12 Things No one tells you about Book Blogging (+ Q&A Announcement ??)

Hello guys !

If you follow me on Twitter, you may or may not know that this week (the 28th) my blog will be 6 months old. WHAT? I feel like I have been around for 2 months and forever at the same time. Is that weird? So this occasion sparked a post idea in my mind, why not share the little amount of knowledge I have with you?

You know when I first decided to embark on this adventure I had some expectations about what it would be like so imagine my surprise when 99.9% (made up number AGAIN) of these turned out to be false. And I’m sure this happened to most of you book bloggers too, if not all of you so I’m here to set the records straight and tell you what actually happens behind the scenes.

Unpopular (3)

Stay until the end for the little announcement and without further ado, here are the things No One tells about book blogging that I came up with (And that some other fellow bloggers helped with) :

1I thought I’d start with the most stricking one and in honor of ALL the time that blogging and books take, I decided to name them the “Low-key Invaders” the other day. And you seem to agree. Thinking up post ideas, writing them, scheduling them, graphics, comments, blog hopping etcetera etcetera. WHAT EVEN? When I first started I thought I’ll have to dedicate ONE hour a day, maybe even two if it is a lenghty post 3 or 4 days a week and it’ll be all good. HAHA, joke’s on me, and you if you’re a book blogger. It takes much much longer than that especially if you’re a neat freak like me and need everything to look clean and tidy. But I’m not saying this to discourage anyone who wants to join this crazy train, it is amazing and very rewarding.


2Boredom? WHAT EVEN IS THAT? Between everyday life things, going out, reading and everything blog related, I don’t have any time left. And even when I have time on my hands I either use it to read or blog. Yep. That’s my life in a nutshell. And I love it so so much, this is the first summer ever that I don’t even think about boredom, I’m always up and running, which is a fantastic thing because I’m very easily bored person.

tumblr_ny213qYtni1tq4of6o1_500.gif3OH LORD ! I think this one point deserves a post of its own because shit goes down on crammed days. Just thinking about going back to school gives me chills because then there aren’t even enough hours in the day to adult (UGH!) and blog. I always forget that blogging shouldn’t be stressful because it IS a hobby and is supposed to stay that way (at least for me) but I’m just too passionate about it and I don’t want to let anyone down, especially not myself. Luckily that doesn’t happen a lot and since I discovered the wonder that scheduling ahead is, it had gotten a lot easier.

tumblr_loxrr74iaf1qjgyuwo1_500.gif4You know the saying “Fake it until you make it” right ? That has been my moto for the first few months (it still is sometimes, thankyouverymuch) but things become more manageable as time goes and you discover tricks that work for you. Writing posts will take less time, graphics too. The stress will be a little more under control though it will still rebel against you every so often and swallow you whole. Just warning you. Also, at first, I had a LOT of doubts, would I stick with it? Would I have post ideas? How am I supposed to write reviews? But that’s just it. DOUBTS. I CAN stick with it. I DO get post ideas. And most of all, I CAN voice my thoughts in a review and get my ideas across to you. Hopefully ?

Please_yes.gif5PREACH THE BALL OF AWESOMENESS THAT THE INTERNET IS TODAY !!! I really didn’t expect to get along with anyone as well as I do with the friends I made. I knew I’d interact and enjoy posts, the occasional tweets and things like that but never in a million years did I think I’d make friends that I’d have deep and silly conversations with, that I would share laughter with and I’d want to meet in real life. But that happened and it has been a blessing and one of the best experiences of my life.

giphyrgyt.gif6Here’s a list of places and times I get post ideas.

  • Whenever I’m driving. Let’s just say that driving around is a very reflective thing for me.
  • When I’m trying to find sleep. The ideas I get at night are most likely to disappear in the morning.
  • While writing another post.
  • In the shower.
  • During a workout.
  • While visiting other blogs.
  • And some other places I’d be more embarrassed to disclose.

It also has been brought to my attention by Darian @ Social Refuel that you can find inspiration while talking with other bloggers and it is so incredibly accurate, and don’t even know how I forgot about that. It happened to me numerous time, people I’ve been talking to say the right thing at the right time and it sparks an idea without them even realizing it.


