Little Peek #3 : March 2016

Hello guys !

I know this post is late *Internally scolding myself* but I have a perfectly understandable reason for it. The last three days were pretty eventful, we had an event in Uni. It was kind of a sport’s championship with football games, basketball games among other things, so I had some friends competing which was the ideal time for a fun little road trip. That’s what we did ! And I came back yesterday late at night which means, today id the earliest I’ve been able to write this post. (The other ones were pre-scheduled hehe !). Good news is we WON in football and girls’ 400m race. So YAY!


Another BIG YAY that currently has me jumping up and down with joy is this :


Wait. WHAAAAAAAT? Oh my god ! I know it might not seem like much but it is HUGE to me and I’m sooo happy I’ve gotten this far and it is all because of you guys ! And I’ll forever be grateful for this welcoming community.

Onto the actual wrap-up now. I’m not impressed with the amount I read this month. I read 6 books total. It is good, but not the best, I reviewed all of them but one though, so that’s great. Here are said books:


Ryan Graudin - (#1) Wolf by WolfI can’t begin to express how much I loved this book ! It is my favorite read of 2016 so far and I suspect it is going to stay that way for the rest of the year because it will be really hard to top.

First it takes place after WWII and we all know how I feel about THAT. Second, it is an alternate fiction answering the question : What if Hitler won? Third, it has one of the most kick-ass, independant, strong female characters I’ve ever read about.

Okay I’ll stop here, for more raving, here’s my Review.


5 stars

“There was something electric about the colors that exploded in the sky, reminding Yael that not everything was gray ashfall, yellowing weeds, withered blue hands, crimson rivers of blood… There was still beauty in the world. And it was worth fighting for.”


Cassandra Clare - (#1) Clockwork AngelThis book almost put me in a reading slump. It’s not that I didn’t like it or anything. It just took me almost 2 weeks to finish. It is a good book and all but it was slow for most of it, the pace didn’t pick up until th last quarter or so. I still enjoyed it.

I’ll read the sequel this month and I’m sure it will be way faster, because the things that went down at the end of this one were CRAY-CRAY. Meanwhile, here’s the review.



3.5 stars

“One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”


11235712This was a strong start, to what I hope will be a wondeful series.

I loved everything about it despite the little predictability that lays at the end of it, I think that it lived up to the hype without exceeding it, which luckily leaves room for the rest of the series to progress and flourish into something even more amazing than this is.

Here’s my review for it, if you want an insight.


4 stars

“We have the ability to love each other, no matter our differences. To help each other, no matter our weaknesses.”


Jojo Moyes - Me Before YouMy oh my ! My heart, my soul and my eyes were on fire after finishing this.

No, just NO. Don’t give me hope of a happy ending like that to leave me in tears afterwards. It is too fucking CRUEL.

I loved every. single. thing. aboout this. The characters, the story, the face, the relationships, the authenticity etc…

Just go read it, for heaven’s sake. Before doing so, here’s the review.


4.5 stars

“Some mistakes… Just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let the result of one mistake be the thing that defines you. You, Clark, have the choice not to let that happen.”


12578077Oh boy ! I had so many things to say about this book. Not all great. To be honest, the good things were like gems.

Okay I’m being a nasty person here haha. I know that a lot of people like this but it didn’t do it for me, not for a bit.

I must confess that the bitch in me had a LOT of fun writing this review. I guess she was inspired by all the ridiculousness that went down (I’m sorry if I offended anyone by the way).



2.5 stars

“But no matter where I went, what I was running from would still be with me—Kat. She wasn’t just back in the house, in that bed. She was with me now, inside me. And there was no outrunning that.”


Malala - I am Malala

This was such an eyes opening read. I obviously know about the things that go down in the Middle East and in Pakistan more particularly, but reading from the perspective of someone who lived under the Taliban’s savage ways is all the more striking.

I learned so much from this and I went through all kinds of emotions: Sadness, pity but mostly anger. What the fuck is wrong with those people doing whatever suits them and pretending to be “real muslims”? Just no.

I recommend this book to every single soul on earth. I already admired Malala before, but now, WOW ! I just reached a new level.

4 stars

“Once I had asked God for one or two extra inches in height, but instead he made me as tall as the sky, so high that I could not measure myself.”

Here’s a summary of this month’s post, other than the reviews:

Top 5 Wednesdays :

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Other Ramblings :

That’s it until next time.

What books did you read in March ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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19 thoughts on “Little Peek #3 : March 2016

  1. Congratulations on 100 followers! Your blog is really great and I’m sure you’ll get tons more followers in the near future😊💗
    6 books is really good I think! I think I’ve said this a million times but I NEED TO READ WOLF BY WOLF 😀


  2. Congratulations on 100 followers! That’s great news 😀
    Also I’m glad you liked Cinder, the rest of the series does get better. Are you going to start the second one anytime soon? I have literally heard so many amazing things about Wolf by Wolf, I’ve added it to my to-read list I hope to get started on it soon!

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