My take on Memes and why I don’t do them as much anymore

Hello Guys !

If you are a book blogger or are familiar with what we do, you know all about the Top Ten Tuesdays, the Waiting On Wednesdays, the Top Five Wednesdays, Book Traveling Thursdays etc… They’re all over the blogosphere, so it is really hard to miss and if you’ve been following my blog for a little while you know that my participation to these memes has drastically dropped down for the past month or so, and I wanted to talk to you about the why. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

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So, before anything, let’s talk about these memes from a neutral point of view because I’m not here to bash them or anything, it is the opposite actually. We’ve had a very productive relationship and they’ve been good to me.

The pros :

1. It is a great way to jump start your blog

So, you’re new, intimidated by all the great blogs out there and don’t know where to start? Memes will be your bestfriends. You’ll have automatic posts for a few days of the week without having to stress over what to post.

2. It is ideal to interact with the community

Thanks to these memes, you’re very likely to find a lot of things in common with your fellow bloggers and will probably have unexpected friendships out of it, at least I know I did. Plus, for some reason, these are the posts that get the most interaction.

3. You’ll always have a back-up plan

Out there, there is a meme for everyday of the week. So if you’re in a blogging crisis either because you don’t have time to think up an idea or because the idea you were so very excited about didn’t work out, you needn’t worry, memes are here to save you.

4. You’ll always discover new books

If you’re like me and go through A LOT of memes, you know that you’re bound to discover new books ALL THE TIME and while my wallet hates you for it, I am so very grateful to every last one of you.

The Cons :

1. The memes can overshadow the other posts 

I think this one is self-explanatory. If you do a gazillion memes a week and don’t have enough content to balance it that can actually let your personality shine through then your blog will quickly loose its originality.

2. Same books over and over again

I’ve definitely been guilty of this one, my #T5W consisted a lot of the times of very popular books that everyone knows about and that were also in a lot of other #T5W (because I was just catching up on popular books and I still am) so my post didn’t bring anything new to the table sometimes.

3- It starts feeling like a chore

We all know how blogging should always be a hobby and never have this unrequired weight that quickly turns it into an obligation. I realized that following memes religiously turned from “I want to do it” to “I have to do it” in a matter of a couple months which isn’t a good thing at all.


Now to what you’ve all been waiting for (Or is it just me ?), why I retracted a bit from doing my #T5W every and each week as I used to do before. Well, it is simple my friends and for a couple reasons.

First is that as I stated in the cons, it started feelings like work and I lost all pleasure in doing them because a lot of the topics I wasn’t interested in or I simply didn’t have enough books to talk about.

And also because I tend to post 3 times a week, 4 if I have some special post to add. And it’s either I gave up on posting the meme every week or I give up on doing Tags altogether which I really have so much fun doing. So, in my mind the choice was clear.

Last but not least, it is because I found my footing. I finally know which direction I want to take with my blog as well as how I want to handle it and I have A LOT of post ideas that I want to explore in the near future.

All of this being said, you’ll still see some sporadic meme posts on the blog if the subject speaks to me because memes are STILL a fun thing to do.

That’s it until next time.

What are your thoughts on Memes? Do you take part in them or keep your blog 100% original content?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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26 thoughts on “My take on Memes and why I don’t do them as much anymore

  1. This is such a great post, and I definitely agree with you. Memes are so great to start with your blog, and I can’t tell how much Top Ten Tuesday have helped me gaining attention, obviously, but also incredible friendships and finding out great blogs that are now some of my closest friends on the blogosphere. However, I do agree that they can feel like a chore, at times. I used to do TTT, and Waiting on Wednesday as well, then I gave up the latter, and ultimately I am thinking about giving up the Top Ten as well, because one of my goals is to have 100% original content on my blog, and eventually features I created myself such as the Souvenirs From Across The World. I mean, Top Ten are great, but sometimes people are just coming because they want me to comment back on their top ten, etc etc. While when people comment on other blog posts, I feel so grateful because they comment on original content I created, and it makes me feel so accomplished haha.
    Okay, sorry I didn’t intend to turn this into a novella so I’ll stop right here ahah, great topic!! ❤

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  2. This was on my mind a while ago actually, so thank you for identifying both the pros and cons 🙂 I’ve never posted these weekly features (even once!). It’s not because I’m averse to them, or hate them – I do enjoy reading them, but I know I’d treat it like a chore in time, and that’s not what I want. I might not post as much as bloggers who post Top Ten, Waiting on Wednesday etc, but I still have a lot of ideas for future posts too. On the other hand, I don’t have the chance to engage with bloggers about books I’m personally anticipating. 🙂
    Great post!

