Bad for the Boss – Office Romance with a Sprinkle of Thriller


bad for the boss

Series: Just for Him #1

Publication date : November 3rd, 2017

Publisher : Nixon House

Genre : Adult | Romance

Page Count: 262

Synopsis : Theodore Chamberlain’s known for his laser-sharp focus and blunt demands—in the boardroom and the bedroom. The anti-social millionaire has never mixed business with pleasure before… but for a fierce new employee with knockout curves, he’ll make an exception.
Jennifer Johnson knows better than anyone that life is tough. Why complicate things by risking the job she loves for a lust that can’t last? Her boss may be hotter than hell—but Jen’s the one who’d end up burned. Trouble is, Theo’s mightily persuasive, surprisingly sweet, and extremely difficult to resist.

When a threat from Jen’s past resurfaces, her powerful boss becomes her unflinching protector. Can Theo save Jen from the evil that stalks her? And will Jen ever give in to her desires and dare to be bad for the boss? (From Goodreads)

Rating: 3.5 stars

bad for the boss

CW: Murder, on page sex, drugs, anxiety attack, PTSD, harrassment, stalking, kidnapping at gunpoint, misogyny and fatphobia, explosion, animal kill.

(No Spoilers)

Reading Talia Hibbert’s very first book after I’ve read so many of her later works was An Experience. Let me preface with saying that I did enjoy reading Bad for the Boss, but it’s definitely my least favourite of her books, which boggles my mind a little because the third book in this same series, Sweet on the Greek, is my favourite of hers. If anything, Bad for the Boss made me appreciate how far she’s come as an author from this book to her latest ones, writing wise, characters wise and even in the way she builds her relationships. Without further ado, let’s talk about this book more specifically.

The writing reads almost exactly like all of Talia’s other books, if just slightly less polished and refined. But what I’ve noticed and have come to cherish is the fact that it has all the funny, hot and yet endearing qualities to it. Bad for the Boss is written primarily in dual POV from both Theo and Jen(nifer)’s perspectives and I loved how the two were so drastically different and yet just clicked and made sense together instantaneously. There are also a couple perspectives added for just a chapter or two throughout the book the most noticeable one is Aria’s, who’s Jen’s best friend and the heroine in the third book.

Listen, I freaking adored Jen. She’s black, fat and bisexual. And I loved how every part of her identity influenced who she was as a person but without ever taking over her completely. She has insecurities related to her body, and I genuinely like how those were handled, I can’t speak of that specific representation personally but as I’ve seen in fat folks’ reviews, the general consensus is that it’s really well done. She’s also ambitious, and amazing at her job which she’s passionate about and confident in her skills in. I love boss ass women who are confident in their skills.

My favourite thing about Jen and that I saw myself in though is that she has PTSD, and that was so amazing and refreshing to read. Her parents get murdered when she’s a kid (graphic description of that in the first chapter, so, warning!) so she has trauma related to that and gets panic attacks when she finds herself in situations that remind her of that. The way her panic attacks and thought process were portrayed was way too relatable.

Then we have Theo, Jen’s boss and her love interest. He has one heck of a temper but what liked about him is that he’s aware of it and works on never letting it slip with Jen, which fails sometimes but never in major worrisome ways, just in a “he’s human and bound to slip” way. He’s also cocky and has one heck of a sexy aura to him, not in the way he’s described, but in the way he acts and just how much self-assurance he has without ever crossing into the insufferable territory, and we all know that’s a tough line to navigate. I liked how he’s hyperaware of the power imbalance between the two of them and wants to do things 100% by her and to protect her interests.

Jen and Theo’s relationship starts in the funniest way possible. Jen sends him an email meant for her friend, complaining about a co-worker of hers who lowkey harasses her and makes her uncomfortable, a few emails later she finds herself in his office and short after sprawled on his desk. Literally. And hear me out, I am a HUGE smut fan but even to me, the way that part unfolded was way way too fast. I get insta-lust and I love it, but this took it to a whole new level. Not that I hated that scene…uh…nope, but I would’ve liked a little more build-up leading up to it.

The romance is age gap, the age difference is 14 years if I remember correctly and Theo wants to give Jen the world and treat her like a princess which he doesn’t fell to do. this book has such a glamorous side to it that had me daydreaming about someone buying me a gown and taking me on some kind of extravagant date. Their chemistry is obvious on the get go, not one second did it have me questioning it or wondering is they really should be together, they just were effortlessly good and fit well with each other. One last complaint I have is about the BDSM bits, they were consensual but a little bit iffy, considering how Jen doesn’t have any prior knowledge and Theo doesn’t really give her any guidelines to how things go, safe words, etc… 

The little mystery/thriller element thrown in there was a really great addition. It was spoiled to me because I read the third book first and it’s talked about a few times with detail in that one but I still enjoyed it nonetheless, it was peculiar knowing what will go down and watching it unfold, waiting to learn all the sordid details of it.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read Bad for the Boss? If so, what did you think?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.






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