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Hello Guys !

If you follow me on Twitter, especially during that first week after the game came out, you know I’m a huuuge Pokémon Junky, so it was only the normal course of events for me to do the Pokémon Go Book Tag. Though I must admit that I haven’t been playing lately, because I got frustrated with the same pokémons ALL THE DAMN TIME around my area. Plus, there’s one pokéstop and NO gyms. I have to go weeeell into the city to find one and ain’t nobody got time for that !


This Awesome tag was create by Aentee @ Read at Midnight and I’ve been dying to get tagged because it is so perfect. So, I kind of jumped a little when Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks did, thanks girl, you rock ! You should also check out her blog because it’s amazing ! I’m not leaving you a choice here, GO!


Brothers Grimm

Is “I don’t remember” a valid answer? Because I genuinely don’t. I have been reading before I could even read. Well, my mom read to me but you get it ! But the first book that came to mind is this gigantic Brothers Grimm Fairytales that I adored. I still love it to bits and pieces actually !


Yeah, I think I’ll go with Aimal’s answer for this one and say Harry Potter. I JUST LOVE THOSE BOOKS SO MUCH OKAY? And I’m in the middle of a re-read for all of them so I may be over-emotional as of right now. Because the Nostalgia is real. I haven’t read these in forever, there are even some I never re-read so these are great times for Word Wonders’ history.  Add to that the fact that I see sooo many new things that I was blind to before. GREAT TIMES I’M TELLING YOU.


I might get shunned out of the community for this one, but I’m just completely over Throne of Glass. When I first started blogging, it was one of the series I wanted to read most but now, the hype got to me. I don’t want to read it anymore. That’s actually what overwhelming amounts of hype do to me, they make me shy away from books.


The Lunar Chronicles for sure. The series might have a lot of tropes and can be cheesy at times but I’m 100% okay with it because it is not annoying, the series is still GREAT, it definitely has some new concepts so it balances it out. I just love how fun and thrilling it is, it never fails to be entertaining .


Well there are two, I can think of which are Outlander and A song of Ice and Fire. But the first I intend to tackle soon but ASOIAF is so intimidating to because the books are not only HUGE but also have like a gazillion characters and a complicated plot. The Tv-show though is one of my favorites so I know that I’ll eventually pick the books up.


Cassie Clare - (#6) City of Heavenly Fire

ALL OF THEM ? I’m a night reader so now that it is summer, I usually read ’til 2 or 3am reading. Though, one that I can vividly remember staying up until 5am for is City of Heavenly Fire. That is NOT a short book and I read it in two sittings, I read more than half of it the second time. I just couldn’t stop because so many things kept happening, and Malec, and Izzy, and Simon. OH THEM FEELS !!


Jandy Nelson - I'll Give You the Sun

This heart of mine ships A LOT ! And I mean it, I have one too many ships and trying to choose just one now is torture. Lemme think … Jude and Oscar from I’ll Give you the Sun are very well up there. Because they’re so darn cute ! The start of their relationship was so awkward and funny because of Jude’s resistance (Which was all for nothing if you fifn’t already guess) AND OH MY GOD ! So much chemistry ! So much I tell you !!


A Gathering of Shadows Final

As if you don’t already know what my answer for this one is. For one I’m obsessed with A Gathering of Shadows and I cannot stop talking about it (Obviously) plus the series became an all time favorite of mine so it’s pretty normal behavior for me to throw it at all of your faces until you ALL read it.

jksI don’t know, none ? I just think once a story serves its purpose, there’s no need to milk it even further. Often, it ruins the predecessors for us and I don’t like that feeling of not liking something I used to love anymore. Like for instance, I’m apprehending Lady Midnight and The Cursed Child a bit, though I know the latter isn’t exactly a spin-off but it kind of is, still.


Jess Rothenberg - The Catastrophic History of You and Me

I went into this one expecting some overly cheesy romance but it was anything but that. The Catastrophic History of You and Me ended up being a favorite because of the punch of feels it held and its original concept. You should all read it, it seriously is underhyped.


Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows - My Lady Jane.jpg

This rarely happens because hype often has the opposite effect on me as I said before but My Lady Jane is one I’m REALLY excited about. Though I don’t know if it really is OVERhyped, is it? Either way, my grabby hands want it now.



I saw these on Kat @ Life and Other Disasters’ tag and i completely fell in love with them. They’re so gorgeous !! And they’re Harry potter ! THEY GLOW IN THE DARK GUYS ! How could anyone not want them?


Stephanie Garber - Caraval.jpg

I must say that I’m highly anticipating Caraval too. It sounds SO intriguing and interesting that I just want to get my hands on it.The premise is so unique and I just hope it lives up to the hype that it has been generating recently. Okay, can we also talk about that cover for a second? IT IS SO PPERFECT and suits the book’s vibe well. I’m forever jealous of the people who got the Arcs, they’re beaaaautiful.

bBoth Victoria Schwab and Jandy Nelson are automatic buys for me. I just can’t get enough of their gorgeous writings, each one in her own genre which happen to be my two favorite genres. Though I’m all caught up with Jandy Nelson’s books (she only has 2 so it’s pretty is hihi) I still have a mountain of V.E. Schwab’s books to read.


N/A. I don’t have an answer for this one either. I just started keeping up with release date recently and all the books I’m anticipating have pretty close ones.

I tag whoever loves Pokémon and wants to take part in this craziness.

That’s it until next time.

If you did the tag, go ahead and leave the link in the comments so that I can check it out.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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21 thoughts on “TAG #16 : Pokémon GO Book Tag

  1. Oh my gosh, CARAVAL is amazing! I had the privilege to read an early copy of it and it’s definitely a 2017 to look forward to. Yes, the Game of Thrones series is both long in singular books and a series–including the TV series. I haven’t started either because both are just SO time consuming!

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  2. I love this tag and I’ve been dying inside for someone to tag me hahaha 😛 so since this is an open tag, I’ll definitely will do it and I’ll link back to your post later 😀 I totally agree with you on A Song of Ice and Fire series they are soooo big and just thinking of the amount of pages make me shy away from reading them haha but I’m definitely curious. I started to watch the tv show instead but even it’s already down to season 6… that’s definitely a lot to catch up on hahaha Harry Potter is also my favorite of all time! Not only because of the stories and the characters, but also because I grew up with it! You can never get over something like that, right? 😉 love your answers!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha yeeees !! Even though by now I know you already did it (and I’m going to see your post as soon as I catch up on comments 😂😂) I can’t wait to see what books you picked for each category !
      I’ve been following the TV show since its launch so it’s definitely been more manageable for me.
      Yes, you are totally right ! It will be with us forever 😊

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  3. I NEED those Harry Potter glow in the dark books *gimme hands* I also want Caraval really badly and I’m here to tell you that it’s okay that you’ve lost interest in Throne of Glass. I used to love the series but I didn’t really enjoy Queen of Shadows and have slowly lost interest in continuing the series, so in my opinion you’re not missing out 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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