7When I asked on Twitter, Kirsty @ Kirsty’s Book Reviews said that she didn’t expect people to be as tolerant as they are and I cannot agree more. I know it’s going to be hard to believe knowing how opinionated and strong headed I am, but when I was just starting it, stating an unpopular opinion scared the crap out of me. I didn’t want to be insulted or judged for it, but most of all I didn’t want to offend anyone. One day, I just went for it and everyone’s responses were amazing and I felt silly for being so scared at first. Because YOU ROCK ! And our community is a welcoming and loving one.

giphyfgh.gif8I can’t tell you in what way it will, it depends on the person you are and a number of other factors, but if you are committed to this it is bound to have an effect on you, a positive one for sure. Nuzaifa @ Word Contessa told me it helped her erase some prejudices she had and I must admit that it did the same for me too. As well as helping me acquire more vocabulary, developing my discussion and debate skills and more importantly making me realize that no matter how little it is, my voice deserves to be heard too.

oh-yeah-gif-buffy-the-vampire.gif9AH GRAPHICS ! If you’ve been following me from the beginning you’d know that I had no graphics and banners whatsoever and I was so intimidated by the whole concept, plus I was very busy and had no time to learn how to make them because I thought it was this complicated mystical creature. But it is not. Well, if you want the more intricate graphics, those are but it is easy to learn the basics and then push further if you want to. Casey @ Adopt a Book AUS and I both agree that making graphics is way WAY more fun than we expected it to be.

giphyhjklmù.gif10The accuracy of this one made me giggle when YasminRead Books and Drink Coffee brought it up. I hate leaving spelling mistakes behind even though I know sometimes I do, so I just keep reading and rereading my posts fishing for them until I end up hating the whole thing because of how much my brain has had to process it.

no-other-choice.gif11If before book blogging your excitement levels were at Dog getting a treat, now they are at Mother of Dragons when her eggs hatch. WE ARE CRAZY WHEN EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING (most likely a book) and don’t you dare deny it because I know that you know it. We swooned, now we fangirl too. We squealed, now we scream too. We got sad, now we sob and lay down in a puddle of our own tears. We got hangovers, NOW WE NEED REHAB.

lot-of-feelings.gif12Do I really need to explain this one? Whether you like it or hate it (You love it, your wallet despises it) you’re going to get drowned under a gazillion recommendations, from reading book reviews and book lists and tags and all those good things, your bound to add A LOT of books to your -I suspect- already big TBR. Now, it’s huge. A mountain. And it’s going to fall on you and crush you, because we all know that we buy more than we read. *hides in shame*


Now that I’m done with this massive list, I want to celebrate my blogaversary with you guys so I thought why not do a Q & A on the 29th (If you’re interested of course) so shoot me your questions (personal, reading, blogging, whatever you want) and I’ll make sure to make a post to answer them. If I get any, that is.

That’s it until next time.

Did you expect any of these things? What are some things that YOU didn’t expect to encounter on your Book Blogging Journey?

Don’t Forget to shoot me your questions in the comments to make this Q&A happen

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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51 thoughts on “12 Things No one tells you about Book Blogging (+ Q&A Announcement ??)

  1. I agree with all of this! I never expected everyone to be so accepting of others views. I used to see people fight all the time on Facebook, which led to me getting sick of it fast, but I was so happy when I noticed that doesn’t happen with the bookish community. 🤗 Personally, I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, good or bad, so I’m always okay with whatever opinions I read about books. I actually like to see it from both sides because sometimes you miss something if it’s only presented one way. I couldn’t agree with you more on unexpected friendships. ❤️ I’ve gotten a chance to meet people from around the world and learn about different cultures, and I think that’s a lot more fun than getting ARCs or any of the perks that come with blogging. And the time it takes to read, review, write discussion posts, edit, and look for pictures was something I hadn’t expected. But it’s also a lot of fun. Hmm… My question for you is- Of all the books you’ve received advance copies of, which one is your favorite? I haven’t noticed if you read a lot of ARCs or not. I don’t usually notice that much on any blog, but I assume at some point you’ve read an ARC. If not, what’s your favorite book this year. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on 6 months!!! Did it go by fast or did it feel like this time would never come?
    Honestly, the one expectation I had when I first started blogging was that no one was going to read my posts. I’m glad I was wrong and while I don’t have a large audience, I’m just as happy knowing someone at least bothered to look at it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i’m hitting 6 months of serious blogging too! Congrats gurl! here’s to many more years of this hustle and may it become better and better!

