What Makes People Come Back to a Blog ?

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Hello guys !

So this post was supposed to go up last week but… if you read last week’s tag post, you know why I went -forcefully- off the grid for a few days. That being said, I’m back and trying to speed schedule posts because Eid is at the end of the week and I’m traveling in a couple of days to my aunt’s house.

Anyway, way to get off topic, Fadwa. When I came back from hiatus I found a few comments from new bloggers asking for advice on how to do the whole blogging thing. Flash news: we’re all winging it. Okay no, more seriously, in my year and a half of blogging, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks that I think could be useful to someone out there. This won’t be the only post of this kind but I don’t know at what rate I will be posting them, it will all depend on inspiration (see, winging it!). But I already have a couple up that I think are somewhat useful:

So, now that that’s said, let’s get on with the post at hand. I want to talk about the things that make us not only follow a blog but also stick to it and keep coming back to read the posts that are put out. This won’t be an all inclusive list and some of these might not work for some people (some of them don’t work for me), but all in all, this is what I’ve seen around. So let’s do it !

Back Blog 1

It doesn’t have to be something fancy or complicated, it just needs to be at your image and not too crowded so that people feel comfortable reading your blog (says the girl with the bright pink blog. Le sigh). You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like but I’d advise starting simple if you’re new to it, just so that you can pick up some skills (which you’re bound to do) and see what you like and don’t like and THEN you can work on making it into what you want it to be. Speaking from experience, wanting to master it all from the first try get VERY frustrating.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment, switch things around, see what works best for you. Blog designing isn’t an exact science and no one is going to shun you for wanting to play around with your own blog. I know it sounds daunting and that you want to get everything perfect from first try but none of us have, it took me quite a few tries before getting it the way it is now and really loving it and even then, I still make some small changes from time to time.

Back Blog 2

I don’t do memes anymore because most of them don’t fit my posting schedule and I’m not interested in the ones that do. That being said I’m very very grateful for them because they jump started my blog quite a bit, they were the best way to meet other bloggers and interact with them as well as to fill in my blog with post while I was still trying to figure out who I wanted to be as a blogger. You can find a few meme directories in the first post linked above.

As for tags, they serve the same purpose, tho I still do them from time to time, not nearly as often as I used to (again, I started losing interest) but they’re still fun to do from time to time and have saved my butt from not posting more times than one, so they’re definitely a nice tool to have.

I must admit that this is a double edged sword because they tend to get boring and repetitive so if that’s all that’s on the blog, people may get tired of it and… not come back, which is counter-productive.

Back Blog 3

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, “looks” (read: blog design) can only get you so far and if there’s nothing to back them up, so be as loud as you want to be, as sarcastic as you want to be (believe me, I know) or as quiet, as flowery, as intellectual, as *add adjective that fits you* as you want. Most important is that you. be. yourself. Fangirl all you want, rant all you want, scream all you want, all you need to do is show your likes, dislikes and some traites of your personality, you don’t need to overexpose yourself if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

I find that my favorite blogs are those that give me a sense of the person writing the posts, and when I read them I can feel that there’s someone behind the screen. This is not as hard as it sounds, most of us do it without realizing it.

Back Blog 4

I know that we’re mostly here as reviewers but we all know (and if you’re a newbie, now you will know) they’re the kinds of posts that get the least engagement out of all types and here’s where I give me two cents about it. So try switching it up with other types that make it easier for people to talk to you, maybe some discussions which can range from serious to hilarious, take your pick, or other original content like character interviews that a couple friends of mine do (Ceillie & Sinead) or branching out of books a bit (the Follow Me Through Morocco series I did a while back, which I might pick back up… someday) or other content that I can’t think of right now because I just had a brain fart.

I know that coming up with these kinds of posts at first seems impossible but as you grow more confident in your blog, the ideas just start popping in your brain? I think? Or you can get inspired from other bloggers but definitely don’t copy. That’s a big no no in the community. And just common sense.

Back Blog 5

There’s nothing better than that, because it builds a trust with the reader and they know whatever your post that it *is* your opinion, no one else’s and it wasn’t influenced by anyone or anything. And at the end of the day, if people trust you, they’ll keep coming back to you. Simple math. Also, showing genuine interest in what they think and have to say is important, especially when they comment, I know it’s hard when comments pile up (Lord knows I’ve sucked at it lately) BUT it’s essential that when people take the time to leave a thoughtful comment to answer and show equal interest. This also goes for when they voice concerns about your content (which you can read a more detailed post about here).

