This Time Next Year: Check-up

This Time next year

Hello guys !

Exactly one year ago I had done this tag called This Time Next Year which was basically me making a few new years’ resolutions or goals -which I usually suck at- and check on them a year later (today) to see how good or bad I did and I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself, as I said, I usually don’t stick to them but I think for 2017 I kept them pretty realistic and attainable so I was able to meet them. Mostly. Anyway, I’ll stop talking and take you on a review of what I promised myself I would have achieved.


Looking at this, my chest grows 10 sizes of pride because I not only met it but also surpassed it largely because most of the books I read this year were diverse in some capacity. At the time I’m writing this post, *checks goodreads* 58 out 68 books I’ve read are diverse and that is pretty darn impressive to me because at this time last year I thought 36 books (3 diverse books a month) was already pretty challenging but I guess I underestimated myself and how many amazing diverse books exist out there.

This also has been my best reading year ever quality wise and let’s not kid ourselves, it’s all thanks to diverse books so I’m pretty darn happy with this one.

Result: SUCCESS.


Again. WOW. Last year, I thought this was wishful thinking and that if I get to write a couple of posts of the sort I’d call it a success. But then, as the year went on and I seeked education on different topic, listened, researched, etc… and as I gained confidence, I started feeling comfortable enough to tackle MANY topics I thought I wouldn’t be able to after a long time and right now, most discussion posts I wrote on this blog this year have been about Something important to me in a way or another.

I’ve talked about Muslim representation in two posts, about the importance of diverse books, about content warnings, about feminism, the importance of ownvoices, etc… and I’m really proud of how far this blog and I have come. If you’re interested in any of these posts, they’re all listened under the Bookish Discussion tab.



Okay, hear me out. I used to work out religiously for about 3 year then fell off the wagon last year so I decided to pick it back up again in 2017. I had started out strong, I got a new gym membership last february and went regularly up to May but then exams happen and then Ramadan and then I got sick and then school and then we went on a holiday and then school started back up again and it’s kicking my butt like never before and Something had to go for me to stay sane and as functional as possible so I made the decision to cut out on working out.

I have my rotations and classes. And the blog and reading. And my art. And my family and friends. And now have started a small business (A Redbubble and Society6 stores which you should definitely check out) which means I need to make art more regularly. So yeah, it’s safe to say I don’t have time to dedicate to the gym. Especially with the kind of workout programs I enjoy.

Result: Failure but it’s okay.


At the time I’m writing this post (December 1st) I’m at 107 reviews so YAY!! I increased the number of reviews I write every month to 6 and that has helped me not only achieve this goal but also keep my review backlog to a minimum.

There’s not much else to say here, the numbers speak for themselves haha.

Result: SUCCESS.


I LOVE JOURNALING SO MUCH!!!!! I started off with creative journaling which was fun for about a month but then impossible to keep up AND unpractical for my all over the place brain. I needed something to keep myself organized more than I needed something to record my thoughts, so after a couple months I switched to bullet journaling and have been having a blast with it ever since. My competitive ass brain likes to tick off every single thing on a list so when I do my daily to-dos I have to finish every single one of them and that’s made me a lot more productive than I used to be.

That’s not to say I always do what I have planned, some days I just completely ignore it and plop face down on my bed, Watch YouTube videos or serial watch tv-shows, but it’s helped organize my brain a lot, not gonna lie. Especially when it comes to what days I dedicate to what and what exactly I need to get done everyday.

Result: SUCCESS.ย 

Well I’ve achieved 4/5 goals and I’m pretty thrilled about that. I’ll probably make a 2018 bookish resolutions at the start of the year (Or ya know, in february, once I’m back from hiatus) and check back on those at the end of the year because this way pretty fun to do.

Thatโ€™s it until next time.

Did you have any kinds of goals in 2017? Did you achieve all/most/any of them?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


10 thoughts on “This Time Next Year: Check-up

  1. Well, this reminds me that I did this about a year ago as well, and I wonder where I’m at right now ahah ๐Ÿ™‚
    This was a great post my twinnie and congratulations on reaching SO many of your goals! Here’s to hoping you’ll have as much success with everything in 2018 and will keep on writing these amazing blog posts and recommending us amazing diverse books ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. OMG, It’s SO SO GREAT that you basically succeeded in ALL of these! I mean PFFFT WHO WORK OUT OKAY??!?! Who even has this dedication. It’s 2017 and people expect commitment. hahaha. I wish I read more diverse books this year. Maybe I have and I don’t even know? I’ve STILL read a lot of diverse books just…it doesn’t feel as if I have. And congrats on reviewing 100 books this month! WOW, i’m so jealous. I review books like three times a month so that’s kinda impossible. i LOVE JOURNALLING SO MUCH! I’m not a constant one but try to journal twice a month. I haven’t done it in a while because ITS BEEN SO BUSY but hoping to do it soon. Nice to meet a fellow journaller! xx Have a great 2018!

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    • THANK YOUUU ๐Ÿ’œ Who’s workout? I DON’T KNOW HER.
      As long as you’ve done your best, it’s what matters!! And you can always do better next year ๐Ÿ˜˜
      I average around 6 reviews a month so I reached 100 in a year and 7 months I think?
      Omg yay!! And that’s What’s great with journaling, you can do it at whatever rythme suits you.
      I hope you have a great 2018!

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  3. Hi Fadwa!
    Congrats on achieving most of your goals this year! Thatโ€™s amazing that you reviewed so many books, and that you have started 2 businesses. You must be a superwoman of some sort haha!
    It is so hard to find time to work out! I find that what helps for me is to do some exercises at home. For example I follow blogilates on YouTube who does amazing Pilates videos. The workouts are hard, but she is so bubbly and cheerful that it makes up for it!
    Congrats again, and all the best for 2017!

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    • Hii!
      Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜Š hahaha, it just takes a lot of organization to be honest and I try to procrastinate as little as possible (which i fail at sometimes).
      Oh yes, I used to do Cassie’s videos as well when i first started out. Now i think I’ll just go back to doing yoga twice a week or something at home.
      I hope you have a great 2018!

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      • That’s awesome! Being organized is a really great skill to have ๐Ÿ™‚ I try to not procrastinate as well, since it’s not a comfortable feeling when I am putting off work (much better to get things done early!)
        I used to do yoga when I had more time. It is such a relaxing activity. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi Fadwa and congratulations on achieving most of your goals! I gave myself the goal of finishing 57 or more books this year and as of now it is 61 finished and counting! I meant to start and finish my history course, but my health deteriorated so I am taking a medical extension. But I will finish it soon. Thank you for recommending all those diverse books. You have done a lot this year. You are doing well in school, started two business and kept up the reading and this blog! I exorcise at home on a stationary bike, which works for me and I can sometimes read while I do it. You have achieved most of your goals this year.

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