Little Miss Chaos – Big Book Chaos


Title : Little Miss Chaos

Author : Paula R. Hilton

Publication date : March 18th, 2016

Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Genre : Young Adult | Contemporary

Synopsis : Judging by Vivian and Jake’s first encounter at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Belmar, New Jersey, it should have been obvious that Jake was trouble from the start.
On one side of the counter stands a seventeen-year-old girl with Ivy League aspirations and a clear goal of ruling the world by twenty-two. On the other is a hazel-eyed thief with a surprisingly polite demeanor and a love of sugar-free Vanilla Bean Coolattas.
As he demands all of the money in her register and tip jar, it’s clear that Vivian and Jake couldn’t possibly have any less in common. So why does she feel a sudden surge of sympathy for the juvenile delinquent standing before her? And why would the robber find himself admiring the badass bravery of the coffee shop cashier?
As their worlds continue to collide, Vivian finds herself torn between her future plans and a longing in her heart that just won’t go away. She was once voted “Little Miss Chaos,” a title she’s tried hard to live down, but when mayhem begins to creep into her life again, will she have what it takes to maintain control?
(From Goodreads)

Rating : DNF

Little Miss Chaos.png

She was a recording instrument, a raw nerve. Always feeling, feeling, feeling. Her own feelings and everyone else’s too.”

(Contains Spoilers)

Long time no rant, right? Well, my friends, your wait has finally ended and I’m here today to unleash the beast again. I despised this book with every fiber of my body because it was so problematic that it just made me feel wrong and uncomfortable for the whole 100 pages that I read, that’s right! As soon as I hit the 100 pages mark (which is around 36%) I gave up on struggling through this book. As I haven’t even read half the book this review is going to be just for the amount I read. Obviously.

The writing in this book is one of the two things that I didn’t completely hate about Little Miss Chaos. Granted, it had some very eye-roll worthy sentences and cliché moments like this one “”Vivian, Wait!” she yelled as her friend climbed the steps and flashed her well-worn pass at the driver. “Vivian!” Other people filled into the bus, and Hailey watched helplessly from across Ocean Avenue as the driver closed the door and carried her dearest friend away.” Like, dude?! All you needed to do was run, RUN 10 METRES FOR GOD’S SAKE and you could’ve caught up with her, but no we needed that dramatic moment with melo background music. Aside from that, the writing was quite lovely and easy to read.

The book is written in multiple POVs and this is the perfect exemple of when a book doesn’t need that many people speaking in it. One would’ve been good, two would’ve been fine too, but we got the main character, her love interest, their parents, her bestfriend. I mean, WHY? That just made the story very messy and hard to follow a times especially since it wasn’t following any chronological order. Add to that the fact that we only got around 3 pages from each POV and that really disturbed the flow and frustrated me a great deal.

But here’s the real reason for which I DNFed this book: The romance that’s  at the very center of things started with the guy robbing the girl at work, then he couldn’t get her out of his mind so he kind of stalked her and went back to the work place where he asked her to go for a ride with him on his motorcycle and she went. SHE WENT!!! And the whole time she kept saying that he seemed harmless and she couldn’t believe this whole robber act. Yeah, okay, legit! Where is the self-preservation? WHERE IS THE BRAIN? Aside from how it started, I didn’t like the romance at all, it didn’t make sense because it felt very rushed, one minute he’s robbing her and the next kissing her. The reader doesn’t get to see them growing closer before diving into this thing head first. It felt very insta-lovey to me.

Oh and also, that whole robbery scene is ridiculous and unrealistic. The guy comes in and robs her all smiling and polite saying “please” and “thank you”, making jokes in a dunkin donuts FULL OF PEOPLE and a manager a few meters away, NONE OF WHICH HEARD OR SAW ANYTHING!!!! Give me a break. And do you know why he’s doing this? Because he’s diabetic and he’s fighting these big chains that sell Junk food… BY STEALING FROM THEM AND SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE.

