Spreading the Love: Favourite Bookstagrammers



Favourite bookstagrammers pt 1

Hello friends!

I’m back today with another post where I decide to spread my love of some amazing bookish content creators. I made the first post a couple moths ago about 10 of my favourite book bloggers, this time around, it’s bookstagrammers. I want to shine a light on some bookstagrammers that put a lot of work and energy into their posts and the end result is fantastic. I’ve been on Bookstagram for a few months now (you can follow me here, hehe) and I’ve seen and followed so many amazing accounts in that time, some of which I’ll share today, others I’ll share in future posts.

So without further ado, here are 10 accounts I’ve been obsessed with:

Handle = account link

Mariana @bookisglee

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  • I think this is one of the first account I’ve ever followed and honestly, no regrets.
  • Her pictures are so cozy, they feel like a rainy day. Rainy days are the best.
  • Mariana hosts monthly bookish challenges with super good but still flexible prompts, I’m actually doing the #Novinbooks18 one this month.

Jill @booknerd_reads

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  • My favourite aroace bean!!! She’s honestly one of the sweetest people I know.
  • Her pictures are SO stunning and she always makes them fit the season.
  • Her bullet journaling skills are AMAZING and i always love seeing her journal in the pictures.

Nkisu @hoardingchapters

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  • If you’re not following Nkisu…what the hell are you doing with your life?
  • She’s absolutely hilarious and I love watching her stories.
  • She does bomb ass cosplays of characters, greek Goddesses, etc… and honestly I stan.

Pamela @reveriesociety

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  • Pamela is literally one of the sweetest people on that app.
  • Her bookstagram aesthetic is so autumn-y and aesthetically pleasing.
  • She writes captions and does stories in both English and spanish!

Diana @books.in.armor

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  • Her feed is so arty and creative, she sometimes puts cute doodles on her pictures.
  • Her layouts and angles give me bookstagram envy because how does she think about them? *cries*
  • She has a wide variety of shots and the somehow, magically (or you know.. with work) all work together.

Vanshika @vanshikasbooks

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  • Van is a goddess among us mortals.
  • Her feed is so whimsical and I love her photos, especially thoe she’s is *totally not biased hmm*
  • I love the casual chats she sometimes has in her instagram stories.

Romie @romiewedeservelove

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  • Romie’s new theme is so casual and calming, I love it!
  • She champions diverse book like the boss she is.
  • You can see her cat and coffee making frequent cameos in her feed.

Brittany @abibliophilesbkm

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  • Britt’s pictures are both cosy and whimsical and honestly, i want her to teach me her ways.
  • Basically an Embers quartet stan account.
  • So many candles that make the whole thing super atmospheric.

Aimal @bookshelvesandpaperbacks

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  • I live for Aimal’s feed and the touch of greenery in her pictures.
  • She has the best book recommendations.
  • Her pictures remind me of sitting in front of a window on a rainy day with a book and hot chocolate.

Zyra @bookhoarderproblems

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  • Zyra’s feed is so bright and colorful, it always brightens up my day!
  • She’s also a super cheerful person and I love watching her lives and stories.
  • She also features the cutest funkopops in her posts, which she collects.

That’s it until next time.

Recommend me some of your favourite bookstagram accounts in the comments, please!

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



17 thoughts on “Spreading the Love: Favourite Bookstagrammers

  1. I appreciate this so much! I was already following Mariana, Jill and Nkisu (how can she rock all of those cosplays???!!!), and I’ll be totally checking out the other accounts you’ve included! One of my fave bookstagrammers is from Spain https://www.instagram.com/lawerson6/ I love how her feed is so cohesive and she always pulls off her edits, and they’re so clever and fun :3


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