    This is all so true and relatable that I’m cry-laughing!! 😛 I never thought I’d spend a good portion of my days on the Reader, or be hit with inspiration during those unexpected moments or have every new thing as a possible blog insert. Drives my fam crazy lol, but I’m loving every bit of the journey. I’m so glad I began blogging! I’m so grateful for the tolerance and the friendships! Cannot thank you all enough for the comradeship!

    My Question : what is the blog post you are most proud of? there has to be one you are extra fond of 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh congrats to you too then 😁 We’re such foetuses hahahah
      Then my job here is done haha Same for mine, all I talk about these days is blogging !
      Mmm that question is kind of hard to be honest but I’ll think about it for sure 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Coincidently I posted about my one year anniversary today as well. It felt like one year went by really fast, how was it for you?
    I absolutely love this post! I could relate to each and every one of the points above. It was a surprise when I wasn’t torn to pieces when I disliked a very popular book back in the beginning of my blogging adventure (Red Queen, it went into DNF list). I was also very afraid of how readers would react, considering I was new and didn’t really know many people in the community. Lets not even get started on time consuming! The early days of blogging were so crazy, I soon burned out and quit! But this time around, I am managing time much better and yet I always feel like I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I have to do + blog. I must admit, though, I am not that great into spellcheck but I am trying, I promise. Hopefully, I will get into the habit soon.

    I love the blogging community so very much! They are all so accepting and welcoming. It’s also so easy to make friends like you said ❤ I love making my graphics, but to save time, I have a set template that I use. But what about your graphic process? How do you do it? What software do you use? (Those are my questions for the Q&A)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much 😊 Ohh happy one year to you, that’s so awesome ! I’ll check your post out for sure. It was the same for me, time flew by !
      Aah I’m so glad it is relatable 😁
      My first rant ever was of a widely popular book too so I was very apprehensive and nervous to post it, and very pleasantly surprised when everyone was cool about it !
      I always leave mistakes behind even after re-reading the post 3 times 😂 so the most important thing is to fo your best, don’t worry about it !
      Oh that’s definitely an interesting question!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This is exactly what I need to read today! Thanks, Fadwa.

    I whole-heartedly agree with almost all of them!
    I have been blogging non-stop for 6 months, not taking a single week off, so of course it was time-consuming but I also was never bored. 😀
    Also, I’m the worst at spell-checking. Whenever I write, in my mind it all looks perfect but after I re-read for the third time I still catch a silly typo that freaks me out and makes me want to scream. Sometimes I don’t catch them all and that’s the worst feeling of all.
    This was such a wonderful post. You are such a great blogger and I’m glad you’re around. Enjoy your summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course, Naz, anytime 😀 When I saw your tweets I suspected you might like this one haha !
      Well, I’m not the best either, I always find some I left behind even after proof reading a gazillion time which is really frustrating but eh! I just don’t let it get to me anymore 😂
      Awww thank you so so much 💕 This seriously made my day ! And I’m also glad YOU are around, your post are always informative and a pleasure to read 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  6. All of these are 100% true haha 😀 Especially the last one – but hey, an overwhelming amount of books is better than having none at all, am I right?
    My question(s): Are there any real-life places you want to visit because of a book? / How long did it take you to get your blog design how it is today? ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations on reaching six months, Fadwa! I love all the things you’ve mentioned in this post and can relate to, well, all of them.

    I think what’s most surprising for me is actually #1 – I mean, I kind of had an idea how much time blogging will take, but I didn’t know it would permeate my life so and kind of change my daily schedule a little bit. I think this would differ from person to person, i.e. someone who posts maybe once a week won’t need as much time as someone who posts daily… but it’s not just the writing/editing/publishing your blog posts; it’s also the commenting on others, graphics, etc. I agree that it’s very rewarding though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Reg 😄 haha I’m glad you enjoyed this post !
      That was the biggest one for me too because as much as it is obvious to me now I was oblivious to this time sucking creature 😂 yep ! It’s a bunch of things that I didn’t think came with this whole package.


