Where’s All the Love ?

Hello guys !

Today I’m in kind of in a ranty mood over all the negative vibes I’ve been sensing going around the community lately. Now, bare with me if I ramble and stop me if I’m out of line because this is going to be a post where I say things the way I feel them and if you know me, you know I have a LOT of opinions so I hope to get them across the right way.

I first joined this community for my love of books and because I have been looking at it from the outside for quite some while and it seemed like such a positive, loving and peaceful community. And it is. For the most part. Being the kind of person who likes to stay as far away from drama as possible, I haven’t been part of any feuds first hand and in almost 8 months of blogging, I’ve had 0 trolls. That doesn’t mean though that I haven’t noticed anything, it’s just that I’ve been brushing it off until now. Because I just have to say something, even if my voice is only a small one in an ocean of others.


For the past couple of months, I’ve seen alarmingly increasing amounts of hate going around. People hating on Fandoms, Fandoms hating on people, Fandoms hating on Fandoms, people hating on people because of divergent opinions, people hating on authors because of diversity, people hating on authors because of the lack of diversity and so on and so forth. Calm your hormones! Books are not supposed to attract this much hate because at the end of the day, books are just books (Yes I dare say so!) and there are much bigger problems in the world to be fighting over which character is better, who got the idea from where, what kind of topics should be discussed etcetera etcetera…

To me, and to most sane people out there, books are supposed to bring us together, to be inclusive, to spread love, to make us happy even if the topic itself isn’t that happy, to open our eyes to new things therefore making us more open-minded, to expend our knowledge and give us new things to talk about and while all of this is still standing, it’s being overshadowed by immature reactions to matters that should again, BRING EVERYONE TOGETHER. I don’t know about you, but these petty fights make it harder for me to find the motivation to share anything, and to be honest, the last couple of weeks, I really have been lacking that little spark that kept me going for 6-7 months. It is just mentally exhausting to be seeing shade thrown every damn time I log into Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not cutting my blogging journey anytime soon, I still love the community endlessly and I still am appreciative of everything it has brought me, from new friends to a new kind of confidence and even just the fact that it helped me practice my English BUT I’m just saying that hate is making it harder.

I won’t start hating on haters because that’s just pointless and you can’t fight fire with fire, but I just have a few things to say. How can a person asking for more representation bother you? How can a person’s respectful opinion bother you? How can people loving a certain book bother you? I just don’t understand how anyone can be ticked off so badly just by someone else’s tastes, wishes and hopes. I JUST DON’T. It’s like being bothered by someone else’s happiness, it’s ridiculous and we should all be better humans than this, because if we’re still fighting over books and we ARE the future, how are we supposed to fight hunger, end wars, live peacefully? I know you think it’s just a small thing and I’m overreacting but you should look at the bigger picture. Trashing someone because they just want more PoCs, Muslims, Buddhists, Gays, Trans, etc… in their books (just to give an exemple), JUST in books, may seem harmless to some, but it’s like saying you’re meaningless and don’t deserve to be heard, so if that’s not discrimination at its finest I don’t know what is.

Here’s a piece of quick advice. If you don’t like a person’s view on things, the unfollow button exists for a reason. If you don’t agree with an author’s works, don’t read them. If you don’t like a certain fandom ignore it. If you don’t want to read diverse books, don’t buy them. If you see someone advocating for more representation, leave them be. Let people be happy and do whatever does it for them. As long as they don’t attack you, why go out of your way to hurt them? You may think it’s insignificant, you may not be affected by trolls, I know I definitely am not but there are some people who take every little thing to heart and that may be way more affected by your words than you can ever imagine.

So please, be more tolerant. Spread positive vibes. Spread the love.

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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38 thoughts on “Where’s All the Love ?

  1. This is a brilliant post Fadwa, I’m not really on much social media other than WordPress and (occasionally) Instagram but I still catch some of the edges of drama in the fandom’s. I don’t see it as much on WordPress though I’m not sure if that’s because it’s not on here as much or if Im just not seeing it but like you said they’re just books at the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and just because you may disagree with them doesn’t make then wrong.
    Like you and Marie have said we need to spread the love more! 😀

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  2. All of this 🙌🏻

    “books are supposed to bring us together, to be inclusive, to spread love, to make us happy even if the topic itself isn’t that happy, to open our eyes to new things therefore making us more open-minded, to expend our knowledge and give us new things to talk about”

    So very well said!!

