Award #16: Sunshine… Again?


Hello guys !

I’m here today for a second round of the Sunshine Blogger Award which I just realized is… the same award I did last time, but that was back in march so it’s fine, I think haha. This time around I was tagged by my friend Sinead @ Huntress of Diverse Books, thank you so much for nominating me.


The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Title = Goodreads page

The Questions:

1. Which character do you wish you were friends with in real life?

Stacey Lee - Under a painted Sky

This is a good one but funnily enough I am blanking. OH! Both Sam and Andy from Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee (Review), I can’t choose just one of them because to me, they come as a pair. Anyway, the reason I want to be their friend is because they have such a strong bond, their friendship seems -and probably is- unbreakable, they have been throught the worst moments of their lives together and I feel like if I were their friend they’d have my back no matter what and that’s pretty nice.

2. If you could be the main character in a book, what kind of genre would you like the book to be?

I’d like to believe I’d be a kickass Fantasy heroine. I’ll probably get my ass handed to me pretty early in the story but hey! Maybe I can survive somehow? By some incredible magic or ground-shaking miracle.

3. Which character’s wardrobe would you like to have?

Inej Ghafa probably. Listen, I don’t even need to explain this one, Inej is my heart and soul and black is my aesthetic. and since that’s what she wears then that’s the obvious answer for me.

4. What medium do you prefer for your reading? Paperbacks, e-book readers, PC, hardcovers, etc?

Ebooks for sure, my back easily gets uncomfortable and painful so I have to change positions often and some of the positions I sit in well.. don’t work with physical books because they either land on the floor or on my face, both of which I’d rather avoid and there’s also the issue of ridiculous shipping costs so I can rarely afford physical books.

5. What is one of your bookish-related goals that you would like to accomplish in the next 7 years?

Blurbing a book. That’s the first think that came to my mind when I read the question and yeah. THAT. IS. THE. DREAM. For me at least. It would mean the world to me if I am ever given the opportunity to do it.

6. What hobbies, other than reading, do you have? I am assuming that one of your hobbies is reading, since I’ve nominated book bloggers.

Haha yeah, you go that right, I love reading. The other hobby that I love equally and that I’ve been doing for even longer than reading is drawing. Then there’s working out which I really enjoy eventhough I’ve been slacking the past few months. Oh, also, journaling! It helps keep my life organized and keep track of everything I’m doing/need to do, which helps a lot with my stress.

7. What superpower(s) would you like to have?

Stopping time, because I want to be able to catch up on all the books, that’s kegit the only reason I want this power. And also teleportation because then my wanderlust wouldn’t be an issue anymore and I’d be able to go anywhere I want in the blink of an eye.

8. What’s behind the name of your blog?

Nothing haha. It’s literally a shower name, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a blog for a couple months before actually taking the jump and one night after studying for exams all day, I was in the shower and “Word Wonders” just came to me so I immediately created the blog right after I got out. That’s how the blog came to be.

9. In which bookish universe would you like to live?

Hmmm this is a hard one. I honestly do not know how to answer it.

10. Have you ever thought about writing a book?

I did when I was around 14/15 and I even have the first half of it stored somewhere on my laptop but since then I lost interest first in that story and then in writing altogether eventhough I was taking it very seriously back then. It’s weird because I miss it but… i don’t.

11. What is your favourite book?

JUST ONE? Now this is just cruel. Hmm okay, we’ll compromise and I’ll go with three books besides the obvious Six of Crows which I’m obsessed with. An those books are:

My Questions:

  1. What’s the highlight of your 2017 this far?
  2. What one book that’s special to you on a personal level? (You don’t have to explain why)
  3. What are your Top 5 second half of 2017 / 2018 most anticipated releases?
  4. What is one trope you think needs to be retired?
  5. What is one trope you want to see more of?
  6. What is your favorite genre? And your top 3 favorite books from that genre?
  7. What’s a book you’d like to see a -GOOD- tv adaptation of? (movie or show)
  8. What are 3 characters you can see yourself in?
  9. What are some real world settings books have made you want to visit?
  10. What book reminds you of your favorite color?
  11. What a book you bought for the cover and ended up loving?

I nominate:

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



8 thoughts on “Award #16: Sunshine… Again?

  1. Great answers! I enjoy paperbacks the most. For me, there is nothing like the feeling of a book in my hands. But I’ve been really thinking about purchasing Kindle because it would make it easier to get some books and to transport them everywhere.


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