What are the symptoms of growing-up ?

Hello guys !

This topic came to my mind maybe about a week ago. It is the end of the year, some of us are graduating high-school, some others from college, I belong in neither category but I still feel myself changing, each and every day I discover something new about myself, or loose interest in things that were close to my heart. That is why I’m here today to discuss Growing-up and ramble a little about my experience and what I feel are some signs of growth. I’m not talking about the gaining some inches kind of growth, I’m talking about the deeper aspects of it, the ones that change the core of your being. For the better that is. Meeeh, as much as I’m in denial about growing-up, I get told it is still a mandatory thing. WHY SO CRUEL ? 

Let's talk about ...

Your close circle is getting smaller

Why? Either because you’re realizing that some people are just toxic, or you simply grew apart. And you realize that the number of people you drift away from is exponentially bigger than the one of the people you get close to. You become more selective with the people you trust, the ones who know you, the REAL you, not the one you want to show the world, while…

Your social network gets larger

I’m sure you’re confused haha. What I mean is that you realize that you actually need to interact with people for your life prospects to widen because with new people come new ideas, new cultures, new experiences and those people make your life richer, they open your eyes on things you didn’t know before, or that you saw in a different light and with that…

You start to forge your own opinions

You don’t accept opinions the way they’re dumped on you as your own anymore. You research, you ask around for different point of views and depending on your own thinking, your own circumstances you get to say whether it fits your own beliefs and the life you’re leading or the one that you’re looking to lead.

You’ve opened yourself up to new ideas

I’m way, way, WAY more open-minded than I was a few years back. To be honest I was a stuck-up brat and I’m so grateful for that change, it has opened my eyes to so many opportunities and friendships and what not.

Months can go by without you seeing people you used to see everyday

This one is the hardest for me right now because it really hits home and it is one of things that inspired this post. My best friend is moving away, like to another country. Hell, to another continent even. And I’m used to seeing that girl at least twice a week. And now I’ll have to go months, maybe even more than a year without seeing her and that is scary. I know we’ll still talk a lot and that doesn’t mean that we’ll drift apart because we went through so much together but still, I feel left behind. She’s so excited about it and I just can’t share that excitement. Yes I know it is selfish but I do my best not to show her that it kind of sucks for me.

You think about your future more concretely

This doesn’t mean that you KNOW what your future will look like, you most certainly don’t and it’s fine, you’ll eventually figure it out. BUT it starts holding a big chunk of your thoughts hostage as you want to achieve some goals and looking for ways to how to do so etc…

You understand that failure is inescapable

You used to think of failure as such a big deal, something to be ashamed of, something that you should never encounter and if you ever do fail you thought that it made you unworthy of whatever thing you failed at. But now you know it’s false. You fail ? You get back up and try again, until you eventually get it right.

Some things that made sense to you at some point, don’t anymore

Like some hobbies you had, some things you thought you could never live without, some decisions that seemed right at the time and that led to a cascade of wrong turns, some arguments you had that seem unnecessary now. It all just seems unnecessary, stupid or a waste of time now.

You seek deeper conversations

I’ve realized this a lot lately. There’s a friend of mine with whom I used to talk about make-up and clothes and boys all the time and I enjoyed it, but now when all she does is talk about those things I just don’t feel like it anymore, I need more. I’m not saying that those things are bad,  I still love talking about them, it’s just that I don’t want all my conversation to be about that. I need to connect on a deeper level, to share thoughts, discuss ideas, even talk about books and music.

Your tolerance has went down a few levels

I don’t mean it in the way that you lose your temper faster but rather in the way that you’re more comfortable with cutting shitty things out of your life, you don’t just stand there and hope that the crap will pass, you take action and you MAKE IT PASS. And finally…

You don’t take things personally anymore

I was the kind of girl that thought that when my crush didn’t like me back that there was something wrong with me. That if a person insulted me, that insult would define me and I would become self-conscious. But now I just realize that we can’t have everyone like us and approve of our lives, and that I don’t need anyone’s approval but my own to lead the life I want to.

Okay, that was a LOT haha, but I just wanted to share my midnight thoughts (Yes most of these came to me yesterday while insomnia was claiming my body) hoping that it would make sense to some of you. Oh yeah, and one last thing, always remember that growing-up doesn’t mean that you have to let go of the kid that lives inside of you, I know that mine will forever be there.

That’s it until next time

How do YOU know that you’re growing-up ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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31 thoughts on “What are the symptoms of growing-up ?

  1. I know I’m growing up when I want to cry and become a child again, hahahaha. Jokes aside, this post was incredible, and I can definitely relate to all of these things, especially the future one. I can’t stop thinking about it, especially now, and it’s so scary, i wish we could just KNOW things sometimes, ahah.

