29 thoughts on “When Social Media Turns Toxic

  1. This is such an important post Fadwa thank you for writing it ❤️ Besides just being busy the toxic atmosphere of Twitter is a huge reason why I’m not as active as I used to be :/ It used to be such a fun place to talk to so many lovely people where I could easily come on to even if I wasn’t having a good day mentally speaking, but now? Really don’t want to add to my anxiety and stress so I’m really wary when I go on Twitter nowadays (not including DMs). You’re absolutely right that taking care of yourself comes first! I really wish I could be there more for other people though

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  2. I’m often on Twitter but not really active in the bookish community on here – probably because, just like Michelle said in the comment above, I feel a bit wary of it all. Also, the community on twitter feels like such a tight community and I don’t think I would fit in, I don’t know. Anyway, personal feelings about it all.
    This is such a helpful and important post, my twinnie – it’s so, so important to be cautious and caring, both about ourselves and if we can, people around us. It’s just 140 characters but everything goes so fast on here.

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    • Aww, yeah I felt the same before I “immersed” myself in it but it’s nice once you do because then lots of people have your back, but with that comes a bit of exposure so idk.
      I’m glad you think so ❤ it’s true, thinngs go fast and get out of hand quickly.

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      • I get it – it’s just, Twitter is so overwhelming at the same time and I feel like I’d have to be on it 24/7 to be sure I don’t miss anything? I don’t know if that seems silly or something ahah. Anyway. 🙂 ❤


  3. Whilst I’m on twitter and try to be part of the book community, I don’t really feel part of it. Like Marie said I feel like I don’t fit in and sometimes i’m scared to voice my opinions on things. Maybe I don’t feel really part of it because I don’t check it everyday? Things happen so fast in the community and I’ll go on and be like hold up I missed something really important here.
    I think this post is so important though because everytime I log on I see someone being attacked or they have been attacked for something and it makes me so sad.

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  4. This is such a great post. I know a lot of folks out there on Twitter have it so much worse than I do. A lot of times I know something is going on but I don’t know what. Most of the time I want to reach out, but I stop myself because I don’t want to be part of the problem by overwhelming the person who’s being targeted. I like what you said about @ing the person and asking if they need help and then letting them come to you. I try to be that person like “hey, anyone can DM me if they need to vent” but most of the time nobody ever does :/ Taking care of ourselves should always come first. The reality, unfortunately, is that Twitter can be such a toxic place so easily. If it wasn’t one troll, another would pop up in its place. It sucks. It’s not okay. But sometimes the only thing you can do is step back and take care of yourself. ❤

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    • Thank you 😊 and yeah I do the “if anyone needs to vent” thing too but if people don’t already have an established relationship with you I dont think they would reach out just because they’d be scared to annoy or bother you, at least that’s how I feel.

      Exactly yes !

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  5. very nice post, fadwa!
    i’m on twitter more and more these days, but i still feel like im not 100% part of the community and the toxic nature of twitter definitely plays a part in that. when i *do* speak up on twitter, i usually feel like i end up being the calm, mediator-type. but its getting harder and harder to do that, especially given recent events in the US. but in some ways, i feel like *especially* given current events (the the consequential high emotions they’ve caused), mediators and voices of calm are *really* needed. i try my best to do what i feel is the right thing, always, but im wearing thin of late. anyhoo *sigh*. lately ive just been trying to get over US battle fatigue and to fill my feed with lots of art and happiness and positivity. i hope you find some calm and happiness too, girl 🙂

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    • Thanks Lila 😊
      I noticed that about you and I really admire you for always being calm and composed, I have a bit of a temper which gets hard to control in some situations.
      Aww yes, you need all the positivity you can get and I hope you find it. Thank you ❤

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  6. Wow, apparently I live in a whole different twitter-verse, because this sounds like some serious business you’re writing about. The thing is, if someone is being mean to you, block them > problem solved (if they continue to be mean at least). Also I’m probably not “famous” enough in the book community to get harassments, but since I have a whole different twitter account with different people connected to it, I find it not very hard to not take them seriously. WHICH by the way is an important thing on the internet, to not take everything too seriously. Just as you have said, there are haters and trolls behind the screen who just love it to be mean, don’t give them the power – ignore them or troll.l back! 🙂
    xo Annina

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  10. Thank you for this post Fadwa. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up and stress about social media. These days I’m trying to surround myself with positives vibes and people who support teens and not demean them nor the books they read (as well as people like you! ❤ ) I've been learning to take a step back when it all becomes too much and breathe, as well.

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  11. This a wonderful post Fadwa! Social media, twitter in particular, can be such a harsh and hostile place some times. People definitely hide behind the anonymity of their computer screens and say things that they know will do harm. These are all great ways to take care of ourselves and others. I look forward to your future post about teens and the YA twitter community.

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