Little Peek #11: November 2016

Hello guys!

NOVEMBER IS FINALLY OVEEEER !! *dances* Some of you might already know this, but for the ones who don’t I’ve been ready for December for at least 3 weeks now. And no, it’s not because of Christmas haha (We don’t celebrate), it is for a bunch of reasons that I will get to at the end of the post.Hmm.. Let’s see what’s been happening in my life this past month. It was a fairly quiet one but if ou ask me it’s the calm before the storm because these two upcoming months are going to be crazy stressful for me. First of all I have my first exam’s coming up on December 14th. And for the rest of the month, I’ll be secluded at home because I’ll be preparing for my 4 other exams that will be coming up at the beginning of January. I just hope I come out of this with my hair still on my head.

November 2016.png

This was a dope reading month, I read 8 books and I quite frankly don’t know how I did it. I must admit that one was a DNF and the other a short graphic novel (MY FIRST EVER! BE EXCITED!!!!) but still, I’m really impressed and proud of myself for reading this much despite having very little time.


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Little Miss ChaosPaula R. Hilton   36% DNF

Well. NO. Just the fact that I DNFed says a lot about it. Too problematic, too wrong. Just too much of all the things that shouldn’t be there. I went into a very lenghty rant (linked in the review section) that you should check out if you’re interessed in the more in depth reasonning behind my DNF.

Stereotypical FreaksHoward Shapiro 4 stars

The first word that comes to mind: WOW! This wass definitely not what I expected this GN to be about and it was a nice surprise. It was heavier and had more depth that what I was in for and that was for the better. I made me tear up with not so many pages when it’s really hard to stear any kinds of emotions in me haha! I don’t remember any book making me cry with so few pages. I had a slight problem with the art which I’ll explain whenever i get around to posting my review.

Everything, Everything Nicola Yoon 4 stars

Pfew! This book was quite a ride. It had its problems for sure but I enjoyed it quite a bit, the romance was cute and the characters adorable and effortlessly likeable so I couldn’t help but root for them and for everything to work out for the best. I didn’t see that twist coming and OH BOY! It blew my mind.

Unicorn TracksJulia Ember 3 stars

This was a really enjoyable read and diverse at that which I really liked but it ultimately dissapointed me. I had a problem with the execution. The writing was good, the idea was great, the setting even greater but this book was handicapped by its length. I think there was a lot more that could’ve been explored and things that could’ve been done better with a bigger page count !

Blood for Blood Ryan Graudin 5 stars

*sobs* *snorts* *ugly cries* Just thinking about this book makes my heart ache. WHY, RYAN, WHYYYY? Why did you have to shatter my hear and stomp on it, I just can’t handle all the feels this book brought up. I hated it but it was perfect -go figure (Go read it to know why. GO READ IT NOW!). But me being broken aside, this was a brilliantly executed book. Fast-paced, action packed, horrifying and heartbreaking.

Six of Crows Leigh Bardugo 5 stars

The thing I’m most grateful about right this second is that I didn’t have to wait an eternity for the second book because HOLY SHIT I WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO.
This is a crazy mind-blowing book you guys. So fast pace. So much action. Something going wrong at every turn which makes it nearly impossible to predict. Kick-ass, complex, morally gray characters that are like my children AND I WANT TO LOVE THEM FOREVER. EACH. ONE. OF. THEM. And the ships SO MANY OF THEM. ALL OF THEM.

Crooked Kingdom Leigh Bardugo5 stars

Did you see that coming? Did you? DID YOU? Yes, obviously. You did! It comes to nobody’s surprise that I loved this one as much as the first if not more. Even though, I must admit, I doubted I would at first BUT shit went down and I needed my babies to be safe and now I’m heartbroken and I just don’t know how to recover from all these books anymore.

The Conversations We Never Had Jeffrey H. Konis 3.5 stars

This book surprised me completely. I don’t usually read non-fiction because I get bored easily, but the historical fiction element pulled me in and I decided to read it which was a good decision, I didn’t get bored at all and these book has an informative and educational value while still getting the reader’s attention. I did have some issues with it nonetheless but they were all technical.


(Click on the titles to be redirected to the review)


Well now that the wrap is done let’s move on to the fun stuff. First of all, DECEMBER IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, I might seem excited but I don’t do much for my birthday because it coincides with my exam period *sigh* but what I’m excited about is that this inspired a whole series that I’ll be calling 20 ’til I’m 20, because if you haven’t gathered I’ll be turning 20 (No shit, Sherlock!) with a bunch of posts, the main ones being 20 of my favorite bloggers (trust me, I have more). So, BE EXCITED! (Again haha)

The other major thing happening is that I’ll be revamping my blog which means new Twitter handle as well as NEW BLOG DESIGN!!! This is happening tomorrow, peoples! (I will hopefully have time to set it up), I’m considering it an early birthday gift to myself. Be ware, it is going to be a drastic change, from color skim -which will be very bright and bold- to graphics -which will be more minimalistic. The only thing I’m keeping is the lay-out because I’m really happy with it. You’ll have more details in tomorrow’s post.

That’s it until next time.

What books did you read in November ? And what have been the Highlights of your month ?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.

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21 thoughts on “Little Peek #11: November 2016

  1. Good luck in all your exams! I feel you my birthday is in exam period too so when I was in school I made it very hard to celebrate with anyone because you know that thing called studying! πŸ˜› Now that I’m done the past few years have been easier to get people together, our only problem now is we’re broke ha!

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  2. AHHH I’m a December baby too! When is your birthday?! πŸ˜€ I read your review of Little Miss Chaos and it was quite a long rant considering you only read 36% of it hahaha but that is saying a lot :’) your other reads are pretty great though, especially SoC and CK and I can’t wait to read your Crooked Kingdom review! ❀

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