My 2018 Goals: Reading, blogging and more


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Hello friends !

How are you doing? How is your 2018 going so far? Mine is only just starting to be honest haha, since I’ve only made it back to the the realm of the living, with you know, exams and hiatus and bla bla bla. I won’t bore you any further with what you already know.

Last year I did this goals post in the form of a tag and I really had fun going back to it at the end of 2017 and seeing how I did. Which was good. And I was proud of myself. So I thought it would be a good idea to do it again this year but as a legit post this time. I must say that I’m going to challenge myself a bit more this year and make my goals a bit more specific as to have a more specific set of things to work towards as opposed to vague statements. The vagueness is good and worked well but I decided to see if I can sharpen my focus a bit more and not fail miserably. I’ll  keep you updated on how this ordeal goes!

2018 Goals 1

I miserably failed at this in 2017. Like, a lot. I’ve been so caught up in all my arcs (most of which were amazing, so I have no regrets) that I let my backlist TBR get REALLY bad. Most of them are ebooks so I didn’t have that visual to always guilt trip me into picking them up haha. I read a total of 49 2017 releases which is 60% of everything I read, and admittedly that’s not too bad but still, I feel like new releases get hyped up a lot on blogs, BookTube channels, bookstagrams, etc… while amazing backlists that deserve all the love get a little forgotten so I wanna change that about my reading/blog.

Plus, I’m not gonna lie, with the new Netgalley debacle I won’t be able to get to new releases right away like I used to so that also explains how I see myself reading more backlist books in the upcoming year.

2018 Goals 2

Remember once upon a time when I had all my reading under control? Those were good times. I only ever had two ongoing series I was reading at the same time. I used to pride myself for the self-control I had. But in 2017, that went out the window. And FAST! I currently have 19 series I’m reading. N I N E T E E N. Not gonna lie, I’m caught up with most of them so the only thing is waiting for the next book to come out.

There are only four of those I’m currently not caught up with and before checking my spreadsheet (yes I do have a reading spreadsheet, like I do for everything else hehe) I thought it was much worse than that, this all just shows you that me having more than two ongoing series is a BAD BAD idea, because I build it up to be much worse in my brain and it stresses me out. So I’m making it my mission to finish ALL the ongoing ones that I currently have before starting new ones. TWO AT A TIME, FADWA. ONLY TWO. 

2018 Goals 3

While Fantasy is one of my favourite to read, I really neglected it in 2017 and read less than 20 books in that genre. Which I don’t really regret because the contemporaries I read were mostly amazing but I miss it. A LOT. I don’t wanna put a number on it in case I don’t reach it and be disappointed in myself but I wanna make it at least 2 fantasy books a month (and ya know if I’m not in the mood for it at some point then it’s okay). 

Especially diverse adult fantasy AND Islamic inspired fantasy, since I realized those tend to grip my attention faster and they end up being my favourites so if you have any recommendations PLEASE let me know. I already have Fire Boy and Alif the Unseen on my TBR that I wanna get to ASAP, but I’d love to know of more.

2018 Goals 4

This is pretty self explanatory ! I’m an aesthetic hoe and what a better way to keep making them consistently than to make them for every single book I read on Twitter, AMIRITE? I wanted to do it in 2017 but only got the idea a couple months into the year so here’s to hoping I do it and stick with it in 2018. Plus that would be a great way to have a visual and summarized way of documenting my reading adventures.

2018 Goals 5

Once upon a time, I used to visit every blog that would follow me, comment on my posts and sometimes even just like them. I was quick at replying to comments and just generally good at visiting other blogs and interacting with people on here. But then life happened. And I found myself drowning and barely checking any blogs anymore. EVEN MY FRIENDS’ and I am ashamed. And it showed to be honest, people interact less with me and for how much views and viewers have increased seeing comments decrease is sad, but it’s no one’s fault but mine.

COME BACK AND LOVE ME PLEASE!!! Or just interact with me in the comments and I’ll do my best to get back on the bloghopping bandwagon and just generally put time and effort into visiting other blogs because I feel like I’ve isolated myself. I also want to follow new people so that’s first order of business, then interact with them as well as the ones I’ve been follwing for forever.

