TAG #43: Blogging Buddies + Books Tag

Bloggers + Books

Hello friends!

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is having blogger friends to share my love for books with, and that continuously produce quality bookish (and non-bookish) content for us to read and enjoy. So of course I want to share my love for them, which I did by sharing some of my favourite bloggers BUT. When I saw the Blogging Buddies + Books Tag on Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books‘ blog, I knew I HAD to do it. So thank you for putting it on my radar and kinda, sorta, tagging me haha.

The Rules:

  • Link back to the original posts, here & here.
  • Pick five or more of your favorite book blogs
  • Pick one or two books rec’d by that blogger or that remind you of that blogger
  • Tag others. As many book bloggers as you want!

Book Title = Goodreads page

Book Bloggers you super duper admire + Books that remind you of them

Natasga Ngan - Girls of Paper and Fire

May @ Forever and Everly is one of my favourite bloggers ever. EVER. I love how they manage to talk about serious topics while always sprinkling their little touch of humour in everything. Their advocacy for diverse books, especially Asian books, is also something I deeply admire, they don’t shy away from voicing their opinions on the things that matter to them. Pfew. Teen me would’ve needed a friend like that to set her head straight.

The book that reminds me of them is Girls of Paper and Fire because they’ve been yelling about it since before they’ve read it and now that they have and I know how much it means to them, It’ll be forever the book I associate with them.

Lianne Oelke - Nice Try Jane Sinner

Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads is another one I love and admire deeply, for pretty similar reasons. She’s very fierce in her advocacy as well as calling out inequality and injustice in the book community. That’s actually how I first started talking to her, through reading a post she wrote about privilege in the book community. Since then, I’ve seen her write post after post about important topics or just entertaining and super original ideas. Her content is never boring.

I associate her with Nice Try, Jane Sinner because I e-met Vicky right after I finished reading it and short after she made a thread about books she loved this year and it was on there. Yes, I have a weird ass memory that remembers very specific unnecessary details.

Bloggers that encourage you to keep blogging + Books that remind you of them.

Traci Chee - #1 The Reader.jpg

Laura @ Green Tea and Paperbacks. She’s one of my best friends ever and one of the best things blogging has brought me. Whenever I need encouragement or a kick in the butt to stop procrastinating my blog posts, she’s right there in my corner to provide haha. She also knows when blogging is sucking the life out of me and suggests I take a break, breathe and take care of myself when that happens. It’s safe to say that her friendship is one of my anchors.

The book I associate with her, among many that is, is The Reader by Traci Chee, it’s one of her favourite books and she’s been yelling at me for MONTHS to read it before I picked it up and when I did, I ended up adoring it. Don’t tell her that though, she’ll gloat.

Francesca Zappia - Eliza and her Monsters.jpg

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books is one of the first bloggers I’ve ever followed and she’s been at this for longer than me. And I’ve been at it for 3 years. So seeing her just keep going no matter what life throws at her, no matter how many years, putting content out week after week, is really inspiring to me. It gives me the motivation to do the same and keep going and writing posts I enjoy and hope others will enjoy as well.

I can think of a few books for Marie actually, but the one I’m choosing is Eliza and Her Monsters. I know she mentions it and recommends it whenever she has a chance to, so I should really get to it one of these days.

Blogger who Always makes you laugh + Book that reminds you of them.

Emily X. R. Pan - The Astonishing Color of After

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink. I’ve never ever read one of her posts without cracking up. Her humour is just so up my alley, and she manages to infuse it into everything she writes. Which makes her posts entertaining and they always brighten up my day when I get to read them. Plus, she’s very honest and straight forward in her opinions and I 10/10 appreciate that.

The Astonishing Color of After is the book for her because I remember she tweeted about how much she loved it right after finishing it, and since I just finished it over the weekend, it the first that popped into my mind.

May also belongs here but I already mentioned them in the first category so I’m not doing doubles.

Bloggers who recommend the best reads + Books that remind you of them

Marie Lu - ##1 Warcross

Lili @ Utopia State of Mind. Lili reviews SO MANY books, and i know that whenever I want a recommendation, especially of SFF books, I can go to her and I will be served. I’ve never been disappointed by any of her recommendations so far so I know I can trust them. She’s also an all around amazing person and great friend, so 100% recommend.

The book I associate with her is Warcross because I was in distress after reading it and I remember having her to yell about it with on Twitter.

Leigh Bardugo - Six of Crows #1

Elise @ The Bookish actress is my go-to when I want to read That Gay Shit especially when it comes to some sapphic goodness, I remember asking about f/f recommendations on Twitter and she came at me with a HUGE list of books that I’m still making my way through, slowly but surely. One day I’ll read the all. I think. I hope.

Six of Crows is Elise’s book. She just loves that book so much (as per her twitter @, iconic) and knowing how much I love it as well, I can’t not trust her recommendations.

Your doppleganger blogger (similar style, reading taste, basically your blogging twin) + Book that reminds you of them.

I…uh…genuinely don’t know? I’ve never really paid attention as to if someone has a similar but I’d be curious to see what you, lovely people reading this, think? Do you know who my blogging twin is, if I have one?

I can think of Andrea, a dear friend of mine, but she doesn’t blog anymore. Her aside, I’m at a loss.

I tag:

Everyone mentioned in this post, and any of you reading this of you want to do it as well!

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


17 thoughts on “TAG #43: Blogging Buddies + Books Tag

  1. Oh thank you so, so, so much for mentioning me Fadwa, this means so, so much that you appreciate my work and my blog and ahh thank you so much, this really made my day 😭😭 I’m so happy you picked Eliza for me, too, it is one of my favorite books and I hope you’ll find some time to read it someday,I’d love to hear your thoughts about it 🙂
    I LOVE all of the bloggers you mentioned here SO much as well! I’m so happy you did this tag, it’s such a fun tag to spread some love ❤



    I love how those posts have really brought us together, and, I mean, Nice Try Jane Sinner really was an awesome book ❤

    this tag is so awesome, I might just do it a second time just for fun!!! this is such a great post though, and I think Laura is the only person here that I haven't chatted with, so i'll have to reach out! ❤


  3. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR. I’m so glad you’re liking the very very long f/f list and aaaah being associated with Six of Crows is the best.


  4. AAHHH FADWA!!!! 😭💞💖 I can’t believe you consider me one of your favorite bloggers ever?? You, one of MY favorite bloggers??? (and omg I make you laugh fhdhfshf) Thank you so so much for everything you said about me, I love you, and I’m so happy you associate GOPAF with me!!

    And I follow all of these bloggers and I love them too!! Ilsa is definitely super hilarious, and Elise writes some of the best reviews ever 😎


  5. I love this tag! It’s helped me find some great new blogs to check out ❤

    I've also just realised whilst reading your post how much I DISLIKE MY OWN BLOGGING STYLE.. or do I? I don't know, I'm quite confused at this point, but oh well!


      • Hehe it just hasn’t really evolved since I started blogging a couple of years ago and it’s not very… pretty? Or funny, because I’m a naturally unhumorous person 😂


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