8 Struggles I face as a reader

Hello Guys !

Today is Monday June 6th, what does that mean ? It means that I’m back -for real this time- YAY ! These past few days, since I finished my finals, I sucked at basically everything I wanted to do, meaning hibernating and reading. I haven’t read a book in 5 days, WHAT? Well, not my fault, I swear! I was either out being a social person or exhausted.

So, onto today’s topic. What better way to return to you beautiful potatoes than to post a lovely rant? It’s not exactly a rant, but more like a desperate call for help. I’ll be talking to you about the struggles I face every single day as a reader because of several factors:

  1. Living in a country that’s not very big on promoting reading.
  2. Living in a non-English speaking country.
  3. Living in a country where most online stores don’t ship.


 1. Finding books at “Bookstores”

Yes, “Bookstores” because I hate them from the bottom of my heart. They don’t have English books, and even the French books collections are very limited. So, unless you are very lucky and find a buried store that sells used books then you’re screwed. Just. Like. Me. If any of my Moroccan readers know of any bookstore of that sort, PLEASE TELL ME. I’ll pay you with food. It’s Ramadan, so I know you want it. Hehe.

2. Buying books online

I think I’m cursed. And I know I’ve said this like a gazillion times but it’s really a pain in the butt: Most online stores don’t ship here, so WHAT CAN A GIRL DO ? My last resort is purchasing e-books. So, next time I hear anyone say that people who read e-books aren’t “real reader” I’LL PHYSICALLY FIGHT YOU. I’ll hunt you down and come after you. You’ve been warned.

3. Not enough time

This one, I know EVERYONE can relate to, if you don’t, are you okay? Are you even still alive?  The amount of books we want to read is crazy -and no I don’t have a problem thank you very much-  and just a little 24 hours, 365 days to do it and ALL the other life stuff, HOW? But I’m confident we’ll find a way.

4. Not enough money

I’m 100% sure that even if I was a millionnaire, I’d still have this problem. Because books beat everything. We are hoarding monsters, we always want more. There will always be more books than all the money in the world can afford. And don’t even try to deny it. Sh…sh… you know I’m right.

5. Finding a fellow hardcore bookworm

I do a happy dance when this happens. That’s how rare it is. It is sad I know, but people her are not very big on reading and finding a person like me is like finding a gold mine. Enough said.

6. The dilemma of books I don’t like

Do I DNF it? Or do I push through? As you may or may not know, I don’t DNF books much so I tend to choose the latter but I recently realized that my tolerance towards those books is decreasing as endless amounts of books get in my radar.

7. The stress of a book to movie adaptation

Especially if it’s a favorite ! What if they do it wrong? What if they ruin the book? What if they leave too many things out? THAT’S TOO MUCH STRESS TO PUT ON ME. And if they do mess it up then all hell breaks loose.


8. Finding the perfect reading position

That thing is a myth. I’m telling you ! There’s no perfect reading position. Everyone of them becomes painful after a little while. The question is, why is my body being a little bitch? Why can’t it handle it and let me read in peace?

I’m sure I have a lot more things to complain about but I decided that that is it for today’s post because if I keep it going I won’t stop haha.

That’s it until next time.

What are some of your struggles as a reader?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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51 thoughts on “8 Struggles I face as a reader

  1. Yay, you’re back in time for my birthday! 😉
    Glad to have you back.

    One of my struggles is also finding people in real life who love to read as much as I do. I do find a few who like books, but NOT LIKE ME. :s

    Does Book Depository ship to Morocco? I would be very surprised if it doesn’t.

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  2. Oh man, I can’t even imagine the struggle that you’re experiencing not being able to just go to a bookstore to get books! Thank goodness for e-books! If you’re ever really desperate for a physical copy of book and you just can’t seem to get it anywhere – you let me know and I’ll help you get it! Us book-obsessed folks have to stick together ❤ PS: I've been to Morocco only once! I visited Tangier for a day. How COOL is that city?!

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  3. Beautiful discussion, Fadwa! I couldn’t possibly relate to a few of them, but for the most part I totally understand. Finding the just ‘right’ reading position, the limited amount of time/money, & ESPECIALLY the part about the book to movie adaptations! I always get a little ache in my heart when I hear that one of my favorite books are being turned into a movie.. 😳 I can’t wait for the day that sites decide to widen their shipping standards so people like you can buy all the books you want (with of course, money 😌)

    I’m glad you are back into the blogosphere — can’t wait to see more from you 🙂

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  4. Man some of these are my reading struggles as well; the main one definitely being not enough money! I don’t get why books are so expensive, shouldn’t we be encouraged to read, not put off by the prices?!
    Also finding fellow hardcore bookworms. It’s why I started my blog, none of my friends could keep up with my reading speed and I needed people to walk to about my favourite books!
    Great post! 🙂 Also yeah, the perfect reading position is a myth, like the Loch Ness Monster it’s something people search for but never find 😀

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  5. THIS. Well, first of all, WELCOME BACK, I missed you so much!! ❤ ❤ Second of all, you're coming back with a brilliant discussion post, I love it, and can definitely relate! Especially to buying books. I love going to bookshps, but they barely have books in English, and it's so bothering. And I think we can all agree on the fact that we nee unlimited money for books 😛

