To sum-up: March 2017

To Sum up March 2017

Hello guys !

This month, I’m on the extreme opposite of the mood spectrum compared to last month, I’ve been feeling good and happy and productive. And reading great books helped a lot with that.


I’m all sunshine, unicorn poops and rainbows this month and I DON’T KNOW WHY. Not that I am complaining. So let’s see what’s new. Oh I got some book mail at the start of the month, all Shades of Magic trilogy (although to be fair ACOL showed up like 10 days ago) and History is all you left me so that got the month off to a good start. I’ve also made new friends in the community (especially on Twitter), people I’ve been admiring for a long time and the huge dork that I am is exstatic about that. By the way, I’m very active on there and my tweet go from lame to hilarious, to serious so follow me if you don’t want to miss out.

What else happened? Oh I’ve been feeling very “whole” if that makes sense, like I’m finally seeing all of me and that’s probably responsible for most of my good mood, as well as the fact that I’m back to the gym so I’ve been pouring all my stress there.

Oh and you know how I’m a medstudent, right? so a couple of weeks ago we organized, a bunch of friends and I, a small event for kids in the Children’s teaching hospital where we got them Teddy Bears. Each one got one and they got to be the parent and the Teddy Bears were sick and we got to explain things and procedures to them so that they were less afraid of Doctors and they had a blast which made me incredibly happy. LOOK IT:


I also started mixing a bit of bullet journaling into my creative journal because God know I need all the help I can get to stay organized, especially with exams coming up soon again (yes it’s that time again. sigh)


fghjn .png

Title = Goodreads page


Title = Review



I still suck at blog-hopping.

To Sum Up Titles.jpg

Bingo Updates.jpg

See, told you last month I would catch up! Now, I’m right on track with my 3 books a month for the challenge. Although, now that I’m almost done with review copies, I’m pretty sure I can do a lot more than that. Plus, this month I read for of these, that’s how I caught up, so it’s totally doable.


I don’t know? I’m gonna wing it like a boss, that’s what’s gonna happen. I still have to figure out the month’s discussions since I’ve been short on those ones lately but I got a few ideas a couple of days ago so I just need to figure out my schedule. I also have a lot of reviews on hold and if I get around to writing all of them I might start posting 2 reviews a week or something like that, because THEY NEED TO GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Reading wise, I’m reading the last of my arcs this month which I’m SO unbelievably excited about, they all sound so amazing. So maybe after that, I’ll actually get to read the ebooks I own? Maybe. I’m also going to beta read a friend’s book which I’ve been ridiculously excited about which they have seen so they finally asked me to do it and I couldn’t refuse because I NEED THE FLOOF.

Lastly, I’m really hoping to pick up a Sensitivity project this month because I really need it, even though I’m not holding my breath haha. Anyway, if you could share my page, I’d forever be grateful.


That’s it until next time.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

What books did you read this month? Oh! And if you have any posts you think I should check out, leave them in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


41 thoughts on “To sum-up: March 2017

  1. Ooh, you’re finally reading The Young Elites and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda! I hope you enjoy them both; they’re so brilliant! ❤ I"m so glad to see that you were happy this month! I still feel like my reading is lacking and can hopefully pick up with it in April, but blogging-wise, everything was totally amazing. My stats were awesome, and I hope it continues getting better in April. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you had a great March, both reading-wise and life-wise 🙂 That medical event for the kids sounds amazing and I can totally understand how seeing the kids have a blast would definitely be an wonderful feeling! So happy you enjoyed When Dimple Met Rishi, can’t wait to read that one. And yes, ACOL! “I’m dead” definitely sums it up quite nicely 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy Simon vs, it’s so cute and adorable and one of my faves ❤


    • I really did. Yes, that event was the highlight of my month.
      It is such an adooooorable book, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like it, it’s impossible I think haha.
      Yaay! I’ve been hearing only great things about it so I can’t wait ❤


  3. I’m so glad you’ve been feeling so good lately! YOU DESERVE IT GIRL! I hope April brings you joy as well ❤

    Also, I've read The Young Elites and it is one of my favorite trilogies. I hope you love it!

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


  4. I am so glad you had a great month and that you feel whole and motivated. I already saw that picture with you and the kids on Twitter, but I didn’t tell you how incredibly cute it looks. You seem like you are really in your element and it was such a great event too! ❤
    I am really excited about some thoughts for the books on your TBR! I've been looking forward to the Seafarer's Kiss for … I don't FOREVER!? And Simon vs. is so cute, I hope you enjoy it.

