercules.397d3587a3cfc90731999988b4c0dd8b

11- Favorite song

Are you out of your minds? I can’t choose. Na-ah, no way, I won’t succumb to the pressure. I CAN’T. I LOVE THEM ALL.

12- Favorite villain song

I’m gonna go with the same as Paige : “Mother knows best” from Tangled.3bb4b75d47aa32fabf88bd668e64677b

13- Least favorite song

I’m with Paige on this one too: “Let it Go” from Frozen. Just no, heard it so many times, I just can’t anymore.f5e7ba01f9c00f02a83c39ce2ada4535

14- Favorite kiss

Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid is the most memorable to me. Maybe because it is the first one that I can remember.20b94ddf4ac1013cb44a2efd708544c2.gif

15- The first movie you saw

Sleeping beauty with no doubt in mind.751c5da540483cf0170cb9fe73c7ec12.jpg

16- Favorite classic

Sleeping beauty again. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH.fbe9bc0b29c4f4c6515d35c4c9e6d491.jpg

17- Song that always gets stuck in your head

I’m somehow always singing this: b30ee917d11870a9d1f1921f8c413ead.gif

18- Favorite Pixar film

Finding Nemo. I just want to be a fish, is that too much to ask?f78c7a99769f95a55066b031228c91fc.jpg

19- Least favorite Pixar film

Cars. I just never got it.

20- Favorite sequel

The little mermaid 2. Ariel and Eric’s kid ? Duh, favorite ! e734500be9d60204c5823327a1d91cdc.gif

21- Overrated movie

Frozen. Hear me out, hear me out before you jump to my throat. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I am meh!5ff8f2ca6e7d39ff973c6a284c8d93c4

22- Underrated movie

Oliver and company. Does anyone remember this one? I LOVED IT SO MUCH and it made me cry like no other.59858c076d01fdf0ca92daf21aea77c5.jpg

23- Movie that makes you laugh

Tangled. I just can’t with this movie haha!c2615242bcb0e3cc2e73a6494ff95bfa.gif

24- Movie that makes you cry

Big hero 6. Don’t get me started. Please. :curlsupandstartscrying:a0d4a3d352ec2627fe02b0271f84f9af

25- The saddest scene from your favorite movie

I don’t even know what my favorite movie is. Okay, I’ll go with Oliver and Company. The scene where all the little kittens but Oliver are adopted breaks my heart.2b32f108731046060b2fd633c4977d4f

26- Saddest death

Mufasa. I never got over that one. Damn it! 2550ae4dfb8f901af4684900a7dc0ced.jpg

27- Favorite quote

I have a lot, and I mean A LOT. To choose one, I pick one from Mulan. 76d75d35dad415fc0d0881fbe16042f0

28- Favorite theme park

Nope once.

29- Favorite theme attraction

Nope twice.

30- Favorite theme park show

Nope three times. You guessed it, I’ve never been to one before.

AND I TAG EVERYONE. This was so much fun to do, you should seriously all do it !

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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