Spreading the Love: Favourite Booktubers

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Hello friends!

Today on the blog, I’m having another Spreading the Love post but booktubers’ edition. I love doing these posts so much because I love gushing about people in the community who do good work and inspire me to do the same as well. That and their content never fails to be entertaining no matter the topic. I already talked about 10 of my favourite bloggers and 10 of my favourite bookstagrammers. So, now, you have 10 of my favourite booktubers. And as per usual, I have WAY more so I’m planning another one of these posts at some point in the year.

Anyway, here they are, in no particular order:

Riley Marie2019-02-10 (6).png

  • I literally watch all her videos with no exception.
  • She posts regular reading vlogs that are super entertaining even when she’s just chilling.
  • Cutest human on earth, I don’t make the rules.
  • Lots of recommendation videos!

Videos to watch:

Melanie @ Mel to the Any

2019-02-10 (2)

  • Ultimate fave. One of my favorite humans in the world.
  • She’s just so sweet? And radiates calming and loving vibes? Wow.
  • I trust her opinions and basically add all the books she loves to my TBR.
  • She just started her channel so YOU SHOULD ALL SUPPORT HER!

Videos to watch: (besides all of them)

Kav @ x Reading Solace x

2019-02-10 (7)

  • Their discussion videos are always on point.
  • Their passion about booktube and the care they put into their content are A+.
  • They’re always so very honest and outspoken about all things pertaining to their different identites.
  • Great style and make-up game ALWAYS.

Videos to watch :

Hannah @ A Clockwork Reader

2019-02-10 (9)

  • First booktuber I’ve ever watched and the one I watched the most consistently.
  • Her taste in books matches mine so I always know I can trust her recs.
  • I also love how honest and genuine she is about mental health issues.
  • I always look forward to her vlogs because she’s a ray of sunshine.

Videos to watch:

Chelsea @ Chelsea Dolling Reads

2019-02-10 (3)

  • Her channel is romance and contemporary gallore and I LOVE IT!
  • She has such a lovely bubbly personality.
  • Her shelves are rainbow organized and having them in the background makes my heart happy.
  • She frequently vlogs and YOU CAN SEE CUTE CATS!!!!

Videos to watch:


2019-02-10 (5)

  • I absolutely adore his personality (and his name!!)
  • He always gives his unfiltered opinions, sprinkled with sass.
  • I love the aesthetic of his videos. 10/10 editing.
  • His bookstore vlogs are my faves to watch.

Videos to watch:

Lauren @ The Novel Lush

2019-02-10 (4)

  • She never fails to make me laugh.
  • Very honest and straight forward and we NEED more people like her.
  • I always look forward to her videos.
  • She also holds a book club!!!

Videos to watch:

Rocky @ Blond with a Book

2019-02-10 (1)

  • Another favourite human of mine with the cutest personality.
  • Also cutest smile (even though…I know that’s not relevant to booktubing shhh…)
  • She has some awesome video ideas and her content is super enjoyable.
  • Her videos never fail to cheer me up and make me smile and laugh.

Videos to watch:

Joce @ Squibbles reads

2019-02-10 (8)

  • She hasn’t uploaded in a bit (because she has a little tiny human) but I will be running the minute she uploads again.
  • My main source of diverse adult recs.
  • I adore her reviews and how they’re always super concise and informative.
  • Also? The sarcasm? I LIVE for it.

Videos to watch:

Madalyn @ Novel Ink


  • All the queer contemporary recs, this is another one who makes me add every book to my TBR.
  • One of the cutest sweetest humans you’ll ever set your eyes upon.
  • I also love her vlogs. (Can you see I have a thing for vlogs?)
  • Her other videos are fun and super enjoyable as well.

Videos to watch

That’s it until next time.

Recommend me some of your favourite booktubers to follow in the comments, please!

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



24 thoughts on “Spreading the Love: Favourite Booktubers

  1. Kav and Mel are both amazing and I think the only two I watch from this list. Oh and Hannah I love her videos! I would recommend Cindy @ Read With Cindy to you, she’s amazing! I personally watch paperback dreams and insane reader but idk if you’d like their videos that much?


  2. lkdfj i love all of these amazing people!!!! i follow almost everyone, but i wasn’t following Lauren or Joce but now i ammm. i think you would also adore & love “Ali Corvere Books”,, she is my newest obsession on BookTube 🙂


  3. I always like Hannah’s videos. She has a very calming voice, I think. But my favorite booktuber probably has to be Regan @ Peruse Project. I like that she doesn’t always talk about only the popular books but also enjoys middle grade, historical fiction, and literary fiction. I almost always love every fantasy book she recommends too!


  4. I haven’t been watching BookTube – I stopped surfing YouTube when my daughter was born, actually – but I want to start watching all these booktubers!!! I hope I find the time to soon.


  5. So many amazing recommendations! I haven’t been watchimg many Booktubers lately, but I really like Chelsea & Hannah as well. One of my favorite booktubers is Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. I really like her discussions and even though she reads most fantasy – and I read more contemporaries -, I adore her personality enough to watch all of her videos.


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