My Habits as a Reader – From cute to ridiculous

Hello guys !

So I’ve been saving up this post for quite some while because… Because I frankly don’t know! Procrastination probably. But here I am, finally talking to you all about the habits I have as a reader. The Good, the bad and the Ugly. Or confess I should say because it can get ridiculous sometimes -most of the time. What actually gave me the last push I needed to finally write this post up is reading Puput‘s -@ Sparkling Letters– post about this a while ago, so I decided that it was time and that I couldn’t keep pushing it away forever so I scheduled it right away.

Note: I changed the post’s title because reading it back, the “pathologic” made me feel uncomfortable and didn’t sit well with me. That being said, it’s still the same in the graphic because I don’t have those templates anymore and I’m too lazy to make it from scratch again, sorry. ❤ 


1- I’m a Night reader

I almost exclusively read at night. Like, you can count the number of times I picked a book in the middle of the day this year on the fingers of one hand. Literally. In the morning I’m at the hospital. In the afternoon, I study at the Library (I normally have classes but I don’t go to those. Oops. I just prefer to study on my own). Between the two I have lunch and hangout with my friends a bit. And THEN I get home at around 6p.m and just lay in bed for about 2 hours because your girl is exhausted. THEN comes the reading. And I usually do so for 2hours at least every night. So that makes up for it, right?


2- I switch genres a LOT

What I mean is that I read a bit of everything every month. I get bored VERY easily so I can’t read just one genre a month and that’s why I rarely marathon series. If I do that I’ll get fed up and enjoy it less than I might if I read it sporadically. AND that is why I like a wide variety of genre and why I also like to get out of my comfort zone more often than not and try books I wouldn’t reach out for normally.

3- I’m an ebook kind of girl

Not out of want to be honest. It is out of necessity because shipping here is hella expansive, it always costs more than the book itself and the selection of actual English physical copies is very limited. Although I do buy book from bookshops, my ebook collection is significantly larger (by hundreds of books, mind you). I even developed a particular taste for ebooks haha. Also, this makes getting bookmail extra special.


4- I get distracted VERY easily

Haha. Hahahaha. Since I read on my phone, I always have Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram whispering in my ear, wanting to be opened. And I answer the call 90% of the time, making me lose precious reading minutes. WHY OH WHY? It is seriously a disease, I’ll call it Socialmediatis. Hell! I even get distracted by my own over-imaginative brain. I would be reading one minute and riding on a unicorn’s back upside down the next, eating delicious foods and speaking gutural languages that don’t even exist. I would realize it after I’ve read a whole page not grasping a thing that’s happening, scolding myself and rereading the thing. Then it will happen a few pages afterwards. Oh, the struggle!

5- I read with the lights off

I don’t like reading with the lights on. Weird yep! But I just like to turn everything off and turn on the night mode on my phone. Really don’t know how to explain this, I just seem to concentrate better when it’s all dark, the world seems quieter.


6- I always take notes while reading

I can’t review books from the top of my head if my life depended on it. I tried, believe me! just can’t remember everything I mean to say and get really frustrated with the process which leads to me hating that review altogether. So, prevent all that ordeal, I just take a little off my reading time and using it in profit of writing any significant thought that comes to me right when it comes, not risking to forget all about it and just use “UGHHH” and “AAAAH” in my reviews.

7- I always, always, always read the book before watching the movie

I don’t care how much time it might take me to get to the book. A week. A month. A year. I don’t care. If I do it the other way around, I might never read the book because I feel like my imagination gets restricted, it can’t run wild and get things the way it wants. Characters become actors. Places become movie sceneries. Dialogues become voices. You get it, Frank -that’s my imagination’s name, see how creative I can be?- likes to run free.


8- I ALWAYS check the page count

It’s an obsession. Seriously. I do it way too often for it to be normal. For one I need to know how many pages exactly a book has, and then how many pages every chapter has induvidually. And ALSO how many pages I still have to read to finish the chapter -multiple times- and the book. God! That’s A LOT.