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  3. This post is everything! I wish people would just chill for a bit, because it’s not normal to what level these fights are escalating these days. There are so many hateful and frankly hurtful comments swirling around and I am just glad I was never the target of any of them. It pains me to see people divided over such silly things.

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  6. I see people talk about drama in the book community all the time, and honestly I have so managed to not actually come across any of it myself lol. I’m really good at avoiding drama 😛 BUT I know it exists, and I totally agree with you. Some people are just trolls. It doesn’t surprise me anymore the way some people act, but it never ceases to baffle me. Like you said, how is it hurting someone if someone else thinks there should be more books available with people of different races, religions, sexual orientations, etc.? And it is so simple to just NOT follow a blog. Or not read a book. Or not look at stuff in a certain fandom. Yet it takes actually effort and time to sit and read all these things and post hateful comments. But the people who do those things do it for attention, which is why people just need to ignore them and spend our time doing what you’ve suggested, spreading the love! Great post 🙂

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    But then—this post. And there’s a gulp of fresh air. Because SO MUCH LOVEEEEE IN THE POST!
    I love the “they’re just books.” Because while all of us bookworms are obsessed with them books (they fill up our world!) we have to realize that we there is a world we have. And we have to live it. And if you’re going to live it with totally disregard for postitivty and the fact that other people have emotions, then…just…why???
    So I’m going to spread love in the bookish community too! Because of you lovely inspiration! Let me start here: I LOVE THIS POST!

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    • YOU CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE HOW MUCH YOUR COMMEBT MEANS TO ME, THANK YOU ❤ It seriously plastered this huge smile on my face because that’s exactly the effect I wanted the post to have on people!!
      I’m so happy I was able to inspire you and I completely agree with what you said, why go around messing around with people’s emotions when you can as easily be kind to them and help them !

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  8. Like Kristen, I usually miss out on the drama – which is a good thing – but I am aware of its existence. I think I miss a lot of stuff on Twitter because I live in Europe, and with the different time zone, I am sleeping while other people are fighting…
    I think it’s strange that some people talk about tolerance, but when it boils down to it, they’re mostly tolerant when it comes to those who agree with them.
    Reading is a great way to learn, and empathy is one of the things I think I get more and more of by reading. Thus, diversity in many ways is important. Just as it’s also OK to read books that aren’t as diverse as the world is.
    Great post, Fadwa.

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    • I’m on a different time zone too since I live in Morocco, time wise I’m closest to you but I always get echos of the drama because I follow a lot of people who are fervent advocates of diversity and representation so I’m bound to see some of it translate in my timeline when they try and defend their opinions and get shaded.
      Yes exactly ! I get empathy from reading as well as an open mind 😊
      Exactly ! If someobe doesn’t want to read diverse, it’s their right ! I don’t have a right to judge them like they don’t have the right to hate on minorities asking of representation
      Thank you ! 😊

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  9. Hi, Fadwa. This was really great and honest. I appreciate it.
    The last month or so has been exhausting for me. When I started my blog I just wanted to share my love of diverse books with everyone and I did so happily and peacefully. But now I feel that my reading habits and the things that I care about are being attacked, so naturally I want to fight back. And I have done so vocally. But it is definitely draining and I wish we could go to a few months back when everything wasn’t so stressful.


  10. This post is absolutely everything Fadwa! I have had a rough time this year in my personal life so coming on Twitter and seeing all the hate ABOUT EVERYTHING is exhausting frankly. I do agree that some of these conversations are important but sometimes it feels like if we all respected each other and wanted to support each other positively then you wouldn’t see the amount of shitfights on there. Thank you for writing this post!

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    • Aah I’m sorry to hear that :/
      Actually, seeing you getting hated on was one of the reasons that I wrote this post… let’s say it was the last push I needed to finally say I can’t take it anymore !
      EXACTLY ! Why do we have to fight about opinions and personal choices when at the end of the day they don’t affect anyone but us, anyway, thank you for commenting ❤
      And of course, I had to 😊


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  13. Yes Fadwa! I was thinking about writing a post about this myself lately, there has been so much hate to the point where I’m even like ‘Do I want to tweet this?’ or I don’t even want to go on twitter anymore. I just wish everyone was respectful to each others opinions, I understand if the other opinion is really bad like if its offensive then people should stand up but when its something like I don’t like this book but the other person does? Cool why, discuss it maybe the other person could open your eyes to something, perhaps a theory you hadn’t thought of before. Don’t throw hate at the person because they loved something you didn’t like. I know drama always seems to be going off but I feel like its so constant lately!

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