    Loved our buddy read! We need to do more 😀


  5. God Smites and When Dimple Met Rishi are very high on my TBR to I was happy to see you enjoyed them both! I just finished You’re Welcome, Universe and absolutely LOVED it, now to get around to reviewing it…


  6. Yay for all of the positivity for the month of March! It was definitely an awesome month for catching up on amazing things. Jelly on some of the books that you have read because they all sound so awesome. I hope you have a lovely month ahead.


  7. READING THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY 😃😃 I’m so glad you’ve been feeling good lately, Fadwa because you DESERVE IT ♥♥ I know I said it on Twitter, but I honestly love that photo so much. It’s so PURE. You’re going to be an amazing doctor!

    Aw no, it’s a shame that History Is All You Left Me was a bit disappointing. I’m glad you still enjoyed parts of it though. I’M STILL NOT OVER ACOL 💔💔 I hope you love Simon! I thought it was super cute. I really need to read The Young Elites too!

    And thank you for sharing my post 😘


    • OMGGGG THANK YOU LAUREN(A) (sorry ahahaha) ❤ ❤ ❤ I hope so, being around the kids reaffirmed my love for this consuming path I chose haha.
      Yeah :/ I could definitely see why people loved it so much but I was just emotionally disconnected from it?
      I'm pretty sure I'll love Simon vs. It sounds SOOOO cute.
      Of course ❤


  8. I’m very happy too see that you have been feeling amazing this month!! ❤ 😀 I did already see the picture of you and kids on twitter, but I didn't say that I find it to be the cutest thing that I have seen in a while!! You're going to be an amazing doctor!
    I really want to read both The Young Elites and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, I honestly have no idea why I haven't done that yet. I hope you enjoy all the books you have planned to read this month! Hope you have an amazing April as well! ❤


    Well, I also made awesome friends on twitter this month and I’m so glad that you enjoyed majority of the books. I’m so jealous of you all reading When Dimple Met Rishi.
    Forever in love with your picture at the hospital. It makes me smile too ❤

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  10. You read some awesome books this month! I also really enjoyed Queens of Geek, Out on Good Behavior, and ACOL. I also share your exact feelings on History is All You Left Me. I’m super looking forward to How to Make a Wish and When Dimple Met Rishi, so I’m glad to see you liked them!! As for your TBR books, I’ve read and adored both Simon Vs and The Paths We Choose. I’m so glad you had a good month in March! Here’s to another awesome month of reading & life in April 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I’m glad you liked them too! Thank God I finally find someone who agrees haha, I thought my friend (whom I read it with) and I were the only ones.
      They’re both AMAZING. The paths we choose is SO cute, I loved it and I’m just 2 chapters into Simon vs and I love it already.
      Thank you, you too 😊


  11. Aww it’s good to hear that you had a great month, Fadwa! I hope said greatness and happiness continues on into April. 💕
    It looks like you had a fantastic reading month and you’ve probably just made me even more excited to get to ACOL. I started reading the Shades of Magic books last month and I’m on AGOS at the moment. I’M LOVING IT! Part of me wants to know what happens and then part of me never wants the series to end. 🙈

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  12. good to know you had a great month!! i’m so happy for you!
    QUEENS OF GEEK and HOW TO MAKE A WISH are so so so amazing. wonderful rep and awsome stories. *sigh* glad we liked them :DD
    and i’m so excited to know what you think of SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA. it’s one of my favorite books of last year, and it’s so fluffy and cute!!
    hope you have a great april! ❤

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  13. Yay! So happy to find you so happy Fadwa 🙂 That event where you worked with the teddy bears and children? PRECIOUS! You are going to be an amazing doctor! Have you ever mentioned which area (branch? field? what is the correct term here?) of medicine you want to go into?

    I still don’t understand how you can do all that you do. You killed it on the blog front this month!

    “A Conjuring of Light – Terrifying, fast-paced, #ALLTHESHIPS, I’m dead.”

    I laughed so hard at this! I am only 30-ish% through and I know all hell is going to break loose. I am reading it very slowly because I am so terrified Schwab is going to kill everyone off lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • awww thank you sooo much ❤
      I’d love to do something pediatric but I don’t know what yet (field of specialty is fine haha)
      Thank you hah but as you can see, I’m disappearing from the face of the blogosphere for a little while.
      Hahahah! You’re probably done with it now so you know what I meant 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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