TAG #44: Characters of the Year

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Hello friends!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down and done a tag on here so that’s what we’re gonna do today. Especially since this Characters of Year book tag is one I’ve been eyeing since the end of last year but I missed my opportunity to do it then but I sure as hell won’t miss it again!! It’s basically just a chance for me to yell about all the characters I loved in 2018. And no I wasn’t tagged for this, and I can’t remember where I saw it (it’s been done by so many people, help) but if you know who originally made it, let me know so I can tag them.Book Title = Goodreads page

1- Favourite Male Character of the Year

Amanda Foody - Ace of ShadesThis took me way way, WAY too long to figure out. But FRET NOT! I have an answer now. Levi from Ace of Shades is 100% my favourite male character I’ve read this year. Why, you ask? Because he’s a mess. He has the best intentions but gets in way over his head and drown himself in problems he can’t solve by his own. He’s also a black bisexual icon who has a whole closet of his conquests’ things they’ve left behind (I will literally never stop talking about this because it makes me cackle). He’s also so flirty and confident, while also having a heart of gold and doing anything for the people he loves.

2- Favourite female character of the Year

S. A. Chakraborty - #2 The Kingdom of Copper

Pft. Nahri from The Kingdom of Copper. Obviously. Since my review of the book isn’t up yet (but it will be next week!!!) y’all don’t know just how much I adore her. Nahri is the love of my life and she can marry me any time any day. I loved her in The City of Brass but she wasn’t my favourite quite yet. She’s ambitious, cunning and selfish sometimes, but in this one she grows so much into herself and her powers, she becomes a kickass healer who knows her value and how powerful she is while knowing she still has a lot to learn. She also learns that there are some things that are bigger than her and would do anything for her people. She’s also SO done with the men in her life. Which is a mood.

3- Most Relatable Character of the Year

Alisha Rai - TFH #2 Wrong to Need You

I’ve found bits and pieces of myself in quite a few characters last year, but the one who takes the cake is Sadia from Wrong to Need You. Pfew, my queen. Especially when it comes to her identities as well as how her anxiety is portrayed. I related so much with her thought process, her fears, her actions and even the way she lives and deals with her panic attacks. I really need to reread this book now.

4- Couple of the Year

Talia Hibbert - Just for Him #3 Sweet on the Greek

JUST ONE? I think the person who made this tag didn’t anticipate that I, a romance trash extraordinaire, would do this tag. We’re going to compromise and I’ll choose the last couple I absolutely fell in love with in 2018. And that’s Aria and Nik from Sweet on the Greek *sighs* *swoons* they’re just SO CUTE. She’s sworn off relationships, he’s a hopeless romantic, they fake date, they fall in love. THEIR BANTER AND CHEMISTRY HAD ME DEAD, and so did the smut!

5- Villain of the Year

To be honest, after Osaron in A Conjuring of Light, I’m not impressed by villains easily anymore so none I’ve read this year have been noteworthy…

6- Most disliked character of the year

Taylor Jenkins Reid - The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Don Adler in The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. OH MY GOD I FUCKING DESPISE HIM!!!!!! Okay, I’m sorry, I got carried away but really, I’ve never hated a character more than that one. He’s manipulative, emotionally, verbally and physically abusive and all around, the biggest calamity to human kind.

7- Royal of the Year

Somaiya Daud - #1 Mirage

I’ve been hoping and praying I’d have a prompt where I can talk about this character so: MARAM!!! From Mirage. She’s one of the most complex anti-villains I’ve ever read and I would give my life for her. She’s basically the princess of this intergalactic empire and her dad is the asshole king conquering and enslaving the people but all she wants is people she can trust and who would love her for her and not for the power that comes with her title. Someone give her a hot chocolate and the biggest hug, please.

8- Sidekick/non-main character of the year

Alyssa Cole - #1 A Princess in Thoery.jpg

Likotsi from A Princess in Theory. She’s Thabiso’s assistant and closest friend and I love how fierce and confident she is. She always calls Thabiso out when he’s being a dumbass and making questionnable decisions but I have a feeling she also has a softer sweeter side to her that I can’t wait to read all about and fall in love with in Once Ghosted, Twice Shy.

9- Sibling of the Year

Elizabeth Acevedo - The Poet X

Xiomara from The Poet X. I absolutely loved her relationship with her brother and how protective of him she is. No matter how much they disagree or fight, they always have each others’ back and that’s something I really loved.

10- Free Choice Award: Create your Own – Character who’d kill me and I’d thank them

R. F. Kuang - #1 The Poppy War

Rin from The Poppy War. I am so utterly horrified and impressed by her. That’s all there is to it, I can’t say too much because she’s a character you have to experience, her transformation throughout the book is brutal and I love her through it and despite it all

I tag:

Anyone who sees this post and wants to yell about characters they love! (I’m lazy)

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



16 thoughts on “TAG #44: Characters of the Year

  1. Oh, I have a few to name so I will just name a few. Kentina and Okwaho for enemies to lovers in Beyond the Great River, Inez, Nina and Kaz from Six of Crows. Most troubled child and neighbour who will either save each other or be their doom goes to Star and Clementine. I should mention The women who breathed two worlds by Sink Chin Yoke, I am pretty sure the MC was Chey Hoon, but we get her large family and her whole life so I hope my note is correct. I had fun with this post:) Great idea.

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