We sometimes stand in the way of our happiness

Hello guys  !

I’ve been keeping a notebook with a lot of post ideas waiting for inspiration to be written. So, today as I came home from a Girls’ day out I felt really inspired to discuss the subject of happiness with you because I am feeling really genuinely happy right now, not that I am not usually. I am a pretty bubbly person by nature (Or so I’ve become over the past couple years) , I like to fool around, to cheer people up, to crack jokes -that are mostly lame but that doesn’t stop me.

Today’s topic is pretty long but please bear with me and read it all, this topic in particular is very important to me.

Let's talk about ... Happiness

Let me talk to you about my day for a little bit. My friends and I had class ’til noon this morning. And as soon as that was done we went to the parking lot and started talking about how we should do something different instead of just going home and studying/laying around. We went ahead, picked up pizzas and just started driving along the coast until we found a great spot, pulled up and improvised a pic-nic on the sand. We ate (mostly pizza but also sand haha), we laughed, we talked, we blasted music and sung from the top of our lungs. It was amazing. Then we went to a café that had a magnificent view of the ocean and sat there just appreciating each other’s company.

Coming back home, I am exhausted from a long week of school and a wonderful day with precious people but I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside that I can only describe as happiness. Pure and Raw. It made me really reflect on my life and this post is me sharing my conclusion with you.

All of us humans are in the pursuit of happiness

…But what we don’t realize is that it is all around us. I swear to you guys that even if it sounds cliché it is true. I  used to be very sceptical when someone used that sentence but as life and experience have shown me, happiness lies in the little everyday things as much as it does in big gestures and significant moments. We are chasing the latter, not paying attention to the first.

A few years back, I was just a depressed teenager, uncomfortable in my own skin, lacking confidence to the point where it tinted my relationships with others. I was always sad, complaining that nothing exciting happened in my life. No boyfriend. No crazy adventures. No significant moments. I even thought that I was ugly and that’s horrifying for a person to think of herself. I truly wasn’t happy and looking back now I see how stupid I was but at the time that seemed like a huge deal to me and I know that a lot of you guys, went or are going through that right now. I just want you to know that you are not alone and that it gets better. Focusing on the negative

We overlook the positive

Waking up to a shining sun. Getting a compliment when you expect it the least. Putting on a great outfit. Going out for a walk. Sharing a smile with a stranger. Getting a hug. Talking to your mom, your dad, your sibling, your bestfriend. Watching a good movie. Discovering a new song. Reading an amazing book. Walking in the rain. Laughing with your friends. Laughing at your friends. Laughing until your stomach hurts, until you cry. Drinking a hot coffee on a cold day. Spending hours on the phone with someone you love. Eating your favorite food. Sleeping-in Sunday morning. Getting good grades. Taking a hot shower after a tiring day. Devouring a big ice-cream cone.  All those little things that we may think are insignificant can make us realise that

Our Happiness doesn’t depend on anyone


Only you can make yourself happy. If you can’t do that, you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you. If you don’t know how to, YOU HAVE TO. And this is something no one can teach you, you have to work on yourself, learn what works for you. It takes a long time, it is a long journey. You’ll want to give up, you’ll want to crawl under a rock and hide but you can’t. You just can’t afford to give up on yourself. I learned that the hard way. In high school, I kept waiting for someone to show up, sweep me off my feet and make me happy. But that didn’t happen, I just kept collecting heartbreaks and dissapointments. Even if it did work, it wouldn’t have made me happy, it would’ve patched me up until that person gave up on me because…

We attract what we are

If you don’t treat yourself right, how can other people do? Let me give you an exemple from my own life again. When I was younger and as I said previously desperate for a boyfriend, lacking self-confidence and just sad, people could sense that and boys in particular and they just weren’t interested or if they were, it was just to take advantage of my weaknesses. And the longer that went on the sadder I was. It is a vicious circle that I had to break myself out of.


I wasn’t able to fully do that until senior year. I just stopped caring what people thought of me, if I was pretty enough, likable enough and I started -slowly but surely- getting happier on the inside and that reflected on the outside. Now I walk taller, I am more confident than I ever dreamt of being my whole life, socializing more and that made me even more happy. And all the more grateful. This one too, is a circle but a better one. The best one, really. All of this to say that

The happier we are > The more we enjoy life > The happier we become

This new circle unveils a thousand new horizons. New friendship opportunities, new adventures, new loves, things that you never expected would come out of you. You unlock parts of you that were overshadowed by the negative thoughts. I am not saying that you should be bubbly 100% of the time. It is okay to be sad sometimes but that sadness should never take control of your life. ALWAYS GET BACK UP. I, for one, stopped being shy all together, I have no trouble now going up to people, talking to them, sustaining conversations, speaking my mind up. I appreciate my friends and family a whole lot more. To put it in fewer words. I AM HAPPY. And I can guarantee that it shows and have proof: people have come up to me saying that I changed, that I looked happier.

And you should be too. You are an amazing human-being and you deserve your little slice of happiness.


That’s it until next time.

What are some things that make you happy ?

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8 thoughts on “We sometimes stand in the way of our happiness

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  2. This is such a lovely, honest post! I am definitely in a much better place now than when I was a teenager. I have accepted who I am and have come to appreciate the little things in life instead of always obsessing over how I want my life to be. I love sleeping in and lazy Saturdays and just in general the possibilities that my life can become.

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