Things that will Never get Old to a Bookblogger

Hello guys !

You know how I usually am this heartless, very sarcastic, ranty person, right? Well, not today. I decided I’m turning – for the briefest of times- into this slightly over sweet marshmallow that pukes happiness and love. Yikes! Anyway. I had this idea hovering over me for quite some while now and I just wanted to share some things that always get me jumping around the house gleefully because they simply make me happy. And I’m sure many -if not all- of you will relate to some of these things. So, here are the things that to me, make this blogging adventure worth it and will never get old.

Things that will never get old.png

1- New Post Ideas

It’s like a gift from the skies. Seriously, everytime I get a new post idea it’s like my own little miracle, ESPECIALLY if I haven’t seen it around or haven’t been inspired by anyone’s post. I’m like “WHUT? Where did this Genius awesome idea come from?” From my Genius awesome brain obviously! I hope I can continue to bless you with them for a very long time. You’re welcome! Eventhough, you should thank my brains and not me, because they have a mind of their own and are independant of my body, I am convinced they don’t really belong to me.


2- Very thoughtful Comments

Please keep them coming!! PLEASE KEEP IT RAINING SWEET AND AMAZING COMMENTS. They make my day and I’m not even joking. They show that people take a little from their time and read what I have to say and take even MORE time to respond to that and eventually start a discussion around the topic. I like commenting them as well, especially if the post speaks to me. I know I get carried away on some of your posts hahaha but as I love getting long comments, I think people do as well and like to do that when I have things to say. Correct me if I’m wrong though!

3- New Followers

No matter how many I already have. May it be 50, 500 or 5.000, I genuinely think that seeing that number climb up even by 1 will always brighten my day because it blows my mind that people are actually interested in my ramblings enough to keep on coming back for more. And I am so, so, so greateful for that because when I first started I never thought my blogging journey would last more than a few months and that I’d reach 100 and now I’m on my way to 500 and more importantly I’m 2 months away from reaching that 1 year milestone. Crazy, I KNOW.

4- Booming Stats

Generally -from my personal experience- stats are kind of stable throughout the month, being higher on posting days but there are days where that increase is spectacular, reaching sometimes 3 times the usual. And I know we’re not here for the stats, and I genuinely am not, there are days when it totally skips my mind to go check on how my blog is doing that day. BUT, that peak makes me think that I did something right on that post ESPECIALLY if it’s an idea that I hold dear to my heart or one that took forever to bring into life. I just LOVE that feeling.

5- Giving Book Recommendations

Huhu! I can go a little crazy and overboard when I get asked to recommend a book. Shhh!DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE ME. We all do! Main symptoms include: Screaming at the top of my lungs book’s name, why you most definitely should read it, praises to the author. Also, book throwing -which might result in bruises and/or concussions- or kidnapping said person until they finally read the book. This might happen when these books are involved: Wolf by Wolf – A Darker Shade of Magic – I’ll Give you the Sun – Homegoing – When the Moon was Ours – More Happy than Not. (See how I indirecty slipped in some book recs there? You’re welcome.)


6- Comments saying a Person Loved your Recommendation.

Yes. Yes. YES. Please do! Saying these few simple words will make me jump up and down from happiness without any considerable efforts on your part. Please consider doing this from time to time and not specifically with me but with all bloggers that have influenced in a way or another to read a book you ended up loving, I know for a fact that this is a universal thing that all bookbloggers love and appreciate. AAAAH! I can’t get enough of this. Seriously. Or even just the fact that a person added a book to their TBR because of one of my reviews.

7- Buddy-reads

This is the kind of thing that when you start doing it you never ever want to stop. Especially when you find a person that GETS you and that you can have fits of ranting/ raving/hysterical laughter with while reading a book. Buddy-reading is seriously such and amazing experience, and it not only gives you mental support while reading a book that might destroy you but it also offers new perspectives because the person whom you read the book with can see things that you didn’t notice or didn’t give much attention to. I’ve done quite a few and have an upcoming buddy-read that I’m tremendously excited about because of 1/ the book which is Six of Crows (YES! FINALLY) and 2/ The blogger is a very dear friend of mine. I’m looking to do more in the future so if you’re interested hit me up in the comments or on Twitter so we can make it happen. (please do that!! I won’t bite)


8- Being Mentioned in someone’s Post

OH MY GOD YES !! I go into serious fangirling mode whenever this happens to me. I just cannot understand the fact that people like my posts enough that they want to share them with others. I want to thank everyone who ever did this. You are seriously the most amazing human-beings ever. THANK YOU! I know there are a couple I still have to thank directly, I’m sorry! I swear I’m not being rude or ignoring you, it’s just that I’m in over my head right now with life and whenever I have a bit of free time, it seems to slip my mind. Just know that I truely appreciate you!

9- Arc Requests

I feel like the luckiest person on earth when I open my inbox to find an email from authors/publishers asking me to review a book, I know that I can’t review every single one of them especially when they don’t sound like something I would enjoy, it’s just not fair to a/the book and the author and b/other people who might want to read it and enjoy it but I seriously am greatful for each and every one. Same goes for getting approved on Netgalley for a book that I’m really excited about. Ritual may or may not include a little happy Victory dance afterwards.