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  6. With you totally on point 3 onwards. One struggle I have is when I’m reading something I really like, I want to see what happens to all the characters in the end, but don’t want the book to end. 🙄

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  7. Fadwa, you don’t know how happy I am to have you back! Welcome back! ❤
    Everything in this post IS SO TRUE. Okay, first of all – finding the perfect reading position. Is there such a thing?? You need to let me know if there is. I can't struggle like this any longer. "The question is, why is my body being a little bitch? Why can’t it handle it and let me read in peace?" *high five*

    I'm so scared of book to movie adaptations now. Seriously, the last 3 I watched had me ranting. I don't like DNFing books, but I realised that there's not enough time in the world.
    I don't have the problem with bookstores, but I can only imagine how tough that must be. 😦

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    • Aaw Fatima, you’re the sweetest ❤
      Oh but there is no such thing, not for me at least, I gave up on my quest for the perfect position haha.
      Yes that’s exactly my issue with books I don’t like, I feel like DNFing is the only way because there are so many other books.

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      • Yeah, exactly! I’m still really hesitant to DNF books, but when a book tests my patience like no other, I just can’t keep reading. Nope.

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  8. Omg these are so accurate!! Can 100% relate. Like, why must books be so expensive? It always kills me when I find a book I REALLY want and it turns out to be hella expensive. I can’t say I ever encountered the problem of not finding books in bookstores but I can imagine how frustrating that must be for you! :(( Oh gosh, but don’t get me started on book-to-movie adaptations! Gah. It’s so hard to get them right, and when it doesn’t… it happens way too often. :/

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  9. I keep laughing while reading this post! HAHA, I totally relate with most of what you’ve said, especially the reading position thing. Ugggh it really annoys me whenever I had to pause on a great book just because one body part or another is hurting.

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  10. Oh boy I feel for you! I don’t think I could mentally cope living somewhere where online retailers didn’t ship to *stares despondently into the distance* I always get so jealous of places like the UK or USA where they have so many amazing bookish events! And even if Australia does have some they’re always only on the east coast *frowns* GAH

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  11. I feel your pain Fatima!! I can find English books in two of my local bookstores, but likely, I won’t find the ones I actually want 😀 I live in Geneva, so the international population has made English books arrive, which is great, but it’s actually not enough. Also, books are really expensive here!
    I’m lucky enough to have both Amazon and Book Depository ship here, though, so I can’t really complain. And of course e-books are real books. If I had actual paper books for all the books I own, our house would have to be almost twice as big as it is.
    So you just continue with your e-books, they are just as real as the dead-tree books, the story inside is the exact same. It’s not like the movie at all.
    Great post!!

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  12. I LOVE this post because it is so relatable! HAHA.

    My favourite reading position has to be laying down on my tummy in bed. Or just laying down anywhere that is comfy.

    Happy Ramadhan, Fatwa!

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  13. This is such a relatable post! I am lucky to be able to say that it is not THAT difficult to find English books here in Austria, but the assortment is still very limited and shipping takes forever, nevermind the added shipping costs if you ever buy anything that’s not from Book Depository.
    Also, I am totally all for authors getting loads of money for their work, but I wish there was like governmental subventions or something that would make it cheaper for the readers. Books should always be affordable, especially for lower-income households and right now that’s definitely not true.

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  14. I’m sure there are countless amazing things about living in Morocco, but oh man, the booklessness sounds AWFUL. I hope that when you make your temporary (?) move overseas, it’s to a place with excellent book access, so you can stock up.

    Welcome back! 😀

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  15. Wow. This is such a relatable post! I had an amazing time reading through it. 🙂

    When I used to live in Bosnia and Hercegovina I had the biggest problems finding books in English in bookstores. The selection is very limited PLUS they are two or three times more expensive than the “normal” books which was seriously ridiculous. (At least I had BookDepository that shipped there!) Now I live in Austria, where finding English books is a lot easier and they are more affordable, still it’s very limited but a big improvement from what I had before.

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  16. well hello there, firstly i want to say i just found your blog by accident this week, and since then i’ve been reading your posts one by one till i reached the end Lol, i like the way you write and your jokes.. i’m a fellow moroccan too from chefchaouen, and the part you said about not finding books you want in bookstores, well imagine if your city doesn’t have a bookstore! so i relate big time with you on that point and more :D. i’m really enjoying reading your blog and glad to see there is somebody else from the same country as i’m who reads for pleasure like me. i’ve been thinking about to start blogging as well, but every time i come to actually do it, words just ditch me LOL but i’m sure i’ll start soon enough. P.S i read the book thief and it really was something! thanks for making it seems so good for me to go and pick it up..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh hii ! That’s so cool 😁 … and the sweetest thing anyone has told me in comments like ever ! Haa, thank you, I was hoping I wouldn’t be the only one to laugh at my jokes.
      I love Chefchaouen but I must admit it’s not the ideal place for bookworms, don’t worry though you’re not missing out on much.
      Hahaha, I feel you on that one, it took me FOREVER to finally start this blog, but you should just take the plunge, it is not as hard as it seems when it comes to finding your words it just feels like it at first :p
      Oh REALLY ? Was it on my recommendation ? I’m so happy about that, and I’m glad you like it.
      Thank you for taking from your time and reading my ramblings it really means a lot 😁

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