How to Make your Redesign Go Smoothly


Hello guys !

If you’ve been following me for more than three months you know that what my blog is wearing right now is fairly new. While I was working on it, I picked up quite a few tips that were really helpful and made it easier and less stressful for me. So when I got a few questions on my announcement I decided that this was a post that I eventually was going to write. I meant to write it in the month after my redesign, but… other posts got in the way -posts I’m really proud of, just so you know, hehe- and I kept forgetting that this is something I was planning on doing. But fret not, here I am to guide you through your redesign. Or at least, to give you one or two helpful tips.

God knows how stressful changing your entire blog’s look can be. When do I do it? What sources should I use? What layout? What color scheme? How do I go about it? Add to that the fear of messing up a theme that’s been working for so long, most of us shy away from doing anything different. I know I did. The one I had before didn’t really reflect me, it was just something I did to get my blog going and as I learnt new things, I started hating it and even then, I was afraid to change it because I didn’t want it to end up looking worse. But, once I figured some things out, it took a lot of the stress and pressure out of it.


You know as well as I do that rushed, sloppy work is 90% of the time mediocre. If you give yourself a very short time frame to redesign your whole blog, from A to Z, chances are you’ll get frustrated and won’t be satisfied with the outcome and you’ll have to go back multiple times to fix what you don’t like and what doesn’t work which will take all the fun out of it, it’ll end being a hassle and you’ll hate the new design before you even start using it. This goes hand in hand with doing it when you have plenty of free time. Don’t be like me, don’t do it while you’re preparing for the end of semester exams. I did that, and that added useless stress to days that were already FILLED with it. 100% would not recommend.


This is probably the biggest one. Make a blog for which the URL would be or whatever platform you’re using and make sure to put it on private. You don’t want anyone stumbling upon the ridiculousness that those tests can be sometimes. Anyway, once this idea dawned on me, everything was WAY easier and less stressful because I wasn’t playing around with my actual blog so mistakes didn’t have any impact and I didn’t have to rush and fix them. You can really focus on seeing what works and what doesn’t and take your time to change it. No one will see it. You can also keep it afterwards to see whether posts work with your theme or not.


What I mean by this is find ONE (1) thing that you love and want to build your blog around, this way you can really focus on it. If you have one too many things, matching them can be forced, if not impossible because a background won’t work for a theme, a layout won’t support some graphics etc… So, is it a background? A layout? A certain type of graphics? Choose one of these that you really love and build the rest around it, you’ll actually enjoy doing that and playing around with colors, fonts and whatnot. I promise. My starting point was -obviously- the background because I fell in love with it and couldn’t NOT use it.


It’s good to be ambitious and have a pretty good idea of what you want your blog to look like but… if that goes beyond your coding and graphic making skills? You’re set for disappointment. I know 0 things about coding and like 2% of things about graphic making (courtesy of canva) so I kept everything pretty simple and all things around this page are easy to make. But if you actually know what you’re doing, PLEASE GO ALL OUT, I love to look at pretty blogs, and be mesmerized by how the bloggers actually do that, because it’s something I can’t do.


What I mean here is fonts, color scheme, formatting, etc… I’m not saying that if you don’t do this your blog won’t look good, I know a lot of blogs that don’t do it and are still gorgeous. This is not a matter of how the blog looks, as the title says it, it’s matter of making things easier for you. By using a couple of fonts and a set color scheme, you’ll save time whenever you have to write a post because you won’t lose any trying to decide which ones to use, you’ll be all set to work on the content. Plus, your blog will have a kind of signature look that people will recognize. It’ll help you build a brand too, if you decide on keeping that theme for a long time.


I remember distinctly being VERY nervous about people seeing my new design and thinking it’s too bright and doesn’t look good, or that it’s not “professional” enough (news flash, I don’t get paid for this, it doesn’t have to look professional). And that’s normal. Because you want people to keep reading your posts and for that to happen they need to like it BUT that can’t put you off making you design into something YOU love, something that represents YOU. If people can match your vibe with your blog’s look, they’ll like it and they’ll keep coming back for more.

That’s it until next time.

Have you ever done a complete redesign? What are some tips and tricks you think are important?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



19 thoughts on “How to Make your Redesign Go Smoothly

  1. I want to redesign my blog soon! (I also thought of it in the middle of my exams – looking for literally ANY way of procrastinating during exams lol)
    I just think that on redesigning, previous posts will look a bit inconsistent so initially it might look slightly messy…
    These are great tips, I’m definitely going to use a test blog to see how everything would look before actually changing things on my blog – thanks for the idea!

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    • Ahahah! I swear we find all things more interesting than studying when we actually need to study !
      Yeah they will but it’s no big deal, really. Going back and fixing all of them is soooo time consuming.
      You’re welcome, I’m happy to help 😊

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  2. I unfortunately have no tricks bc I do all my blogging on my mobile device and it’s HARD. I try to update it the best I can but a comp would make it stellar. One day I’d like to get Nose Graze for my layout.

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  3. This is such a brilliant post, Fadwa! I love all the tips you mentioned. The taking your time one is super important because I feel like a lot of people just grab the first theme they see without really exploring all their options. Love your suggestion about a test blog too! I always do that when I was coding things. It helps a lot.

    I want to redesign my entire blog, but I’m so fussy and I’m not a fan of any of the free themes and I can’t afford the paid ones. It’s honestly the main reason why I want to self-host because I really want more control over the design.

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    • Thank youuu ❤
      Yeeah you’re right, it took me SO long to choose my theme and then I wasn’t really happy with any and came back to the one I’ve had all along 😂
      If I could do it all by myself I’d definitely self-host but yeah… that won’t work haha!


  4. I just did a complete blog make over/redesign like, a couple days ago! I was so nervous about it!! So, so nervous! I was worried how my followers would take it. But they seem to like it, and I’m glad I did it because I love it so much better than my old layout. These tips are awesome! Wish you had posted this before I did my change! I would have liked to use some of these tips 😊

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  5. Great post Fadwa!! I basically agree with everything you said here hahaha but of all the tips above, I most agree with the tip where we should choose one starting point. Mine is soft pink and flowers and then everything will follow hahaha also yes to using certain fonts ONLY! I use 3, I guess, and it really works well in creating a consistent (and pretty) look ❤ also, also, when I first started designing I kinda got carried away and used so many colors at once hahaha but now I stick to 4 colors and memorize their exact color codes so I don't end up using the wrong colors 😛

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  6. This is such a cool post! When I re-designed my blog I didn’t feel like I needed a test address simply because I’m not so popular that people click on my blog all the time. 😛 And also there’s the preview feature in the customisation section. But I can see that it would be helpful for a lot of people!
    I definitely agree that you should do redesigning when you have plenty of time, creating my header image literally took me hours because I had to combine things, change the transparency, edit a million times, and above everything else figure out what exactly I wanted. 😅
    I also think you’re right in saying that having a consistent blog look kind of builds your brand. My design is mostly dark blue, but then when I post something for Queer Movie Friday it’s rainbow coloured to fit the topic, which could potentially look weird, but I kept up the space-y theme, so I think it still works. 😛
    Anyway, I’m rambling. Great post!


  7. You have no idea how much I needed this post!!!! I’ve been wanting to redesign my blog for a little while now and every time I start, I get super overwhelmed. Creating a test blog is bloody brilliant!!! Thank you so much for the tips! Now I have a game plan to go off of 🙂


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