12 Bookish Tropes that Need to Go Away

Hello guys !

You know sometimes when you’re reading a book and something happens that makes you want to throw it out the window into the other side of earth? Yeah… That’s me right now. I’m reading this book, and I think that I’m doing a whole lot more cringing than reading. But no worries, I got a positive outcome out of this traumatic experience: This post.


I gathered for you, out of the infinite sea of book tropes, 12 that need to die right now. Or else, I AM the one who’s going to die from the amount of eye rolling these situations induce. Okay, I must admit that I’m being a little dramatic but you get the picture. Let’s get on with the list then:

These are in no particular order.

1. Insta-love

So, you want to make me believe that girl sees boy, girl drowns in the beauty of his eyes, gets butterflies in her stomach and they live happily ever after ? HELLTOTHEFREAKINGNO. You want to know what happens when I look at a boy? Yeah, nothing, I look the other way, I even get suspicious when he’s THAT good looking. So, please give me more than good looks and a two sentences interaction to make me swoon.aaaaaa

2. Love Geometrics Shapes

Yes, all of them. Triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons… Just stop with them for heaven’s sake because I don’t see it happening to me or to anyone in real life any time soon. And it’s over-used. And it is often totally unnecessary. AND it is badly done most of the time. (Exception: The Infernal Devices. That love-triangle is BRILLIANT.)Red_Ugh_Gif.gif

3. Female saved by male

HAHAHAH. Stop. Okay? I don’t need no man! And is it really the image we want to convey to young girls nowadays? That when their lives are crappy they just have to wait for a man to come around and save them and everything will be sunny and beautiful? Please show me girls shining through on their own, finding their own paths, motivations and ambitions.anigif_enhanced-9360-1445877130-10.gif

4. Girl-hate

This is probably my most hated one. It is just not okay. Why can’t we promote Girl-love instead? We’re NOT supposed to fight each other and bring each other down. It happens a LOT in real life so why not set the right exemple in books? It can’t be that hard!18310434.gif

5. Unnecessary Drama

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some drama in my books, I just like it to be well placed and not over dumb things, I want to actually BELIEVE that there is drama. Don’t give me some stupid reason, or something that could be resolved just by a little communication. GIMME THE REAL DEAL or not at all. giphyn,,;.gif

6. Absent Families

Why God? OH WHY? I want a loving and caring set of parents that knows how to set boundaries for the kids. I can’t have a bunch of 16 year olds running around town at 2am, or even some random friend knocking at the door and they just spontaneously go out without even a word to the parents. And don’t even get me started on single parents, parents with addiction problems, over-working parents, etc. I’m well aware that these are real life occurrences but I’m talking here about almost every single YA book ever.How-i-met-your-mother-barney-why.gif

7. Betraying Bestfriend

Read: Bestfriend sleeps with MC’s boy/girlfriend – Bestfriend allying with MC’s “worst enemy” – Bestfriend turns back on MC because of something that happened to them. First of all, that’s not what bestfriends are supposed to be, they’re supposed to have each other’s backs no matter what and that’s what should be encouraged in books. I know for a fact that my bestfriend is the Alec to my Jace. And YES! I am the sarcastic, douchy one. GERr8KH.gif

8. MC is a jerk but internally a sweetheart

Want an exemple? Jace from The Mortal Instruments, Deamon from The Lux Series, Will from The Infernal Devices (Though this one couldn’t do otherwise). WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME? Don’t you want me to fall in love and find myself some new boyfriends? anigif_enhanced-buzz-13500-1376578268-5.gif

9. Safe girl meets reckless boy

We have two possibilities here: It’s either the girl goes total bonkers and does some stupid shit, or the boy is tamed. I like neither. You have a personality? KEEP IT. giphy-73.gif

10. Pretty girl who thinks she’s worthless

God, no! “I have perky boobs, I wish they were a little smaller and my eyes are this dull blue, and my hair is a sandy blond and…” What the hell? Dear authors, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Oh, and to top it all off, here comes a boy who tells her she’s the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen and she suddenly starts seeing what he sees in her.8-ways-to-keep-your-anger-in-check__700.gif

11. Lack of platonic relationships

Where are my friendships? Okay, I must admit that I love swooning over love (That sentence is absolutely not redundant) , and reading some sexy hot scenes, and romantic gestures, etc… But I also love reading some heartwarming platonic friendships without fearing that it would turn into more.anigif_enhanced-buzz-21628-1376530986-13.gif

12. Mental Illness magically cured by Love

Fuck no! This is actually the reason for me staying away from novels with mental illnesses in them, I just can’t deal with a real, actual issue romanticized. Let me break it to you: Mental illness CANNOT be cured by a romantic interest, it can only be treated with the appropriate treatment. So, cut the bullshit please. (This one makes me really mad so yeah!)asdvbh.png

That’s it until next time.