9- I need to take pauses

BOOKS ARE INTENSE, PEOPLE! If shit gets too real, if a character dies, if the damn dog dies (ESPECIALLY THEN), if anything that requires emotions happens, I need to take a break. I am an emotionally limited person, so as soon as I see some kinds of feelings coming my way I throw the book as far as I kind and run the other way to hide -and cuddle up- under my dragon’s wing who will prepare tea for me and protect me until that nonesense goes away.


10- I am your basic bookbitch

I don’t like lending books. Don’t like dog-earing pages. Don’t like to be interrupted while reading. I’m cover trash. Don’t like when they don’t match. I get murderous thoughts when confronted to spoilers. I like to look at pretty shelves (even though I don’t have any). And so on and so forth. The classic symptoms of BDS. That means Book Dragon Symdrom if you didn’t catch on it.

That’s it until next time.

Do you think any of these are weird? What are YOUR habits?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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34 thoughts on “My Habits as a Reader – From cute to ridiculous

  1. I LOVE THIS and it just makes me think of HOW twinnies we actually ARE. It’s awesome, really. That last point is everything, and it’s exactly me as well ahah. I don’t read as much as night as during the day though, I think that’s the major difference between us ahah, I read while I commute every day. BUT ugh yes, I don’t marathon series either even if sometimes I want to, I’m too scared of getting sick of it, and I always try and alternate between genres as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How can you take notes reading in the dark? heheh.. your page count habit is too much.. I normally only check for the total page and then get freak out if it’s over 500 pages.. hehe.. I also read at night too.. Great habits.. I smile reading it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha you almost got me there! But I actually take notes on my phone and then copy them on my notebook once I finish the book and before weiting the review because I like them to look pretty 🙊
      Hahaha yeah same !
      Thanks and I’m glad this made you smile 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes! I think all booklovers have bad experiences with lending books. I actually had a similar one with Mocking jay, I gave it to a friend one summer and got it back 2 summers later when I was at her hourse and took it myself 😂 She still hadn’t read it but well !


  3. 😂😂😂 I loved this post! So many of your habits are the same as mine. I love reading in the dark and more often than not I get easily distracted as well, cons to reading a lot of ebooks. Although I mainly enjoy ebooks for the ease of note taking. It’s so easy with that little highlight/note feature. I have a terrible habit with spoilers though. I look ahead far too often while reading intense parts of books. Instead of stepping away like you I look ahead 😩. I should really stop that lol. Great post! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love reading about other people bookish habits! 😀 I’m a night reader too, but I don’t think I have it in me to read after a long day like you, my eyeballs are usually too tired for it and I end up pass out on my bed 😛 Unlike you, I tend to do a marathon of genre, like when I read a good contemporary, I tend to find another contemporary to read afterward, same goes for fantasy, I guess because those are my favorite genres and I’m afraid to break the streak if I switch genre 😛 also unlike you, I always read with the lamp on because I’m scared it’s gonna ‘ruin’ my eyesight :’) I also check the page count every time I start a new book to estimate how much time I’m going to spend, but I don’t check out each chapters hahaha great post and thank you for linking to my post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha! To be honest some nights I’m too exhausted to read anything so I don’t (which happened twice this week)
      Hahaha! I totally get that and I admire the fact that you don’t get bored easily, and I actually get what you said about wanting to read something in the same genre as a book you finished and loved but well my brain is against me on that. There are some exceptions though 😅
      Ahahaha! My mom always says that I’ll end blind and my future as a surgeon will be ruined because of this habit I have 😂😂
      Ooh you’re welcome! I loved it 😙

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m also an ebook kinda girl! Like you, it started out of necessity, I just can’t afford many physical books, but now I’ve found there are a whole bunch of benefits to reading ebooks. And one of those is that whole reading in the dark thing! I completely understand what you’re saying because it’s so hard for me to concentrate on books during the day (though I do read during the day), so my favorite time to read is in bed at night with all the lights out. No sound, nothing else to look at, it’s like it just puts all my attention on the little glowing scare in front of me, no distractions, not even, “Oh look that thing on my shelf that’s there every day but is suddenly really interesting” lol.

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