10- Making Friends

This is seriously the BEST one out of this list and the thing that makes this whole adventure –with its downsides- 100% worth it. Getting to chat with people that I genuinly love and admire, bloggers who inspire me and have a little hand in shaping me into the blogger I am. Getting to know them on a deeper level. Having someone to confide in, to rant to (Shout out to my twinnie Marie who bares with me) or someone with whom my conversations can go from SUPER shallow to VERY deep in a matter of seconds (Hey Kat hahaha). People who cheer me up without ever noticing and many many more. Just know that’ll forever cherish you. You also lowkey give me wanderlust because I major part of wanting to travel comes from wanting to meet you all.


That’s it until next time.

Can you relate with ANYTHING on this list? Do you have Something to add to it?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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53 thoughts on “Things that will Never get Old to a Bookblogger

  1. Haha this was a great post your sense of humour had me smiling throughout and I love the giphs but most of all I can relate to most of these. My favourite is when an author comments or likes your tweet. I get a serious stupid happy face like I am gonna explode lol

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  2. Friends are 100% the best part of blogging life! It’s no fun with no one to talk to. I have to admit that I’m a bigger fan of commenters than I am of followers! I love being able to have conversations about these books, which is why I’m on Twitter so much about them!

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  3. This is an amazing post Fadwa and I completely agree with everything you put down as well. These are all just amazing aspects of being a book blogger but for me my favourite part will always be interacting with people; seeing comments on my posts and seeing people have replied to my comments on their posts as well. The whole point of me starting this blog was to talk to people about books so I’m always thrilled when that happens. Everything else is just more of an added bonus (though I can’t deny I do love getting ARCs from NetGalley and the like, it always makes my day if I get an approval email for a book I’ve requested!)

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  4. I just found your lovely blog and I love that this was the first post I read because it’s awesome and very relatable! I’m glad you love “When the Moon Was Ours” because I’m just about to start reading it. “Six of Crows” is so great!! I don’t get to buddy read much but it’s definitely something I want to do more of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh hi! This is such a sweet comment to wake up to 😙
      I’m glad you could relate ! And I hope you love When the Moon was Ours as much as I did. I knooow!! I can’t believe it’s taking me so long to read it!
      Well, if you want to buddy rrad with someone just ask them 😊 The worst thing that can happen is them saying no and that’s okay !


  5. I can relate to EVERYTHING on this list and I am so very grateful to consider myself as one of your friends! ❤ I CANNOT wait to read Six of Crows with you, I am seriously all giddy about finally getting into that world. Did you read the Grisha books? Because I haven't … but I think it will be alright nonetheless. I've just heard so many good things about the characters, I am ready to love them!

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  6. I can totally relate to all the things you mentioned, except maybe the buddy reading – I only tried once, but my friend didn’t wait for me and finished the book without even telling me, so I wasn’t reading the book (because I was waiting for her to reach 75%) while she was already done with it 😯

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  7. Great post, I agree with ALL OF THESE so much. Stats aren’t the most important, but you’re right that they make us feel happy, especially when we wrote something we loved and it ends up being seen and appreciated a lot. I love when this happens. Unfortunately it is so easy to feel down by stats, I know I do and it is the worst feeling. ANYWAY but yes and long comments are perfect ones, I love how people take time to actually read and answer thoughtfully to something I wrote. This is the best 🙂

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  8. Awww I love this post 😊! One of my favorite aspects of blogging is definitely the making friends part. Before blogging I never really had anyone to talked to about books so joining this community and find people with similar interest as me and even people who helped my own interest grow to different genres is incredible. And I love thoughtful comments and recommendations too. And I’ve never done a buddy read but I have my first one coming up soon which is really exciting and I have a feeling I’m going to want to do more of them afterward. Also, I so experienced getting an ARC request approved for a book I’m beyond excited for a few days ago, definitely happy victory dance ritual worthly. 🙈

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  9. Loved this post, Fadwa! Getting a new post idea out of the blue is the best thing of ever! I find myself in awe of what an original thinker I am every time I come up with something great hahaha 😛 long comments are the next best thing, it shows that people actually read my post, love it, and care enough to share a piece of their opinions! That’s precious >.< and yes to new followers… haha especially e-mail followers?!! I can't get over the fact that there's someone out there who wants to receive an email every time I post something!! That's flattering hahaha 😛 and omg YAY TO LINKBACK! I'm marveled every time people link my post on their weekly/monthly wrapup <3<3<3 *flail happily* basically I relate to all of these! 😀

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  11. This post sums up every happy moment in my life. I especially get so excited when it comes to book recommendations, I definitely go overboard and end up sending a massive text reply like an essay with recommendations and then badger my friends like ‘so whatcha reading this time’ XD
    I don’t think anything will ever beat that moment when you recommend a book to someone who doesn’t read so often and they fall in love with it and want to read more, sharing the love of reading is something I really love to do!

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  13. First of all, puking happiness suits you!! 😀 Then… YES YES YES AND YES! I don’t care for stats at all but I love seeing the orange notification point telling me someone’s been on my blog and sometimes even commented! I try to comment as much as possible because it’s fun and you can have the best chats this way, but sometimes even just a small and sweet one-line comment is enough to make my day. Being mentioned in a post? You have me smiling all day like I just got back from the ice cream paradise. FRIIIIENDS. My favorite word, with waffles 😀

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  14. I agree with all of these, especially with comments! A lot of the time, just a simple little comment will brighten my day so much. Also, I love it when people find me on other social platforms, and let me know about it someway. Just people chatting to me in general amazes me to no end ❤

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  15. Yesssssss. I love this post SO much. Everything you listed is so true. Even though comments can start becoming overwhelming I love seeing them. It’s so good knowing that you’re not just talking into the void and that people are actually taking time out of their day to interact with you. Having someone say they loved a book you rec’d is beyond amazing.

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