What are some other book tropes that you think need to stop ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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49 thoughts on “12 Bookish Tropes that Need to Go Away

  1. Nice post! I agree with you 100%. All of these tropes are overdone and not very well. The insta-love is my least favorite. Love triangles I don’t mind if there’s a purpose, but for the most part, they come off as an annoying way to fill page space.

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  2. AHAH OH YOU TOO? I get strangely suspicious of good looking guys as well ahahah, it’s like, who are you and just HOW can you be real, hahaha
    And obviously I agree with ALL of these, even if I think the thing that annoys me the most is the insta-love, because this doesn’t happen in real life, no no no. Oh and love pentagons and stuff, WHYYYY.

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  3. Noooo don’t die of the eye-rolling! Would you really leave us to suffer through this life alone without your rants? WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU. D:

    But seriously, your list is perfect. The only thing I’d add is “Disabilities Magically Cured/Nullified by the End of a Book.” It doesn’t happen especially often (in part, I’m grimly assuming, because disabled characters are so rare), but it happens TOO often and needs to stop.

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    • Hahahaha! Okay fair enough, I won’t die and I’ll keep on ranting a while longer, just to be a good friend to you (and because I enjoy ranting a whole lot 😂)
      Yeaah you’re right! I think I forgot about it because as you said disabilities are rare in books. But yeah, whenever they’re mentioned most of the time there is some miraculous way to be cured by the end. Gaah! It is so maddening !

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    Omg I agree with all the points you listed!!! Especially the lack of platonic friendships and mental illness being cured by a love interest. That one annoys me the most. It’s super frustrating. I would love a book where an accurate portrayal of friendships and relationships are with someone who has a mental illness is shown. It is not easy to maintain either and I’d love a book to show that. I seriously wish there were more books where friendship is the focus not romance.

    And love triangles and instalove and girl hate and the girl being saved by the boy just uGH STOP PLS 😷

    And haha yes at being suspicious when good looking guys are around 😂

    Fantastic list!! I hope all of these tropes die and never return!!!

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  5. This is such an amazing post, and I completely agree with you on pretty much all of these, which is a shame in a way because the majority of YA books nowadays seem to feature at least one if not a lot more of these tropes. I also feel like there’s potentially a book out there which has every single one of the tropes you’ve mentioned in it!
    Insta-love and love geometric shapes (I really love that term BTW) are two tropes I really majorly hate. The same with girl-hate. I do notice a lot of absent families in the YA books I’ve read but it isn’t something that bothers me as much as some of the other tropes you know?

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    • Thank you Beth ❤
      Yes they’re really overused, whereas some other themes that could be amazingly explored are underrated.
      Hahahaha! Thank you, I didn’t want to use “love triangle” multiple times so that’s what I could come up with 😂
      Yes yes and you’re right, it’s just that I would like to see families more involved in YA books, but out of all of these tropes that’s the one that bothers me the least.

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      • Exactly, some of my favourite books are ones which step away from the tropes. They’re something unique which just makes me enjoy them more because I don’t feel like I’ve read them time and time again!
        Yeah it’s weird in sentences where one phrase is used over and over again 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with more than a love square in though, I wonder if one actually exists.
        I think there are a fair few books that have the families actually involved, more in contemporary books than fantasy I think, but it can be done. It’s nice to read books where the parents are actually there but I guess of all the tropes it the less “evil” one

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      • Yeah me too!
        Hahaha me neither, but if you find one please show it to me, I’d love to see how it would work 😂
        I lately read a couple books with involved families in them and as yiu said they were contemporaries but I still feel like that’s not enough

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      • God can you imagine a book like that, with every single trope in it! I imagine it would be a disaster!
        Yeah, I guess it’s kind of hard to overthrow a dystopian government or run off to fantasy worlds when you’ve got a loving family at home enforcing curfews on you every evening!

