Word Wonders’ Blogging and Reading Round-up – 2018

2018 Round up

Hello friends!

I’m honestly so proud of myself for getting these yearly wrap-up posts on time for the first time since I started blogging! I was determined to not take a hiatus even with exams around and I HAVE SUCCEEDED, some posts take me multiple days to write but at least I didn’t neglect my blog completely AND stayed on schedule. Like the title picture says I had an amazing reading year, I discovered audiobooks, read more than I have ever before and added some new all time favourites to my forever growing list. But my blogging SUFFERED, but eh, I decided to stop being hard on myself for that and just try to do better moving forward.

Here are my 2016 and 2017 round-ups if you want to see the evolution of my reader/blogger life!


General Stats

  • Number of visits: 27.866
  • Number of unique visitors: 15.077
  • Number of posts: 106
  • Number of WP followers: 1.704
  • Number of Twitter followers: 3.598
  • Number of Instagram followers: 934

To be completely transparent with you all, I was very close to not sharing these. The past couple years my blog was in steady growth and I was super proud of it, but with my health going downhill and me losing my love for blogging for a while this year, my stats and blog growth suffered a lot. My stats are barely more than what they were last year. But hey, I’ve always been honest with you all, and just because I don’t like my growth much this year -or lack there of, doesn’t mean I’ll hide it.

And I know everything is relative so these may be a lot for some and not much for others. So it’s not the numbers themselves I’m a little sad about but more the fact that there was no noticeable progression after a whole year. Because between 2016 and 2017, I had almost doubled my numbers.

Most popular Posts

My Favourite Posts

Both the #Ownvoices and Navigating the community posts are some of my favourites I wrote this year but for the sake of not repeating them, I’ll choose 5 new ones.

Most of these were written in the past few months, which, is when I found my love for blogging again, and I started feeling proud of my content again.

Book bloggers I discovered and loved

Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams – cw @ The Quiet Pond – Lu @ It’s Lu Again – Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads – Jen @ Pop! Goes the Reader – Elizabeth @ Redgal Musings – Destiny @ Howling Libraries – Melanie @ Mel to the Any – Marta @ The Cursed Books 

2I thought my reading was pretty mediocre to be honest, but then I looked back at my stats to make this post and I realized I had a pretty darn amazing reading year, it’s just me who wasn’t doing super well lol. I discovered so many new all-time favourite books, books that I’ll cherish forever and ever. So yeah, I’d say that it was great, if you factor me out of it.

General Stats 

  • Number of pages: 33.309
  • Number of books: 102
  • Number of re-reads: 4 (The City of Brass, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo -twice, Crooked Kingdom)

2018 - monthly.png

  • Average rating: 3.75 stars

2018 - ratings

  • Genres:

2018 - genres

  • Age groups:

2018 - age groups

  • Formats:

2018 - formats

  • Series Completed: 7 (I’m also caught up on most the ones I’m currently reading so YAY!)

Favourite Books 

Like always, I made a post dedicated just for them, which you can read here!

Disappointing Books 

I read a lot more disappointing books this year than I did last so I ended up making a dedicated post for these as well. This probably also factors in me thinking this reading year worse than it was.

Favourite new authors/ new to me

  • Elizabeth Acevedo
  • Somaiya Daud
  • Talia Hibbert
  • Alisha Rai
  • Emily X. R. Pan

Favourite Covers 

Books with Beautiful Prose

Books that made me laugh 

Books that made me cry

Book with #Squadgoals

Cindy pon - #1 WantMy Review

Books with my OTPs

  • Sadia and Jackson from Wrong to Need You.
  • Evelyn and Celia from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.
  • Hannah and Nate from Untouchable.
  • Aria and Nik from Sweet on the Greek.

I’ve read a whole lot more romance this year than I did last so I had quite a few pairings that stuck with me to choose from.

