I’m Leaving …

Hello guys !

Got you there for a second, right ? hehe. No, I didn’t.

I wanted to do this quick post today to tell you that I will be pretty much absent from the face of the planet (more like the face of WordPress) for the next couple of weeks. My finals are starting on Tuesday which is in TWO DAYS *faints* and I’m totally freaking out because I feel like my brain is a black hole. So I’ll be buried under piles of books and paper sheets and whatnots until June 3rd when I’ll take my last exam.

I’ll try to post my reviews once a week as always if I have time but don’t take me up one that because I can be a whole other person is the midst of the chaos that those exam weeks can be. Other than that, there will be no other posts except the upcoming May Wrap-up, that one I’ll post for sure (I think ?). All of this means that I won’t be able to visit your blogs and comment on your awesome posts on these two weeks.

I really got used to talking to you guys every day -if not here then on Twitter- these past few months (I’ll stop before I start going gooey and soft on you), I’ll miss you !

That’s it until next time.

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27 thoughts on “I’m Leaving …

  1. Oh my goodness, Fadwa!! You literally got me with that first sentence 😭 My heart was aching until I read on, lol. But anyways, I wish you the best of luck for finals!! What a coincidence, we both have finals until June 3rd xD Can’t wait for you to come back to WP 🙂

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  2. Good luck on your exams! I have a big exam tomorrow that I have to pass if I want to graduate high school and I am freaking out! But my exams start mid June. 😦 Don’t pull an all-nighter. They don’t work.

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  3. My first thought when I read the title of this post was “NO!”
    I’m relieved to know you won’t be leaving us all. I wish you all the best on your finals! GOOD LUCK! I’ll be patiently awaiting your return in June. We’ll miss you! ❤

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  4. You almost gave me a heart attack with that title. GOOD LUCK, you are THE BEST and I know you can do this. If you ever need coaching, support and late-nights talks about JandyNelson breaking our hearts to take your mind off exams, well…you know where to find me! You are the best ❤

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  5. AHHH YOU GOT ME I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK. Wishing you luck for exams! We’ll all be here when you get back. Don’t stress yourself too much 😉 I’ll be here if you feel like you need to talk about ANYTHING OTHER THAN work (though work talks are fine by me 🙂 (


  6. I NEVER fall for things like this, bUT YOU TOTALLY GOT ME. DAMN IT, FADWA! I was going to be like “I’LL READ WOLF BY WOLF AND THE BOOK THIEF RIGHT NOW JUST DON’T LEAVE ME” 😂😂😂

    But seriously, good luck with your exams (not that you’ll need it because you’ll own it 💯). I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to stress too much and remember that your exams don’t define you. I’ll be sending lots of positive vibes your way ✨ I’ll miss your posts ♥♥

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