Semi-Hiatus Announcement

Semi Hiatus Announcement.png

Hello guys!

Today is discussion day, right? But I’m sorry to say that there won’t be any of those for a little while, there won’t be much of me at all for a little while and here’s why.

At the end of last week I got my exam schedule for the semester and it seriously freaked me out, I was so stressed (and still am, but 1% less) because I simply won’t pass if I don’t give up pretty much everything else in my life for the next couple of months. I started with deleting the twitter app because that’s so damn distracting, it becomes the most appealing thing in a mile’s radius when I’m trying to study. But as I made my study schedule I realized that something else would have to go.

Until yesterday, I was still in denial about having to give up my blog for two months but while I tried to find time to write this week’s posts I simply couldn’t. So yeah, blogging has to go too.

I have my exams starting April 26th until the very end of May, BUT I have to start hard core studying from now (I actually started a week ago) so I will officially be on hiatus starting today April 10th until May 31st. That being said, review are STILL going up because all of April’s are already scheduled and I can get away with writing one post a week. Otherwise, the backlog will get unmanageable. Other than that, no discussions, no tags, no any other posts. I’m bummed but I can’t add the stress of trying to squeeze in some blogging to the already immense stress of exams.

See you on the other side ❀



38 thoughts on “Semi-Hiatus Announcement

  1. Aw, it sucks that you’ll be gone for so long, but I hope everything works out with your studies! I know that blogging can certainly distract me from my studies. πŸ˜‚ I found it so interesting that you and Puput are taking a break; I’ll miss you both since you’re two of my favorites! ❀️

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    • It really sucks, I had so many ideas for this month *sobs* but I guess it’ll havr to wait until June.
      Haha it’s not distracting as much as it’s added stress that i really don’t need.
      Hahaha I’m not even surprised anymore, it’s ridiculous how alike and in sink the both of us are. Aww thank you πŸ™ˆ and I’ll miss you too πŸ’ž

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  2. Best of luck with all your exams lovely. If you ever have a day you need to chat/ rant and just get your stress out then feel free to message me. I’m also in for a stressful month with my final year but we can do this. ❀

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  3. Good luck with your exams, Fadwa! I totally understand taking a hiatus – I’ve been posting less and less too because of real life and it’s just such a struggle sometimes, despite how much I don’t want to admit it. I hope you have an easy time studying and that you come out on the other end all good. ❀

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