2018 Goals 6

This is more a wish than a goal and if I don’t make it it’s okay too. And I really think I will not reach it by the end of December 2018 but you never know!! That being said, reaching that number would mean the world to me considering how hard I work my butt off on the blog, the content, etc… even when I get discouraged and fed up with everything lol (which is only normal, because ya know I’m human and burnouts happen) so yeah. I’m not betting my money on this one since it’s not Something I can control but I would love to see it happen.

2018 Goals 7

I got to work on a few this year which I loved doing. I’m not gonna lie I do it as much for the money as I do it for the “editing part”. I discovered that I honestly love working on novels and bring out problems to light while still giving positive feedback when there’s positive feedback to give.

That was also my main source of money since I’m a full time student and already work at the hospital (which I get payed a sad 65$ a month for lolol and I get it on a random basis, sometimes 3 months sometimes 4 or 5) I really can’t do any other type of “traditional” work, like retail or something, plus there aren’t many working opportunities for students where I live since it’s not really in our “culture” (that being said it’s FINALLY starting to be a thing as there are a couple places now that only hire students). Anyway, my point is that I really want to travel this summer because, if everything goes according to plan career wise, it will be my last summer of freedom so I wanna make the most out of it. And for that I need to save up as much as I can. And for that I actually need to earn some money. So yeah I need to work on getting more sensitivity reading work.

I’m lucky enough my mom supports all my needs so I can save up all the money I make during the year. So here’s to hoping that will be enough.

2018 Goals 8

I’ve been doing fairly well with it since I started focusing on making art for books and I’m seeing progress in my art style which motivates me to make even more art and I’m really starting to like what I come up with SO. I really want to do it consistently without long periods of time when I don’t draw anything because I ALWAYS end up missing it.

Plus, with me making  aRedBubble store I have A LOT f ideas for diverse book art that I’m really excited to start working on. I am aiming for at least one new art piece release a month but I’d like to put out two ideally. Which is very doable for me if I put my mind up to it. Plus it just makes me incredibly happy to see people genuinely excited to see art for the books they love that don’t necessarily get merch. SO, if you have an underrated book you wanna see merch for, tell me in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!

That’s it until next time.

What are some of your 2018 goals? Do we have any in common?

If you don’t set goals, what are some things you are looking forward to in 2018?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.




20 thoughts on “My 2018 Goals: Reading, blogging and more

  1. Great post! I need to read more backlist titles as well – I used to be better at that but fell into the new releases hype these past few years. As you said though, the Netgalley debacle sure will help with that :/


  2. Good luck with reaching your goals this year! Thank you for mentioning Fire Boy and Alif the Unseen – I have added them to my TBR as I love fantasy and would like to read a wider range of fantasy books!


  3. I wish you the best with your goals. I need to catch up my back listed books. I have many to get to now. I also plan to read more books with diversity in them.


  4. Great reflection, Fadwa! I feel like I need to do some sort of spreadsheet as well, I don’t even know how many series ive started but lost track of them :’) Good luck to you with your goals as well!!


  5. QJDJKAJSK I hope you can accomplish all of your goals!!! I really would love to keep track of all the books I read by making aesthetics but like…. I’m so lazy omg

    I also want to read more backlist titles and do sensitivity reading?? I have never done sensitivity reading bc I’m TOO SCARED OT ANNOUNCE IT OR WHATEVER

    Liked by 1 person

  6. aahh I’m positive you’ll reach 2K before the end of the year, Fadwa!! and same, I used to be so good at blog-hopping and staying on top of posts & comments but now I’m not. but for the time being, I actually wanna take a step back from blogging since it’s been having a negative effect on my mental health so !!!

    and omg I feel like I want to read so many backlist books (mainly books from 2017 that I didn’t get to read lmao) but at the same time, reading new releases is something I love to do?? but I think there are a lot of lesser-known books that deserve some love so I want to read those as well

    and AAHHH I just saw your art and I’m literally in love!! idk how people are able to make amazing art, it’s truly a gift ❤

    hope you accomplish all your goals, Fadwa!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gkdkdls i hope so, fingers crossed!!!
      Aww i know the feeling, that happened to me a little while ago and it’s no fun. Take care of yourself 💖💖

      And yes!! I’m trying to balance between New releases and back lists and I think so far i’m doing good? Haha i’m not really sure.

      😭😭 omg thank you 💖

      Liked by 1 person

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