The Dreaded Blogging Burn-out

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Hello guys !

Back in April & May, I had taken a step away from my blog, not posting anything but reviews, not blog-hopping, not answering comments, no nothing. I was never really present on here because all the posts that went up were pre-schedule. And I had said that it was because my exams are coming up and I needed to study and although that was true and this semester was hell, it wasn’t *just* that. It was a bit of everything. Stress, bad mental place, personal things, AND blogging burn-out. Yes I said it, I went more than a year of blogging consistently without it happening but it finally did, and it hit me hard *sobs*.

This introduction to say that those two months are what inspired this post because I know that most, if not all of us, are bound to go by a phase where blogging sounds like the least appealing thing in the world. No matter how much we love it. I love it a lot, it’s been one of my proudest decisions ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes it’s so damn hard. Which we don’t expect when starting. I never thought it would be as big of a committment, but this blog is my pride and joy, so I’m happy to commit.

Anyway, ramblings aside. What I want to talk about today are the signs that a it’s maybe time to taking a step back from blogging as well as how to do that.

Burn out 1

It starts feeling like a chore

To most of us, blogging is a hobby ONLY, so it should never feel like work or something you *have* to do because when that starts and it’s not caught early, it can be bad, real bad. If posting starts feeling daunting, un-fun and like something you’d rather not be doing, it’s a sign that you definitely should not be doing it. Sometimes, it’s just to one kind of posts, sometimes to all of them, you just have to figure out what is putting you into a slump and deal with it.

It actually happened to me, posting didn’t appeal to me at all for almost the whole of March and I only did it because I felt like I had to (bad idea). That only made my burn-out worse and the need for a break even more urgent. So I was grateful for exam period because as hard as it was it helped recharge my blogging batteries.

This doesn’t apply to posting only, it applies to interacting as well. Before and during my hiatus replying to comments and blog-hopping felt like the biggest chore of all and you may have noticed that I’ve fallen back on that front compared to how I was a few months ago. But fret not, I think I finally got back on the blog-hopping and comment answering horse because I’m back to actually enjoying it. And I’m sorry to anyone who thought I was ignoring them, I wasn’t, I was just burnt out.

You’re feeling uninspired

You feel like you’ve done it all, seen it all, and nothing really stands out to you when you think about what to post. This happens especially with discussion posts. I have this whole list of them on a notebook that I write as I get them and at a certain point none of them felt like something I wanted to talk about, or like I had anything to say about. I felt I wouldn’t add anything by posting about them and I couldn’t think of other ideas that reignited that inspiration “spark”.

The funny thing is that I didn’t know that it was because I was falling into a slump, I thought I was losing “my touch”, rambly touch I mean. I am great at rambling. Some of those ideas that felt so bleh to me back then, I actually posted about after my hiatus and I really liked how they turned out and the responses they’ve gotten. So yeah inspiration can be a pretty capricious child to deal with, it is as much a blessing as it is a curse.

Life is hard, man

Let’s not lie to ourselves, life is stressful, blogging can be stressful and the two together is REALLY stressful. So when life starts being too much (exams, promotion, more working hours, moutains of homework, essays…) you need to start prioritizing and unloading some of the stress and the first thing that I can think of cutting back on when I am like that is blogging. Because as much as it is an outlet and an activity where I can lose myself and think about anything but real life for a bit, it sometimes makes things worse. A double-edged sword, people.

Too much pressure

We’ve all felt it because as much as we say and try to believe that we do not compare ourselves to others, that we don’t care about our stats, we do. When you see someone’s blog growing, doing new things, being creative, making friends and you feel like you’re not there, yet, or that you’ll never be there, your blogging-self gets slapped. Little tip, we all go at different paces, we all do what we’re comfortable with, and your best is good enough even when it feels like it isn’t. I promise it is.

How do you know you’re falling into that pressure hole? You’re focusing a little too much on your stats, and not so good stats dampen your mood, you feel like you have to put out a certain types of posts, a certain times a week and that if you don’t you’re failing and you feel bad about it. That is no good. Repeat after me, “I am doing the best I can, and my best is good enough”. Keep repeating that until you believe it, it is the truth.

