The Lady of Royale Street – Where Clumsy Grumpy Man meets Chaotic Woman

The Lady of Royale Street

Series : NOLA Nights #3

Publication date : August 21st, 2017goodreads

Publisher : Pocket Star

Genre : Adult | Erotic Romance

Page Count: 252

Synopsis : Alex DuMont is everything his brother Sol isn’t: regimented, serious, and devout. Between twelve-hour workdays, service to the church, punishing daily workouts, and bi-weekly therapy sessions, Alex is, as Sol once put it, “a kettle perpetually whistling as it boils itself to death.” So when Sol announces his marriage to Arianna Barrington, heiress and society sweetheart, Alex is the absolute worst choice to be his best man. Sol asks anyway and Alex reluctantly agrees. It’s only a week, after all, and Alex should be able to stop himself from throttling his big brother for a meager seven days. Probably. Maybe.

Theresa Ivarson is Arianna’s best friend and the maid of honor. A decorated photojournalist who interrupts her globetrotting to stand beside her friend, Theresa is beautiful, witty, and unafraid to speak her mind. So when she is faced with working with the best man from Hell, a Viking who doesn’t know how to smile, is bossy, and about as pleasant as a cactus, the sparks are bound to fly—and not in the good way. To make matters worse, Sol and Rain’s wedding planner was hit by a bus the week before their special day, and Alex and Theresa find themselves at the center of a list-ditch effort to pull the wedding together. But when you can’t decide if you want to kiss or kill someone, something’s bound to break. 

Rating: 4 stars

The Lady of Royale Street.png

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

(No Spoilers)

Finishing this book is so bitter sweet *cries*, I’ve been so invested in this series and these characters for the last month and reaching this last book -at least for a while- has made me very happy but very very sad as well. Don’t get me wrong, the events are happy but I just want to read about Sol & Rain (The King of Bourbon Street), Maddy& Darren (The Queen of Dauphine Street), Alex & Theresa (this book), Nash and Cylan and ALL the characters forever and ever, I’m not even kidding, it’s been less than a month since I finished this one and I’m already in withdrawal.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling because this review needs to be somewhat coherent and informative. I talked enough about the writing in my two previous reviews so just know that those thoughts apply to this one as well. One thing I want to add is that how different every book is from the previous while still being similar. Since every one of them deals with different themes in parallel with the romances, those influence how the story is shaped, the amount and kind of sex on page also varies from book to book and this is the one thar has the least sex out of the three.

The only thing that bugged me about the writing here is the use of some ableist phrases such as “running around like a lunatic” and “theresa was neurotic about the dress” which aren’t great and can be avoided in most -if not all- cases, including this one.

What I really appreciated here is the main theme of the romance which is the internal conflict both characters (but mostly Alex) had between faith and desire/sex. Both MCs are practicing christians and we rarely see that dynamic explored in romance books, if there’s any religious part of the characters’ identity it gets glossed over and forgotten all together which wasn’t the case here and that was refreshing.

Alex is one of the most annoyingly frustrating characters I’ve ever read about but I couldn’t help but love him. He’s so clumsy with his words and around people, so he comes off as wery grumpy and impulsive, he says things before thinking them through and that makes him such a mess that’s bad with people, especially people he doesn’t know. He disrespects a retail person once but Theresa doesn’t let him live it down. That being said, when he actually unwinds a little bit, he’s the sweetest, most caring cutie ever. I honestly just ant to protect him forever.

I loved Theresa from the get-go, she’s chaotic in the best of ways and in contrast with that she’s able to calm Alex and sooth him. She’s bossy and doesn’t let him get away with things when he messes up, she’s not afraid to call him out when he’s being an ass and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion in general. She’s also spontaneous and loves teasing him which makes for funny situations very often. Aside from that she has trust issues she has a hard time getting past and I appreciated reading about her working through that because same, girl.

The relationship starts with hate to love or at least dislike to love because Alex breaks Theresa’s camera and manhandles her when he thinks she’s a paparazzi coming for juicy details of Rain and Sol’s wedding and it’s a rollercoaster from there, they finally come together just to start fighting again in the next scene and that happens through a big chunk of the book. I’m not gonna lie, I lived for the tension and build-up those situations created. Their chemistry is quite obvious from the start and their banter is just so fun because of the whole cat and mouse situation.

I loved Rain and Theresa’s friendship, it’s just so strong and solid and it shows. Aside from the main story, everything that was happening with Sol and Rain’s wedding made me so emotional (and the wedding prep is a big chunk of the book). It’s just good to see old characters and new come together and see them all interact with each other as well as get updates on where the others are at in life.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read The Lady of Royale Street ? If so, what did you think?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


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