  8. I’ve only recently started my own blog, after procrastinating this for the longest time. Taking this plunge is horrifying, but I am so glad to do this. I enjoyed reading this, because I am now at the stage where I have a want and need to learn as much as humanly possible, in the shortest time possible, to ensure quality when I post new information. Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. This is hands-down one of the best posts I’ve read about book blogging! I’m nodding in agreement with every single point mentioned here. I thought I had a huge TBR before blogging, but I’ve been adding book after book to that pile since I started. The point about graphics too! I knew how to use photoshop and edit pictures way before I started blogging, but I just didn’t feel like I wanted to become an established blogger, so I waited and waited until the time felt right. Having graphics sort of makes it official, doesn’t it? It’s super stressful too (I never thought it would be), but only because it’s important to us all and we don’t want to mess it up. Taking breaks every now and again won’t hurt though! 🙂

    So my question to you is: (1) If you could marry one author – dead or alive – who would it be? and (2) What advice would you give to 10 year-old Fadwa in your position now?

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOOW Fatima, that is the best comment ever 😍😍 My ego thanks you and I do too 😂
      Photoshop is still a mystery to me to be honest haha I’m just too intimidated, though I really want to learn the ropes ! And you’re right ! Having graphics makes everything more official haha ! Yes breaks are actually really important because other wise we’re bound to burn out.
      Those questions are gooood !!

      Liked by 2 people

  10. Congratulations on 6 months! I definitely agree with a lot of the things on this list. Crushing TBR is definitely a highest among them. It’s really ballooned uncontrollably over the last few months.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I love love love this post, Fadwa. All of these are SO true. I never in a million years expected blogging to be as time consuming as it is. I’ve attempted to start scheduling posts, but then that leaves less time in the day to read other people’s. Then there’s trying to find time to actually read. It’s so rewarding and worth it though because of all the amazing friendships and welcoming community!! Everyone I’ve come across has been super open to different opinions too which has definitely made me less nervous to post negative reviews. I’m pretty sure my TBR has tripled since I started blogging 😂😂 Basically, deciding to start my blog was the best decision I’ve ever made.

    Congrats on 6 months too 🎉🎉 You and your blog are both incredibly wonderful 💞💞

    If it’s not too late my questions are:
    Why are you so amazing? 😝
    Are there any hyped/popular books that you don’t plan on reading?
    Do you have a process when you write reviews? Do you take notes whilst reading or do you just wing it (like I do 😅)?

    P.S sorry if there’s any typos in this. I’m on my phone and it’s 7am and I literally just woke up 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

      That’s true, the only post I schedule now are reviews because if I put them on hold I’d forget everything by the time their turn comes 😂😂 what I do is write one review with each post I make which leaves me time to do other things !
      Thank you soooo much Lauren ❤❤ You are one of the best people I met through my blog !
      Hahahah I just finished typing the Q&A but it’s definitely not too late, I’ll add your questions tomorrow before posting 😁😁


  12. Wah, honestly, this is the perfect guide to a beginner book blogger. And I agree with everything. It can be time-consuming and stressful, but that’s okay. It needs getting used to, and before you know it, you’ll be a pro and it won’t seem like work. It’ll feel like talking to friends from all over the world. It’s such a wonderful experience, and so rewarding if you have people to share it with. ❤

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Woow that’s such an amazing thing of you to say and I am glad you think it’s helpful.
      Yees you are right when you say it feels like talking to friends from all over the world, that’s a perfect way to put it 😊


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  15. Your so spot on with finding inspiration everywhere! Sometimes I’ll just be writing a comment and a whole discussion will pop into my mind 🙂 What a great post you summed up everything to a T and hopefully all the new blogger come and have a look at this because I wish I had when I started XD Happy 6 month Blogaversary!

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  16. I started blogging not that long ago, and I struggle with finding time too. One of my favorite things I have discovered through learning about blogging is bookstagram. I can’t believe I never knew something so awesome existed. Now I spend too much time looking at pictures of books!


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