Burn out 2

Beat the slump to it

Take a break before you are forced into one. It doesn’t really have to be a full on Hiatus, there are a lot of ways to do this.

  • The main and most obvious one is the good ol’hiatus obviously. A clean break from everything, taking time to focus on yourself, and things you actually like to do at that point when blogging isn’t one of them.
  • You can also cut back on posting. If you’re used to posting 4 times a week, get it down to 2, focusing on posts that don’t take much effort or that you are still interested in posting.
  • Forget the schedule. Post whenever you feel like posting. This can really help because it takes the pressure of set days off of you and you can just enjoy posting when you feel like it.

Go back to your roots

An introspection might be required here. Take a moment and think about why you really started doing this? What changed? What direction do you see yourself taking with your blog? And focus on making that a reality. More often than not, blogging burn-outs come from a place of dissatisfaction so looking at where you stand and where you want to go can help with sorting out tangled feelings and getting out of a sticky situation.

My slump had come from feeling uninspired, blogging feeling like a chore AND wanting to take a different direction and not knowing how or it would work. But this really worked for me and for a friend of mine as well. My blog has been slowly refocusing on diverse reads since the start of the year but you might have noticed that since I’m back from hiatus it’s 100% diverse books and even my discussion topics are a bit different. I also slightly changed my schedule and will soon (this week actually) introduce a recommendations feature.

All of this to say, try it, it might work for you too.

Get a co-blogger

This is specifically for when it’s the stress causing your burn-out. Getting someone to help filling out your posting days can lift a weight off your shoulders. Just make sure you know the person, that they’re a good fit and that you actually can work with a co-blogger. Spoiler alert: I can’t. I am bossy asshole who would probably turn into blogzilla if I had to share with anyone. But I really do admire those of you who can.

I think this will be it for this post. And I hope it’ll be useful to some of you. Those are just things I picked up in my year and a half of blogging.

That’s it until next time.

What things could possibly put you in a slump?

What other tips do you have to get out of one?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



24 thoughts on “The Dreaded Blogging Burn-out

  1. I needed this post right now. I’m feeling in a blogging slump, i’m struggling to find the inspiration to start writing up my reviews and posts but I have a notebook of ideas? I’m trying to find a way out of it but I just think it’s like a chore which is something I really don’t like. I love blogging and interacting but the time to write up a post is something i’m avoiding lately. I think my issue isn’t blogging itself but my life right now? My anxiety, being full time at work and I graduate in 8 days with no idea what I want to do once I do? Everything’s just getting too much and rather than finish work and come home to my laptop to write up a post I just want to chill and read but then I feel so guilty?


  2. This is such an important post. I’ve been in kind of a slump lately – I’ve been posting and (somewhat) interacting with others – I’ve just not been completely enjoying it. I did take a hiatus a few weeks ago, but I’m still not in the complete mindset to blog freely and enjoy every bit of it. Thank you for your tips though 🙂


  3. Great post my twinnie – we all need and should get breaks sometimes. I’m an overachiever and I just can’t stop at times, I’m definitely close to burning out so many times for these very reasons, ahah. I try to take small breaks whenever I’m trying to feel like that, having my sister scream at me to do things later and just CHILL OUT helps a lot as well ahah. But yes, a couple hours, even just one day without blogging and twitter and everything else blogging related feels good at times for sure. This all has to remain a hobby 🙂
    I’m eager for this new recommendation feature! 😀


  4. This is a great post Fadwa, and I agree with a lot of the things you said in it as well. 😀 I haven’t really had a major blogging burn-out but towards the end of June I hit a wall when it came to just life in general. I still enjoyed blogging but I just wasn’t really motivated to do anything. When that happened taking a step back and posting what and when I wanted really helped.
    I find for me sometimes I just need to push myself to start writing a post or start writing comments. I can never tell what’s the beginning of blogging burn out and what’s just me being my normal procrastinating self. Most times it’s the latter. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re feeling ready to blog again after your burn-out. 🙂 ❤


  5. Great post! Personally I have a co-blogger, and that’s how I deal with burn-out. If I don’t feel like blogging, then I just don’t, and things go on because my co-blogger IS blogging.


