Having friends who don’t read

Hello guys !

Today I’m back to you with a real daily struggle of mine which is that none of my friends read, or even if they do, not consistently (they only read a book if it’s really hyped or made into a movie) which frustrates me for a whole bunch of reasons.


I’ve never ever ever had a friend who’s as much of a hardcore reader as I am which is sad for them thinking about the endless amounts of worlds and tales they’re missing on and annoying for me – because I have no one to talk too (Thanks to this baby blog of mine, the latter is not much of a problem anymore).

So in that train of thought, here are some situations, us bookworms with non-reading friends find ourselves frequently put into:

  • Having no one to fangirl with
This is me each time I’m excited about a book, a ship, a character and find myself with no one to discuss it with
  • Or no one to rant to about something that made me furious or sad
tumblr_ma7bk904DZ1qz53j7.gif… And nobody to share them with.
  • No one understands my book references
Here’s the scenario: I’m with my friends we’re talking about random stuff, laughing, someone says something and I see an opening for me to insert a book related joke (Often Harry Potter obviously, which is basic and everybody should get) so I do it and I see them looking back at me like :
  • Going into a bookstore

This is a rare thing to begin with. So when I convince my friends to go into a bookstore with me, here’s me :

–                               anigif_enhanced-7492-1445874091-2   anigif_original-grid-image-20595-1445874218-18

And they’re all just looking at me thinking : “Can we go now ?”

  •    Saying that I read too much
First of all, there’s no such thing as reading too much ! Plus, who am I bothering with my reading anyway ? Tsss … People !
  • “Don’t you have something better to do ? “

tumblr_n0vdjbTlzZ1sa2xlto1_500.gifSo yeah no, nothing ! Since it is already the best thing in the whole entire galaxy and beyond.

  • Reading is boring.”

I never got it. Seriously how could it be boring ? You’ve been picking up all the wrong books my friend, it’s either that or …anigif_enhanced-buzz-6104-1376531078-11.gif

  • “Chill ! That’s just a fictional character.”
Another little scenario :

1580390228a25be7f2e8b88a7951a0dc.jpgMy reaction : 09ab77e852994253e572d0674dfdd85e.gif

  • “Why read when you have movies ?”
First of all, what? Second of all WHAT ?

Or even worse, when someone (a “friend”) comes up to me and says : “The best books are made into movies anyways”anigif_enhanced-buzz-31346-1376578217-4.gifThat’s just it.

So yeah, there you go guys ! What we’ve all been thinking put into words (or gifs in this case)

That’s it until next time.

What are some of the things you face when you are when you are with your friends who don’t read ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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15 thoughts on “Having friends who don’t read

  1. I hate it. It’s unbearable. I don’t even read that much. OK maybe I do, but the people I know barely read at all. I mean, what’s wrong with them?

    That’s one reason I started blogging. My quality of life has literally improved because of it.

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  2. I once told someone that I reread a book I love and they replied with “Well, I guess there’s nothing better to do.” It really annoyed me because I reread books because I love them. It’s the exact same thing as rewatching movies!

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  3. I think that’s what’s so fun about the internet — it’s created a community where it’s not too difficult to find others who connect over the same interests and hobbies. It’s definitely where I go to fangirl over books!

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  4. This is too real. I’ve only really had one friend who was also a huge bookworm like me, but then she stopped reading as she got older because she said that she was getting too old for young adult books (and therefore stopped reading in general without even touching the adult genre… How does that make sense). I absolutely love this book community, and I’m glad I can have people to talk with my book love about! ❤

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