Mendatory Reading for everyone

Ashley Herring Blake - Girl Made of Stars

I don’t really believe in mandatory readings that apply to everyone because 1/ People have a lot of different tastes and 2/ People can get triggered by certain topics and therefore not be able to read certain books. Which is the case here, but what I mean by this is that the book chosen in this category is one that has important topics and has made the biggest impact on me.

That’s it until next time.

How Did your Reading and Blogging year go?  

How Many Books Did you Read? And Which Books belong in these categories for you?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



23 thoughts on “Word Wonders’ Blogging and Reading Round-up – 2018

  1. I’m a new follower of your blog (new as of 2018, I mean) so we are around, even if we’re not showing up in the statistics much. (It probably didn’t help that I kind of… disappeared from the blogsphere… for half the year…) I’ve really enjoyed visiting it, especially the insightful discussion posts!

    I hope 2019 goes well for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AHH ASTONISHING IS NOT JUST MENTIONED ONCE, NOT TWICE, but three times!!! I’m glad you loved GMOS so much and that it meant so much to you, I’m still so bitter that I didn’t like it that much!? but also I’m proud of you for not stressing too much about blogging and being okay with that. i also didn’t blog too much this year and my stats suffered, which is obviously a bit disheartening but i also know so many amazing people now and have focused on myself a lot which is a lot more important, imo anyways! I hope you are having a fantastic 2019 so far


    • hahahah you’ll never not see THE ASTONISHING and not yell about it and I LOVE IT! And yeah i saw you didn’t like it and it makes me sad, but we can’t all love the same books so it’s ok!!! And i’m so proud of you for focusing on yourself and prioritizing your well-being. My 2019 is definitely shaping up to be better than 2018, thank you ❤ I hope yours is going well too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m glad you had a good reading year overall and that you managed to read so much! 🙂 I LOVED The Astonishing Color of After, happy to see it on your favorites 🙂 I can’t wait to read Evelyn Hugo this year and to start The Reader series 😀
    I hope you’ll have an amazing 2019 ❤


  4. Hahaha I love that you adjusted the color of your charts to fit your blog aesthetic! You seem to have had a really good reading year and I understand the frustration with the lack of growth in terms of blogging stats, but the final numbers still look great! Some years are better than others 🙂 I hope you had a good start into the new year!


  5. My numbers for last year are a little skewed by reading two anthologies, and when I try to classify them I find they fall into more than one box. Overall partly because of one anthology I picked up the other year, fantasy was king this year, contemporary books were close behind and so was romance, but historical fiction had a good year too. Other category got five(this includes one murder mystery, two ghost stories and Margret Atwood’s Payback). You had a even better reading year than I did. I hope this next year is even better to you 🙂


  6. Aahhh Fadwa I’m actually really glad you share what you did about stats! Not the numbers itself but the fact that they weren’t as “good” as last year’s — because it’s the same case as me. I felt really bad comparing 2017 and 2018’s stats but I’ve come to terms with the fact that my health was not good this year and it’s better to not have made it worse in order to get “good stats” ❤ And I'm sad about all the meh/negative reviews for Daisy Jones after the masterpiece that was Evelyn Hugo. But I guess Taylor Jenkins Reid would be too powerful for us if she wrote one masterpiece after the other lmao


  7. Fadwa, I really hope 2019 is a good year for you personally, because you come across as an amazing and eloquent person, and I hope you keep sharing your thoughts with the world. ❤


  8. when u mentioned not really blogging this year, wow that hit me HARD ok

    i’ve never really had good consistent months where i post regularly but i’m always trying to change that!!! (and failing) ANYWAYS JUST KNOW THAT YOu’RE VALID AND I’M THE SAME AS U


  9. I had a similar year of great reading progress but blogging fails. I actually had a whole bunch of reading and blogging goals and only met one of them but I did read a lot of awesome nonfiction and am feeling good about starting 2019 with more reasonable expectations. Remember to be kind to yourself! Most new bloggers stop within the first year, so just continuing to write at all is an accomplishment, let alone to produce great content as you still are.


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