6 Reasons I Fell in Love with Rereading


Hello friends!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year and by that I mean… REREAD TIME! Not that there’s a specific reread time but as I was thinking about my January TBR back in December, I started thinking about the fact that I really wanted to start the year right with amazing books but you’re never guaranteed that reading a book for the first time. If being a reader my whole life has taught me anything, it’s that even the most amazing sounding books can end up being lackluster and disappointing. So what do I do to be SURE I will love every single book I read? I dedicate the month to rereading my all-time favourite books!! Which led me to thinking about how much I love rereading which gave birth to this post.

So, a little bit of a background story. I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember, the only difference was that I NEVER reread books. Up until I was nineteen. Then at nineteen I reread Harry Potter, which made me realize just how much I adore rediscovering my old favorites. The only issue was: I didn’t consider any other books favorites at the time, not until I started reading diversely. So it took me a whole other year before feeling the urge to reread book and even THEN, I didn’t start rereading until December 2017. The only reason being that that’s when I missed the world and characters enough to revisit them. That was Six of Crows. And it all went uphill from there!

I used to think that there are so many books out there that rereading old ones is a waste of time, but hear me out: Those books aren’t going ANYWHERE, there isn’t an end date on books, nor a race to read them as soon as they drop, so if you’re missing an old fave and want to reread it, GO FOR IT, whoever tells you the opposite can come talk to me. I’ve found so many benefits to rereading and I’m here to share them with you, and hopefully convince you that rereading may be for you. If it’s not then that’s okay as well. Without further ado, why do I reread?

1- It refreshes your memory

This is the most basic/common reason to reread. You’ve forgotten most of your favourite book and are feeling a little sad about it so rereading is the next logical step to refresh your memory. I did this for The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury. I read it exactly two years ago and reread it a couple weeks ago, and I knew I forgot things but it wasn’t until I reread it that I realized how much I’d actually forgotten. And it managed to surprise me a couple times.
This also works perfectly in case of a sequel coming out when you’ve forgotten much of the previous book(s).

2- You fall in love all over again.

The first book I reread this year was How To Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake, which was easily in my top 10 favourite books of all time. Now? Top 5. I adore this book so much, I can’t even express it in coherent words, and I didn’t know there was still room for me to love it even more. Turns out I was wrong. I love it and appreciate its characters, message and representation so much more now. It left me emotionally raw and feeling vulnerable, because I saw so much of me in the main character, even more than I did the first time I read it, almost two years ago and that only made me love it more.

3- You see things you missed the first time around

This happened to me with two books. The first is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid, which I’ve read four times in a year (February 2018 to January 2019) and I’ve been in a vastly different mindset each time, and EVERY READ, I’ve gotten something different from it. Don’t get me wrong, it was heart-wrenching all the same, but for every one of my headspaces, I found a emotion to focus on and something to relate to, and that’s what makes this book so powerful in my eyes.

The second is The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty, in which case, since I knew the big plot arcs and what was going to happen from my first read, the second time I read it I was able to focus on the little details, the little things in character personalities, mannerisms, world-building that I had missed the first time when I was too busy trying to piece together the bigger picture. And THE FORESHADOWING!!! I found myself screaming OH MY GOD more times than I would care to admit when rereading this one because of how many hints the authors sprinkled throughout that I was none the wisest to pick up on.

4- It’s comforting

Rereading a favourite feels like coming home. That might sound dramatic to some but it’s how it feels to me. No matter if it’s a happy or a sad book, no matter the topic, the genre, my favourite book will always comfort me. Yes, even if I end up sobbing (looking at you: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo). Revisiting characters and words I know and love so much has given me something to hold on to, a sliver of hope, when I struggled last year. And I think that’s the main reason I started craving rereading so much: It was the only time I felt some sort of peace of mind and tranquility while my mental illnesses were getting the best of me.

5- Morbid curiosity

Okay this one might not be the wisest, but I’ve never pretended to make the smartest decisions when it comes to books. But hear me out, don’t you have those old faves that you doubt would still be faves if you reread them? Well, that’s what I’m talking about here but I’m that dumbass who can’t resist temptation and I am going to do it. To be honest, all my favorites are fairly recent so almost none can fit in this category. The only one I can think of is I’ll Give you the Sun. I remember it making me cry tears of joy (it was the first time that ever happened to me), but SADLY, when I reread it…I DNFed it less than 100 pages in. The writing that used to be my favourite part turned out to be way too full of useless metaphors and imagery that doesn’t make sense. It also just bored me to sleep and I couldn’t find anything about it to like anymore. So, uhhh… this is DEFINITELY not a good reason to reread but you never know.

6- You just got a physical copy

If you’re like me, I rarely buy books I’m not sure I will love, and thus rarely buy books I haven’t already read and loved. And since before last year, most books I read were e-books and only started collecting them in physical copies over the course of 2018, I found myself with brand new copies of my favorites that I haven’t even cracked open. And if there’s one thing you should know about my reading habits, it’s that I LOVE bookmarking my favorite parts and quotes, if a book I’ve read doesn’t have like tabs sprinkled all over it, it feels…sad to me. So I just HAD to make my way through the physical copies of my favourite books I’d read as e-books. This works even better for those of you who actually annotate.