So, Vivian is our main character and she’s insufferable.I couldn’t find anything about her to hold on too. She was so self-centered and selfish. She’s also very rude and disrespetful to her mom when she’s the one to blame. And for someone who’s supposed to be very smart and academic, with a big plan for her future she seemed very dumb to me, throwing everything out the window for a chance to a romance with the first boy that shows interest in her, no matter how wrong and problematic that romance was.

Now onto Jake who is the love interest/robber/most problematic character I’ve ever read about. He has anger management issues, like really scary ones. He doesn’t hit people or scream or anything, what he does when he gets angry is steal and what he does when things get even worse? He sets fire to things in a supermarket. And the worst thing about it all is that he needs a doctor, like, yesterday, and that girlfriend of his does nothing to comfront him with how wrong his behavior is, she’s even romanticizing it by accepting to go out with him after what he did to her.

The second and last thing I like about this book is Hailey who’s Vivian’s “best friend” and the reason for that being quoted is because Vivian is dreadful to her and completely shuts her out when she meets Jake just to come back when things start going bad for her. The reason I liked Hailey is because she told her friend things exactly the way they were. To me, she quite frankly seemed like the only sane person in that cast of characters.

I really hope that things get better as the story progresses because that would explain the three 5star ratings (out of 7 seven ratings) but I couldn’t push through anymore than I already did because I’d rather spend time reading things I enjoy and coming from me that says Something because this is the 3rd book I DNF in my life as I usually give books dozens of chances to get things right.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read Little Miss Chaos? If so, what did you think of it?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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20 thoughts on “Little Miss Chaos – Big Book Chaos

  1. This sounds so problematic on so many levels, I really get why you didn’t feel like you could go on. I always pretend like I never DNFd anything, but truth be told there’s a lot of stuff I just found boring and didn’t finish, nothing that really outraged me though.

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  2. This book sounds so horrible on so many different ways! I’m not usually one to banish a book from my to-read list due to just one review but this one has convinced me WAY too well! All these issues – I don’t see how I could enjoy this book in the slightest. Jake doesn’t sound like a likeable character at all and I’m finding myself already kind of disliking Vivian for her stupidly without even meeting her? HAHAHA, this rant does it all, a really lovely review (but a very much less lovely book) and I enjoyed it IMMENSELY (I’m always one for rants!)

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  4. I LOVE reading your rants, my twinnie, haha, they are just SO great. Also, I think I won’t give this book a chance, there are too many other books to read that seems great, and I blindly trust your taste in books as well. I’m a bit stunned by how the romance turns out in this, and it’s only the beginning of the book…yeah, I’d be so annoyed by this as well, I think :/

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  5. Oh man, nope nope nope. This book sounds like an infuriating disaster, and I’m impressed you made it as far as you did!

    And what the hell, Jake’s reason for robbing stores is because he’s diabetic and they sell junk food? Come ON. Does the book specify if he has type one or type two diabetes, by any chance? (I ask because my brother was diagnosed with type one when he was six; I tend to be very touchy about how type one is portrayed in fiction. I don’t know nearly as much about type two.)

    Well, at least you got a fantastic rant out of the book, and you didn’t even have to suffer through the entirety of it. I’ve missed your rants! =D

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    • I high-fived myself for how far I’ve made it, because wow it was a battle!!
      Nope. Doesn’t even specify, I don’t even think research about diabetes was done because then she would’ve known that she has to specify because THEY’RE DIFFERENT. Oh! How old is he now?
      Hahaha yes I did ! Yaay ❤ I’ve been reading great books lately so I don’t know when the next one will be.

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      • Oh, goodness. Well, I guess I can’t say I’m surprised that the author of a book of this caliber didn’t spend too much time on research.

        He’s 35 (he’s my older brother; I’m not quite ancient), and has his diabetes well in hand. He uses an insulin pump now, but back when I was a kid, he’d give himself his injection then chase me around with the needle still stuck in him, all flopping around and grotesque. It TERRIFIED me. 😅

        Hurray! Can’t wait to hear about them all!

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