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  6. Love this post! I especially agree with the absent parents one! One thing to add to it is parents that have died. Like, of course it happens, but I feel like every character lately has had one or two of their parents die. And it sort of feels like authors write this out of convenience, so that there isn’t that parental figure stopping the protagonist from their adventures. So, so annoying. Surely there’s other ways!

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    • Thank you 😊
      Yes exactly! I feel like writing absent parents (even dead ones) is often just lazy. If it wasn’t overused it would go unnoticed and even be normal, but now it’s just the normal thing in YA for the family aspect to be almost non-existant.

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  7. Haha. I love this post so much because these tropes are indeed over-used and I hate that there seems to be a manual in writing books. Add a bitchy heroine with a soft heart, meets her love interest who has a mental illness, absent parents, unnecessary drama, lack of kissing, one of them dies. Pfft.

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  8. Such a great post!!!
    Insta-love is just the worst. That doesn’t happen in real life at all. I get that there can be a certain attraction from the beginning, but it needs to hold up with a character that can actually carry that connection, not just physicality.
    As for love-geometric-shapes … those I actually like, because, lo and behold, I have seen them in real life. They are messy and they happen. (Thank the stars, not to me. I had a front row seat though)
    ALL THE LOVE TO GIRL-LOVE! I don’t get why female characters always have to be bitchy and competitive with each other. It’s sad how few books have a good female friendship at the core.
    Also, where are all the families? I think I want to write a whole discussion post on just that.

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    • Thank you 😁
      REALLY ? I want a front row seat too 😂 Wow, I didn’t think they were real, like unicorns or something hahaha.
      Yeees, you should, this topic really needs to be discussed more in depth !

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      • Believe the drama was no fun at all. Two best friends both in love with the same guy, he was dating one of them, then cheating on her with the other one AND THEY STILL ENDED UP BEING FRIENDS IN THE END. Like best friends and the girl he cheated with remained his girlfriend for years. It was super weird.

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      • No idea. Those girls were shady as heck. Most drama in so little time I have ever encountered. The girl later proceeded to cheat on the guy, by then he was a part of the “group” though and ANOTHER girl told him about it, because she didn’t think it was right to keep it from him. Which I still agree on, BUT she didn’t have to tell him ALL and not in detail. So his now ex-girlfriend then shut out the girl who betrayed her to him from the group and they haven’t spoken since. The one who first dated him tried to stay friends with both, but ended up ditching the girl who told the boyfriend in the end as well. Sorry if that was too confusing.

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      • Well, no … tensions were running high during that time and being in the middle of it is never fun. Neither is being one of any of the people I mentioned though … so, being near it sucked. In hindsight it’s some really great soap opera drama.

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    Girls saved by boy
    Safe girl meets reckless boy
    Lack of platonic friendships

    These are some of my most awful pet peeves when it comes to contemporary novels, Romance, and YA Lit. Sigh.
    You hit on so many good tropes, though. Like basically all of them are so annoying.
    The absent families one is so true. I mean, sure, some people have absent families but they’re in so many YA books that it’s becoming a glaring oversight on the author’s part.

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  11. *round of applause* every one of these is so accurate! Thank you for taking the time to compile this list. I dont understand why girls have to be always saved by guys! I agree to all of these so I’m going to stop here caz I might leave an essay on every point 😛 Good job! Cannot wait to read more of your posts!

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  14. HUGE YES TO #12!!! I’m a psychology student and I am SO offended when a character with mental illness says that therapy is useless and his/her therapist knows no shit and THEN the only thing that can cure him/her is LOVE from a romantic interest. That is like the biggest bullshit of all! Maybe love heals but so does therapy. I spent an ENTIRE term learning how to be a counselor and it was HARD. I just can’t accept this!! Great post btw 😀 😀

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  15. I agree with everything you said!
    But I secretly love Love Triangles(maybe because the ones I have read were written amazingly.)
    With the exception of Twilight, I liked every single one of them.
    Can you recommend me some more books(or movies) with good Love Triangles?


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