To Sum-up: July 2017

2017 July.png

Hello guys !

I know, I know, this was supposed to go up yesterday BUT I had no internet at all, not at home, not on my phone. I still don’t have wifi (long story) so I’m just hotspotting my data to my laptop to blog and hoping I don’t use it all up.


July was quite the month to say the least. I was hoping I’d get tons of reading done (lol did you see my TBR) but a slump hit me really hard the last week of June and didn’t go away until the last week of July so I really couldn’t pick anything up and the only books that sounded appealing are an erotic romance series which in turn gave me a book hangover because of how good it was.

Other than that, I was distracted with some life stuff, some of it was that my family and I went down south because my grandpa had minor surgery (he’s okay) and we also used that opportunity as our summer vacation this past week and a half and that was a lot of fun. The week end before that, I went on a trip with some friends and that one got kind of wild haha. So yeah, my month was pretty busy, I had little time to read, and the time I could read I either was too tired or just didn’t feel like it.

I did keep up with my blog though (besides reviews which I missed twice because of the slump and not having anything to review)


2017 - July.png

Yeees I ended up reading 5 books which isn’t too bad but considering how much free time I had I could’ve easily read double that but eh, let’s not dwell on that because i loved everything I read.


I just realised all 4 of them are 5 star reads… Oups?



To Sum Up Titles.jpg

2017 Diversity Bingo Update.png

Here you can find the original sheet and a bunch of recommendations.

I added 3 new books to my challenge this month which is awesome and makes me 8 books away from my bingo and 5 months to read them, YAY.


I don’t know when my internet problem will be fixed so I might not stick to my normal blogging schedule but I’ll try my best to still deliver my 3 posts a week and if I can’t well… that’s okay.

August is going to be quite the chill month for me especially since it’s the last one before I have to go back to hospital rotations (September 1st) and then classes two weeks after and consider that each semester is harder than the last I’m planning to do all the sleeping, relaxing and reading while I still can.

Also, I am not adding a TBR to this post because I’m doing 2 reading challenges which I’ll post about tomorrow so that’s where my TBR will be. It’s pretty ambitious but not still realistically achievable.

Last but definitely not least, I’m introducing a new feature this month, which I’m tentatively naming Diverse Book Bloggers Discuss (#DBBD) where once or twice a month on Mondays a diverse book blogger will be guest posting on my blog. I got this idea while trying to figure out a way to help book bloggers that do amazing work while not having as much visibility (under 300 followers). I already announced on twitter and have quite a few people interested in participating which makes me extremely happy, excited, AND nervous. And since I will only be helping with the editing and formatting of the posts and not actually writing them, I hope this will make blogging a bit more manageable once school starts again.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

What books did you read this month? Oh! And if you have any posts you think I should check out, leave them in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.signature

6 thoughts on “To Sum-up: July 2017

  1. You still managed to read some books despite your busy month, this is great 🙂 I’m eager to see your new feature come alive, I’m sure it will be fantastic ❤ Hope you'll have a great August my twinnie ❤

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