20 ‘TIL I’M 20: My 20 Favorite Bloggers – 17 & 18

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Hello guys !

You may or may not know my birthday is coming up and I don’t want to make this whole thing about myself, so what do I do instead? I make it all about my favorite people in the community. The ones that made my experience better, the ones that taught me things, the ones I admire and strive to be like. I decided to put 20 on this list but I definitely have more. Also, these are in no particular particular order.



What I love about her:

  • She’s one of the first people I’ve ever followed and never regretted it since.
  • My go-to to find some great NA books to add to my TBR.
  • She’s hosting an awesome New Adult reading challenge in 2017.
  • Her blog is so cute and girly.

Noteable Posts:



 What I love about her:

  • She’s one of my newer blogger friends and I love her so much. Talking to her is effortless.
  • I always find books I’ve never heard of on her blog.
  • She’s always so well spoken in her discussions and I love them.
  • I can go to her with my bookish -and non bookish- opinions, rants and raves and she’ll listen.

Noteable Posts:

That’s it until next time!

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.