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  2. I love this! Every point is so so true. As much as the thought of growing up is terrifying, all of these points are actually gains. It’s insane how I used to think that my life was over if I failed, or if I heard a mean comment. Now I couldn’t care less. And I’ve never been happier 🙂

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  3. I Loved this post. I can relate to this so much. I am graduating from Uni in less than a year, and realised last week I should start to look for a job. Like a proper job, not my weekend job in the restaurant. People keep asking what I want to do, and I have no idea. And my boyfriend wants to get a ring (we have been talking about getting married for a while). It is all going so fast now, I just want to be Petra Pan now and then. And my interests have changed so much. My friends still like to go party and get drunk, but I just can’t do it anymore. Where 3-4 years ago I could keep going the whole night and be fine at the lecture the next day, I now just want to go to bed early… and the hangovers are a Nightmare :p

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    • I’m so glad it is relatable to you 😊
      Sometimes I feel like we play catch up with life as it is moving waaaaay to fast but at the end of the day we just have to do what feels good and right.
      I love to party though I never drink but not all the time, I do it once in a while and that’s plenty for me whereas some of my friends are wild party animals 😂

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  4. I really love this post, and a lot of your reasons really apply to me which I’ve never really thought about in detail before. Like how months can go by without you seeing someone you used to see every day. I don’t see my best friend a lot now at all whereas when we were in school we saw each other every day and we lived together while at uni. Now I’m lucky if I see her once a month.
    I’m still a little scared of the future though. I think about it in more solid terms now than when I was younger; where I’m gonna live, moving out from my parents placem my future career but it can be really scary at times as well because it feels like such a huge jump from teenager to actual functional adult!
    Great post!

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  5. Wow all of this is so true! Before this post I’ve never thought of it as growing up but now I can see it clearly. I think that the point that made me realize it was the first one, my circle of close friends is getting smaller now that I’m in collegue. At first I was worried but now I see that it’s normal! Also, I don’t get to see them so often but we still make it work 🙂 You and your friend will also make it work, don’t worry.

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  6. So true! And now you’re going to cause me to have some deep thoughts of my own around midnight tonight that will later turn into a blog post. 🙂 Very well written!

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  7. Ahh, great post Fadwa! I should be “grown up” already, but I’m not very good at it 😂 I struggle so much with the concept. I have major Peter Pan syndrome. I love that you bought up so many good things about growing up though! I never even really realised that I was doing a lot of these things already.

    As much as I fight growing up I do love that I am able to form my own opinion a lot more. I totally feel you on the less tolerance thing. I love that I’m able to have no time for petty drama, that stuff is exhausting haha.

    I also definitely realised I was starting to ‘grow up’ when I started to think in a more parental way about my younger siblings, haha. I’m always telling them to take care and to keep in contact when they’re out haha.

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  8. I always thought of (almost) all of this things. Sometimes I would like to go back to being a kid again. Not caring about all the things happening around me. But now that I’m already growing up I have to think more about what’s best for my future and make my own decisions. One thing I’m thankful for is that even though were growing up I never lost connection with my 2 childhood friends. Even though we don’t see each other for months we still have that bond between us. When we see each other it’s like we haven’t been separated. 😁

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    • That’s a thought we all have sometimes, going back to those innocent, carefree times. Yes, and having more responsibilities is quite stressful, but we will be alright 😀
      That’s the great thing about having real, life long friends, not even the distance can break those bounds and it’s awesome !

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  9. I wish I could agree on all of those points, because this was a fabulously on-point post. You captured growing up really well … some of those things make me sad and especially that I haven’t quite gotten to the last point. I definitely don’t want to take things personally, but unfortunately a lot of the time I still do. I am one of those people who just can’t stop worrying about what others think, even if I don’t necessarily base my decisions and own opinions on it. It just nags me.
    But this was such a wonderfully true post! I love it! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m glad it was somewhat relatable. You know, those are just based on my personal experience and they definitely depend on personality as well. I’m sure there are some things that are not on this list that some other people experienced just because they don’t apply to me (i hope I’m making some kind of sense haha)
      This makes me so happy ! Thank you ❤

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      • I actually felt like a ton of those things applied to me as well, but I totally get what you mean. We all have different experiences, so it only makes sense that this wouldn’t be 1:1 to everyone’s life.

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  10. AHHH ALL OF THESE FOR SURE OMG. I particularly relate to the having-less-tolerance-for-things. 😂 That is so me. And wanting more from conversations?? Like I always sucked at small-talk, but now I struggle with conversations if they have no purpose and omggg I seriously love to discuss the really HUGE topics of society and things. And I have a lot of opinions. A VERY LOT OF OPINIONS. Which is great. 😉 I love thinking for myself and trying to keep open-minded about a lot of issues! (I definitely wasn’t a few years back…gah. And I had a lot of my parents’ opinions just by default. Whereas now I make my own AND IT IS GOOD.) *nods* The only one I didn’t relate to was taking things too personally. I’M STILL SENSITIVE. 😂
    Oh and another symptom of growing up? Suddenly you appreciate sleep so much more and somehow you always get less of it. XD

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    • Yes !! That’s the most noticeable one for me too. For small talk, if I don’t know the person I get awkward really fast 😂
      ME TOO, I’m so opinionated which I really love because then it means that my brain isn’t empty and that I can actually hold a conversation.
      The sensitivity thing I get, because that’s more of a personal change and I don’t really know how it happened that I detached myself from what people think.


  11. I was putting a check-mark next to every point you made–though, like Kat, I still struggle with that last point (desiring recognition and approval vs. not caring if I don’t receive either). But hell yeah to everything else, especially the diminishing tolerance for bullshit.

    Don’t know if it’ll be of much comfort, but: my best friends and I all moved to different parts of the States after college, and only get to see each other about once a year, for a few hours or a day–maybe a long weekend, if we’re really lucky. It was rough for the first couple years, but it gets easier. We keep up with Skype and emails (and my blog), and when we do get to see each other, we have a blast, making up for all the time we’ve been apart. Hopefully your friend’s move goes smoothly, and you find lots of fun ways to keep in touch! 🙂

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    • It makes me so happy that so many people can relate to this and I realized that the last point is more of a personal one.
      It is actally very comforting, thank you 😊 and I’m glad to know that you can find way to stay in touch with your friends regardless of the distance and everything, that’s so great !

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