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    • You’re welcome 😊
      Yeah I always knew that they’ll ultimately start feeling that way but I thought I might as well try I can always stop so that’s what’s happening now haha.
      If you ask me, it’s alk about quality content and not the quantity and I love your posts, but it is true, it takes more effort to interact on posts other than memes.
      Thank you 😁

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  3. Amazing post! 🙂 I really agree with you on both the pros and cons!

    Personally I do memes, so far only Top Five Wednesday and Top Ten Tuesday – what can I say, I just love making lists. XD But I DON’T do them every week, only when I really like the topic and feel like writing about it. So sometimes months pass without me doing them. If I HAD to do them every week I would get bored and they would feel like a chore, but this way they are still fun for me! 🙂


    I agreeeeeee. Tuesdays are annoying to me because on the blogosphere EVERYONE HAS THE SAME POST. THE EXACT SAME: Top Ten Tuesday. And if that makes you happy, writing TTT posts, then that is so awesome and I am so happy for you! I like to participate in TTT sometimes too, when an interesting topic comes up. But I am super careful, and I twist it up so it’ll be more original, because originality is what makes me happy. I feel like originality is the most important part of any blog, and while you’re voice can shine through in a meme, it usually doesn’t…so now I’m just iffy on memes. Sometimes they work really well! But sometimes I just get irked by scrolling though my feed and seeing the same posts over and over and over.
    This post is so original and I love it!

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      Yes, omg !! It's all the same title and I'm like "GIMME SOMETHING ELSE PEEUH-LEAAASE" . That's what I started doing too. That is so true, originality is what can set you apart from other blogs and keep people coming back for more contents each time.
      Haa ! Thank you so so much 😀

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  6. This is such a great discussion, Fadwa! I have a lot of conflicted feelings towards memes, haha. Like you said in your pros they pretty much are what jump started my blog. I do have fun participating in TTT, but I really want to post more original content. I definitely struggle a bit in that department though haha. I think why so many people stick with the memes though is because they seem to produce the most stats. Obviously though being creative and thinking outside the box is what’s really important and will keep people coming back to your blog. Whenever I do a TTT I always try to make it more than just listing a bunch of books and not even commenting on them or why I chose them. I’ve definitely cut down on the memes I do now. I only really participate in TTT and T5W if there’s a topic I feel really passionate about.

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    • Thank you Lauren 😊
      Haha, well I was the same but then I made my peace with those feelings haha.
      Yes that’s true and I said it in the post, memes get the most interaction but as you said creative thinking is what it is all about, but then again if people are more comfortable doing memes I’m not one to stop them, I’m still going to read and enjoy them 😁
      Yes I noticed that !! That’s what I do too


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  8. Finally! Someone who understands my anguish! I started out doing TTT when I first joined the blogosphere last year and, like you said, it was a fantastic way to interact with people and they are some of the more popular posts. However, I spent quite a few years not reading while I was in school and didn’t have a whole lot of books to pick from for choices, especially when it came to newer books. So, I was putting the same books every week. What was worse: it was a chore.

    I wasn’t interested in writing blurbs every week for why I picked the same book again. Thankfully, I took some time away from TTT and now that I’m back, I’ve decided to look through the topics and pick the ones I want. If it doesn’t speak to me, I won’t do it. It’s not a big deal. I mean, what’s the worst that’ll happen if I skip a week? Nothing. And that’s perfectly fine with me because, like you, I also want to start focusing on some other, more interesting, posts in the future that will have much more quality than TTT.

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    • That is exactly what happened with me too. I’ve always loved to read but I wasn’t as much of a hardcore reader as I am now and I was in a slump for over a year when I finally started reading a lot so when it came to memes, I felt repetitive and I didn’t like it which made me lose the motivation to participate at all.

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