To wrap this post up, here are some books I won’t get around to rereading this month that I definitely want to reread at some point this year:

That’s it until next time.

Do you reread books? If so, what are some you’re planning to reread this year?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


39 thoughts on “6 Reasons I Fell in Love with Rereading

  1. Great post Fadwa! I’ve recently done some rereading myself! I re-read especially when it comes to series because I often find myself needing a refresh as the next book comes out.

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  2. Oh, I love this post! I was literally going to say that rereading a book I love feels like coming home. And I totally agree about being able to focus on different things, especially foreshadowing! I love finding clues that I overlooked during my first read.

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  3. This is SUCH a great post! ❤ I used to re-read books more when I was younger, but I have to admit that ever since I started blogging, I didn't turn so much to my old favorites, because… keeping up with new releases and all the books and everything 😂 that being said, I really want to get back to these great books at some point – like The Forbidden Wish, you mentioning it reminds me just how much I ADORE IT and need to re-read it eventually. I love all of your arguments here! ❤ Wonderful post 🙂


  4. I lovee re-reading books! I am currently re-reading A Darker Shade of Magic because I want to continue the series but I don’t remember all the details from the first book. And omg it’s even better than I remember it being!
    Btw I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like to have unread copies of my books, but whenever I buy a book I already read I have to re-read it!

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  5. Great post Fadwa. I want to reread Bitting Bad by Chloe Neil this year. I meant to last year…but well. It was the first vampire book I ever read. First urban fantasy/paranormal romance I ever read as well. Now that I have read the books leading up to it I want to know if it will be the same as it was the first time around.

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  6. I’ve been more prone to rereading books, especially if a sequel releases and it’s been so long since I read the previous book. I definitely think it helps me appreciate the book more! I also love rereading my faves! Pretty much your post is on point, Fadwa!

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  7. Yes, I love to reread books. I plan to reread the Legend trilogy before Legend 4 comes out this fall, and maybe the Carve the Mark duology. Maybe more. Next year I plan to reread The Ember the the Ashes book before the fourth book comes out.

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  8. I don’t typically re-read books BUT if I do, I will re-read in a different format. For example, last Christmas I re-read the first 3 Harry Potter books in the illustrated editions. I will also re-read books in audiobook form since it is a completely different reading experience than reading in print form.

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  9. I loved the timing this post showed up for me, because I’m now currently reading my favorite book of all times, which is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I’ve re-read it three times now, I believe, and I agree that you can always pick up something different every time. When I re-read for the first time, I realized just how incredibly sad the book actually was; instead of warming my heart like it did the first time around, it totally broke me. This time it’s my first re-reading it since I’ve had my father read it; it’s interesting, because I read the chapters now and wonder how he felt when he read the same words. I wish I was reading it in English, though! I’m currently with the translated version, and I really think re-reading a book once you either get the physical copy or the original one (as far as languages go) makes it for a totally different & refreshing experience! I love re-reading books; I don’t even bother that I’m “wasting my time” reading something I already know about when I could be reading something new. It’s comforting and reminds me why I love reading so much, so I’d never pass on the chance just to read something new that could be mediocre.


  10. Love this! The only time I’ve re-read books (not including when I was a kid) was with An Ember in the Ashes series to get ready for Reaper and honestly I loved every second.
    I’m thinking of doing the same with City of Brass in February ready for the book which must not be named. I’m ready to cry again.

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  11. I used to re-read books so much more often when I was younger because I’d have the same dozen books on my shelves and e-books weren’t even a thing for me back then. But then I stopped when I started paying more attention to the latest releases … I kinda miss it. I might give it a try this year! Great list 🙂

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  12. I never used to reread books because of the silly thought of “oh but you’ve read it before so you know what happens”, that was until I read Six of Crows and knew I had to reread it again at some point. It’s so true about missing out on details the first time you read a book.

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  13. oh my gosh yeah I have too many faves that I’m scared to hate if I pick it up again…. which is why I try not to reread those books, but YOU’RE RIGHT THAT MORBID CURIOSITY IS TOO TRUE. I’m probably going to pick them up and realize I hate them 😦 Anyways, I loved this post! I really want to read How to Make a Wish ahhhhhhh

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  21. I think in book-blogging it is way too easy to get caught up in the hype and only read new books (gotta get those reviews in!). But I agree, it is comforting to reread a favourite book, not just to reminisce on something you have previously enjoyed (and so read knowing you’ll like it), but also to gain a new perspective and see if you can find anything else out the second or third time around.

    I used to reread my entire bookshelf before buying new books, but book blogging has made me forget about my old faves. I’ll definitely have to incorporate more rereads in my future TBRs! I think I’d love to reread The Hunger Games this year, I’ve always loved its pacing,

    Thanks for this insightful post 🙂


  22. Ah yes, I had the same thoughts about re-reading earlier but now I’m in love with it, mostlybecause I get comfort reads and get to fall in love with everything all over again 😍


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