TAG #18: My Intimidating TBR Book Tag

Hello guys !

I know, I know we’re all guilty of having humongous TBRs that are threatening of falling down on ours heads and crushing us any time now so don’t you dare even try to deny it, I won’t believe it, neither would anyone who’s going through the same life threatening struggle. But at the same times we love our TBRs and would feel lost without them because it’s comforting knowing that you always have your next read waiting for you. In that spirit, I chose to do My Intimidating TBR Book tag to show you all the shamefulness I’m drowning in.

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The Intimidating TBR Tag was created by LindseyRey, but unfortunately all her videos seem to be deleted. This tag is where we talk about some books in our To Be Read pile that intimidate us for various reasons! I was tagged to do this a gazillion years back by Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews. Thank you Girl! I’ll forever love you for always tagging me in all the tags because I LOVE doing them. Check out her blog while you’re at it, she’s one of my favorite people ever and her blog is awesome.

Click on the covers to be redirected to the Goodreads pages.

What book have you been unable to finish?

Rainbow Rowell - Attachement

Attachements Rainbow Rowell. I’ve had it on my Currently reading shelf on GR for … *checks Goodreads* *gasps* *faints* OVER 3 MONTHS NOW!! What the hell? It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that I got to around 28% and nothing was happening and I was way more excited about other books so I put it down with the intention of coming back to it soon and I still haven’t. I will, though.

What book have you yet to read because you just haven’t had the time?

Cassandra Clare - Lady Midnight.jpg

Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare. I love all things Shadowhunters related and I devoured both her previous series as well as The Bane Chronicles but it just seems that other books keep getting in the way of me picking this up. Mind you, I bought it when it first was available to me but I was still reading TID then and after that I just seemed to get lost in a sea of a billion other books.

What book have you yet to read because it’s a sequel?

Tahereh Mafi - (#2) Unravel Me

Unravel Me Tahereh Mafi. I picked up Shatter Me a couple times around 2 years ago before the great reading slump happened and I just couldn’t get into it, I think it was because of the freaking slump, I read one trilogy after that and then nothing for a year. I’m planning on maybe giving it another try… Someday.

What book have you yet to read because it’s a new release?

J. K. Rowling - (#8) HP and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child J. K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne. I’ve been rereading Harry Potter this month before picking this one up and I’m still at the fourth one, it’s taking me a while but I’m getting there, I’ll probably read it around the end of September/beginning of October if all goes well.

What book have you yet to read because you read a book by the same author and didn’t like it?

Jennifer L. Armentrout - The Problem with Forever.jpg

The Problem with ForeverJennifer L. Armentrout. I started the Lux series and DNF it at around 34% of the second book, I just couldn’t get myself to finishing it and knowing me that’s saying a lot because I’m not one to DNF books, this is the second one in my whole life. I’ll eventually read The Problem with Forever, because it’s two different genres and I don’t easily turn my back on authors.

What book have you yet to read because you aren’t in the mood?


Bloodlines Richelle Mead. I read Vampire Academy and though we were off to a rocky start I ended up loving it. That was over 2 years ago. I learned about this one less than a year ago and I was over my vampire stage (I never really was into that whole thing but I still gave VA a try) so I’m just not feeling like reading it now, or anytime soon. Maybe one day I’ll crave knowing what happens with the characters but for now, I’m good.

What book have you yet to read because it’s humongous?


OutlanderDiana Gabaldon. It always wavers between this and A Game of Thrones but I already am using the latter on another question below. Damn Diana, why is every book a hundred thousand pages long? I love the premise because I’m fan of historical fiction as well as time travel but that is way too many page for this potato here, especially since it’s EVERY BOOK.

What book have you yet to read because it was a cover buy with bad reviews?

Sandy Hall - A Little Something Different

A Little Something DifferentSandy Hall. This has 3.67 on GR which isn’t really bad but doesn’t scream pick me up either and yes I’m shallow and fell for that gorgeous cover with the embossed designs and all. I still am going to read it, I don’t really mind the negative reviews but it’s just… Too many books and I have other priorities.

Which book on your TBR is the most intimidating to you?

George R.R Martin - (#1) A Game of Thrones

A Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. Martin. I’ll forever keep coming back to this one because no book has ever intimidated me as much. I love the TV show but I already have trouble keeping up with everything happening there and all the characters showing up and dying. So add to that the fact that each book is over 1000 pages, eeeh! I’ll eventually work up the courage to finally start the series, I really want to, but it’s too much commitment for me.

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Ps: If you’ve already done it or you just don’t feel like it, I’m sorry just ignore my tag hah.

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Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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35 thoughts on “TAG #18: My Intimidating TBR Book Tag

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  2. Great picks for this tag Fadwa! Lady Midnight is still on my to-read list, not so much because I haven’t had the time to pick it up but more because I need to read all of the books Cassandra Clare has released beforehand, and there are a lot! I really loved both Ignite Me and the Game of Thrones books (still need to read book five though) so I hope you enjoy them as well when you get around to them. I also hope you enjoy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’ve been seeing loads of amazing reviews for that book so I’m probably going to be picking it up soon myself! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A Little Something Different was a cover-buy for me too! Though I did pick it up immediately after, and didn’t love it. D: I get how intimidating A Song of Ice & Fire can be, and I’ve always told people who want to pick it up but can’t that the hard part is just picking up the first book. Once you start reading, you’ll be fully immersed. I should start practicing my own advice though, because this is the exact same reason I haven’t picked up Outlander. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    I couldn’t get into Lady Midnight…I’m so disappointed I myself! I don’t know…it just seemed really poorly written all of a sudden 😦
    Keep going with the Shatter Me series! Please! I went through the same thing, but once I plowed through I COULD. NOT. PUT. IT DOWN. Soooo addicting.
    Scrumptious post as always 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love the tag, I’ve been meaning to do this one for some time actually!! I definitely agree with you on Game of thrones, I’ve tried reading it but… It was too much at the time and I understand your hesitance on reading a Shadowhunters novel, I get that every single time, but I have read Lady Midnight thankfully!! 😂❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      • I hate saying this but I think I preferred it over the city of bones and all that. It’s just nice to get a new fresh story and I loved the whole book, of course their were parts that I didn’t like but I think I prefer Lady Midnight over the mortal instruments series. ❤️❤️ Thanks for tagging me btw! 😂

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  6. I would definitely say that Outlander is less intimidating than Game of Thrones. Each GOT book takes me at least a month to read, I’d say, and I’ve only read the first three so far, but I can read the Outlander books in a couple of days. The Outlander books have less POVs and are more readable than the GOT books, so there is no need to be intimidated by them!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I can’t wait to see what you think of The Cursed Child! I definitely had issues, but it was such a wonderful reading experience. I have no intention of reading Outlander, but just looking at those books terrifies me 😂 And A Game of Thrones has been on my shelf for like 5 years and I don’t know if I’ll ever be getting to it hahahhaa.

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