  6. This is such a helpful post, I think I’ve experienced every single one of the things you listed at some point. Blogging can be a lot of fun, but quickly turns into a chore when you start feeling pressured by stats or what other bloggers seem to be accomplishing as you stay in the same place. I actually experience slumps even more often for bookstagramming, because I can never seem to gather enough inspiration for my photos. But I’ll definitely try some of the tips you suggested! ❤


  7. Very relevant post! I can completely relate because I stopped blogging for 7 months! For many reasons that I won’t go into here. Your suggestions to avoid this are great 😊
    And it also helps to remember that blogging is a choice we make, not an obligation. So we are all entitled to taking time off, if it’s needed.


  8. I’ve been feeling the burn-out a bit here and there lately, it seems. I’ve got the uninspired thing and pressure hasn’t been helping. I want to take a break, but I’m always afraid people will think I’m giving up or something. ☹️


  9. Amazing post like always, Fadwa!!! I feel like I’m in a constant state of blog burn out sometimes, haha. It can be such a struggle for me to get motivated sometimes and a lot of the time I don’t physically/mentally have the energy. Then you fall behind and the process of trying to catch up can seem so overwhelming!!! The main thing that seems to work for me is taking short breaks (although the catch up part still isn’t fun, haha). Having a co-blogger would definitely be a great idea too, I’m just so pedantic about how I do things I don’t think I could ever have one 😂


  10. This post is so true! I was running my book blog a year ago and then life got crazy. I ended up taking a year-long hiatus and it was such a good idea! I was able to focus on other things that required more attention for awhile and am now back at it. This post was so reassuring because I’ve honestly thought it was just me feeling pressured and stressed when it came to blogging. I was definitely stressing myself out way too much a year ago and have now learned that it’s okay to be more relaxed with blogging, if that’s what you need. I’ve started relaxing my schedule and focusing on the topics I enjoy. This has really helped me stick with blogging and kept me away from the slump. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It’s so great to know that I’m not alone!


  11. I’ve luckily not experienced too much of a slump, but I have had mini-slumps that last only a few days. It really sucks because I love blogging, but then I hit these little slumps and it just feels like the last thing in the world that I want to do. Usually I just kind of take a step back and don’t blog or anything and within a few days, I’m back to my normal blogging self. I’m dreading the day when I actually hit a big slump though because I know it’s going to happen but I really don’t want it to, haha.


  12. Such a good post! I think I’m mainly the “beat it” type of person. I try to have 2 weeks of posts ready at all times that way, if I ever need a break, I know that I’ll have at least 2 weeks to just relax. It’s so helpful because when I take a sudden break and feel uninspired but have NOTHING ready, it stresses me out even more – which is counterproductive really. Again, great tips! 🙂


  13. I think it’s the one thing bloggers never really expect to happen, but which ultimately happens to each and every one of them. I literally don’t know anyone who hasn’t been on hiatus at least once for exactly that reason, but sometimes you just don’t notice as much because of pre-scheduled posts.
    Great post, Fadwa! Very insightful 🙂


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  15. This is definitely a very relatable post. I encounter blogging burn out a few times a year and it’s currently the reason why I barely update my blog. I also agree that spontaneously posting really helps make blogging fun and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been having more fun drafting posts lately. It’s way more stressful if I’m putting pressure on myself to release a post on certain days (although admittedly it’s been a year or two since I used to do that).

    Rachana @ Spun


  16. I’ve lucked out & have not fallen into a LONG blogging slump YET. I’ve had mini-slumps that have lasted a week or two, but luckily nothing longer than that. I feel a slump is coming on when I start avoiding working on reviews & posts… I start avoiding my computer and doing other things. I know at that point it’s time to step away for a little bit.
    I’ve found that taking a step back from blogging & focusing on reading really helps with slumpish feelings… I find that when I focus on reading & read a lot of books, I start to get excited for blogging again.


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  18. Whoops, I think I’ve probably already been in a burn out! I remember several months ago it seemed like posting was a chore, and my stats were worth nothing, and any little achievement I have could be trumped by and teen who started her blog two weeks ago. It drove me mad. But then somehow I got out of it, and the funny thing is that it was a blog hop that got me out of it! Participating and finally getting something back out of it felt good. Like that’s what I had been missing – just a response. And then I got my motivation back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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