That’s it until next time.

What are things that make *you* come back to blogs?What are your favorite kinds of posts?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.





27 thoughts on “What Makes People Come Back to a Blog ?

  1. I’m really big on content for blogs. Design is nice, but I don’t follow blogs because they’re pretty; I follow them because I’m interested in what the blogging is saying. Strong writing and unique content are parts of my favorite blogs.

    I agree that memes can be a good way to ease into the community and meet new people, but I don’t participate in them anymore either, and I read probably 2% of the memes and tags I see in my feeds. I think the ones that ask actual questions or foster discussions can be interesting, but I’m just not personally invested in reading 20 versions of “What book are you reading this Monday?” I’d rather just wait till the person is done reading and tells me their thoughts about the book in a review than read a quick sentence that amounts to “I’m reading The Hobbit right now.” Though I think people can also spice up these simpler memes by adding additional commentary, like what they think of the book so far.

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    • I agree. Content is what’s most important to me as well, but I’m a visual person so I need that first look to pull me in so that I can be interested enough to read the content. I’m not too fussy about it tho.

      As I said I don’t agree with all the tips but this is what i’ve see around. I rarely read memes and tags as well unless the topic is really interesting or if I like the person doing them.
      Yeah I definitely agree with that, if depends on how the blogger approachs them.


  2. It’s funny that people say Reviews are the most unpopular bc I’m all about the reviews. It’s strange: I would think that was the biggest draw! But at least people read my reviews – I want to add an old feature I used to do but I have been putting it off, and I did start doing the Down The TBR meme.

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  3. I can only agree with everything you said. A design I can get behind on with a functioning outlet is such an important start. It’s kind of like a pretty book cover, I am more likely to check out the blurb, if I like the look. And then content is what’s really important. I am still doing memes and tags now, but more my own then when I started, but they were so important to get those initial followers and readers. But in the end it all comes down to whether I like the voice of the person and whether they are engaging or not.
    GREAT POST!!! ❤

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  4. Thank you for this post! I’m new to WordPress and this got me thinking about what I can do to get settled in. We’ll have to see how it works out, but this sounds like very useful advice, thanks again for posting this 😁

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  5. Ceillie’s character interviews are my favourite posts to read. I love finding out new things of my favourite characters or getting introduced to a new character. I find that one really gets a feel for the writing style of the author.

    Seriously, character interviews are my favourite type of post to read. Sorry, I just have to flail about Ceillie. Her character interviews are what introduced me to this amazing sub-genre of blog posts.

    I also find discussion posts fascinating, as they make me think a lot and help me form opinions on topics that I did not have a formed opinion on before.

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  6. Lovely post my twinnie 🙂 I have to say, what makes me come back to a blog really is the blogger’s voice and blog posts. It’s a combinaison of the two that makes me want to read more and more blog posts, engage with them and everything else. Obviously, design matters because I have to admit – as anyone else – that a too-crowded design kind of makes me give up before I even try and read blog posts :/

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  7. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I’ll admit my blog design is more on the simple side simply because it makes it easier to navigate in my opinion. Authenticity is what I typically look for in a blog. I still have a list of discussion posts I need to find time to write up from when I started my blog two year ago haha.

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  8. It really is difficult to build a following for a blog. These are some great tips! I must admit that apart from a decent design and posts that mean a lot to me personally my blog doesn’t have much going for it.

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  9. Such a good post, I still struggle with blogging today but I have definitely taken the design aspect into consideration lately and i’m trying to make my titles and headers all match so it just looks neater? I’m not the most creative person. This post would also be a beginners heaven, I wish I had these when I first started I think I would of been less scared too. I still to this day get scared to really show myself and full on rant or fangirl because that anxiety voice in my mind tells me ‘nobody wants to read that’ or ‘oh you look stupid’ even though I know this community is the least judging!


  10. Great advice as per usual Fadwa! I agree 100% on all your points, especially with the statement that a great blog design can only take you so far, you have to have the personality and content to back it up! I also have drifted away from weekly memes and book tags for similar reasons, but agree they are perfect for those new to the blogosphere. Every once in a while I’ll participate in Top Ten Tuesday or Top 5 Wednesday if the topic is interesting, but other than that they just take up too much time. I’d rather focus my energy on coming up with my own creative content rather than just being a face in the crowd.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aah thank you 😊
      I haven’t done any Top 5 in a long while just because I’m introducing recommendations posts soon and I feel like that’s pretty similar.
      Exactly! Especially now that I think I got the hang of it !


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