Little Peek #7 : July 2016

Hello Guys !

This has been a very weird month for me. I felt like it passed by very quickly but it dragged forever at the same time. HUH? August is my last uni-free month before I have to go back to studying and my internships in September 1st, though I should probably study a bit before going back haha. In other news, on Thursday I celebrated my 6th monthaversary and I lowkey freaked out because HOW can it be 6 months already, I did a little post called 12 things no one ever tells you about book blogging inspired by this little event, and a Q&A dedicated to it, as a little celebration, so check them out if you feel the need for my untamable sense of humour.


I managed to read 8 books this month which blew my mind considering how busy I was and the fact that I read only two books in the first half of it, so GOOD JOB ME ! And let’s hope next month I get to finish Harry Potter and read a couple more books, but it’s a little too ambitious knowing me haha. We’ll see how that goes. This also has been a good blogging month, I managed to stick so schedule and post 2 extra reviews to the once a week ones I dedicated myself to.


(Click on the titles to be redirected to the Goodreads page)

A Gathering of Shadows  5 stars

THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS BOOK’S EXISTENCE !! I loved this book more than words can express which has made this series my favorite ever right after Harry Potter. HARRY POTTER, GUYS ! That’s how much I loved it ! I get so excited for the last book each time I think of it but then I remember that I have to wait until February ’17 and I die a little inside.

Since You’ve Been Gone  3.5 stars

So, the story in itself is beautiful and I loved it. It has friendship, slow burn romance, a girl coming out of her shell, honest relationships and AN ENDEARING LITTLE BROTHER. That’s not my problem, I had issues with some technicalities that I just couldn’t brush off, the main one being the parents. Dear Lord !! Those people just magically disappeared or busied themselves conveniently when Emily needed to go on adventures or on a crazy road trip, which annoyed me immensely.

The Crown  2.5 stars

I’ll go more in details about the writing, the characters and everything in between in my full length review but all you need to know now is that even though I tried to rate this book very loosely, I couldn’t give it more that 2.5, I just had one too many issues. That being said, the character development Eadlyn went through is quite remarquable, I went from hating the shit out of her to tolerating her, so that’s something, right ?

The Bane Chronicles   4 stars

This book took me SO long to get through ! I just kept reading a few pages and putting it down for a few weeks. The first 2 stories weren’t very promising and made me want to DNF this book more times than I would like to admit. But once past those, I LOVED EVERY STORY ! They got so interesting and kept filling blank spaces of things mentioned in TMI and TID and bringing back the characters that I love and miss so much, so I flew through the rest of them, laughing at the ridiculousness of the situations Magnus got himself into and also getting to know him a lot better, behind all the glitter and the snarky comments, and I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE !!

Children of Icarus 3.5 stars

This was the most disturbing and frightening read of my life. Frightening not in a way where it is a Horror Story. Nope, it’s nope. It’s scary because it’s incredibly accurate and shows the harsh cruel creatures that humans can turn to when facing inhuman circumstances. It just made me want to hide away and never come out again but it was very well written and disgustingly gripping.  I would recommend it if you can handle it !

Isla and the Happily Ever After 5 stars

I WANT TO MARRY THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF HOW CUTE AND ROMANTIIIIIC IT IS ! I seriously loved everything about this book, the relationship is one of the most swoon-worthy romances I’ve read in a while, Isla is so damn relatable it hurts, I might also have developed a huge crush on Josh, can someone bring me a real life copy of him pretty please? I promise I’ll feed him and take him for walks and take good care of him. That ANNA AND ETIENNE MOMENT WAS THE BEST THING EVER, I definitely did not get emotional, and tears haven’t been shed, obviously.

Fairest  3.5 stars

Well, I really enjoyed getting to know Levana. Her childhood, her motives, her true appearance, the reason for it… Her true self to make it short. It was really fascinating to see how she was twisted from the very beginning, that IS how she is but it has been made deeper with every hurt, every failure. What I didn’t like is that I was made to pity her, by the tone of the novella, it was like the author was telling me this is how you should feel about poor miserable Levana, which only made me pull away further. I just didn’t feel for her or anything she went through because she made up for it with even more cruelty.

The Movie Version 2.5 stars

This is a book about mental illness. It isn’t indicated anywhere in the blurb which was very misleading if you ask me. I wished that were indicated because then people would know what to expect. Other than that the main reason I disliked this book was the fact that it had everything I wouldn’t want  to see as a reaction to someone’s diagnosis, especially a family member. I’ll put my full review up closer to the release date.


(Click on the titles to be redirected to the review)


I have been loving blogging and this community a little too much this month haha! It’s probably just the heat. But seriously, your interactions and reactions to my posts make most of my days brighter so I want to thank you AGAIN for that !

That’s it until next time.

What books did you read in July ? And what have been the Highlights of your month ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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21 thoughts on “Little Peek #7 : July 2016

  1. I had no idea we both read the Crown this month :O we could have read it together!? Well, I am fairly on the same page as you are. I HATED Eadlyn so much in the Heir, but she was sort of decent in this book. The whole series was kind of disappointing though.
    I am a little concerned about The Movie Version now … I have that from NetGalley, but I haven’t read it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh you had a pretty good reading month; reading so much even though you were busy and most of them having good ratings! I really need to start the Shades of Magic series – I’ve only read good things about it and it sounds amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My best friend read I Am The Messenger a while ago and was so excited about it! She wanted me to read it too but I totally forgot! Good thing I saw the title in your post, adding it to my TBR.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Such a great wrap up! I loved A Gathering of Shadows one of my favourite sequels I’ve read and Isla is such cute book XD I have The Movie Version as an arc and it’s a bit disappointing to know its about mental illness, not because I don’t read those types of books but because I hate misleading synopsis’s 🙂 Congrats on hitting 6 months! I did too, it’s crazy how much has changed and how fast the year has gone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much 😄
      Right ? Both those books were obviously the highlight of my month !
      Yes that’s exactly how I felt about it.
      Oooh! Congrats to you too then ❤ I feel like a lot of bloggers hit the 6 months mark this month and it is amazing !

      Liked by 1 person

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