Forgive me for I have sinned – Judging books by their covers

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Hello friends!

This is my second time typing up half this post because my cat deleted it (seriously).

This is the first time since…. I don’t know since when to be honest, that I type up a post right before it’s supposed to go up. I usually do that at least a couple days before due date but oh well, the end of last week was a disaster (which I’ll talk about more in my wrap-up) so I spent the week-end just resting and reading and only did what was absolutely necessary (re: replied to pressing emails). ANYWHOO. My new favourite thing to do is ask random cryptic questions on Twitter and turning them into posts, on today’s episode: Fadwa Asks People to Send Her Book Covers Without Context. I asked for upcoming books because that reduces the chance of me having read them. Why? you ask. Because I want to guess what the books are about from staring at their covers.

I obviously didn’t include the covers of books I already knew the synopsis of and also discovered that A LOT of covers do not tell you shit about the book they’re about and I’m? Why? (Probably because they don’t want dumbasses like me judging the books by their covers). I didn’t check the synopsis (duh) but what I did check it the genre of the book because I don’t want to make a bigger fool of myself that I have to by getting my guess so far off that it exists in a DIFFERENT REALM.

So without further do here’s me reacting to covers, guessing what the book is about and probably getting it very wrong. I’m also going to check the real synopsis afterwards to see how well bad I did.

Cover = goodreads page.

1- Gideon the Ninth – Tamsyn Muir

42036538So, this is either about a zombie wrecking havoc on the world which I’m here for, or about a necromancer wrecking havoc on the world, which I’m EQUALLY here for. *reads the blurb at the bottom of the cover* (is it cheating? because it’s on the cover, so me thinks it’s fair game) LESBIAN NECROMANCERS? IN SPACE? INVADING A PALACE? I sure hope the palace owner is a rotten patriarchal ass they’re going to decimate. And I assume the ninth in the title is maybe? because they’re part of a society of some sort? Or a guild? and they’re numbered and the MC is the ninth? I’m nailing this thing, aren’t I?

The actual synopsis: Errm. This is actually about a necromancing competition where different houses compete for immortality and becoming the most powerful necromancer at the emperor’s service, and they also need a swordsperson lest they fail: Enter Gideon, who’s Harrow (the necromancer)‘s swordswoman, which she doesn’t sound thrilled about. And I’ll bet my left arm there will be some kind of hate to love romance between them. And I’m a leftie, folks. I mean? I wasn’t super far off, right? so this wasn’t a complete disaster.

2- Slay – Brittney Morris


This cover is already slaying my life. Look at her rocking the cool glasses and the badass afro, I’m here for EVERYTHING about this cover, the girl, the colors, the composition, the typography. This is giving me some kind of geeky coding (because of the pixel thingies) meets graffiti (because of the title) vibe. Hmm let’s see. So, this is about a girl who does street art and she’s caught which goes on her record BUT she wants to delete it so she hacks something? with the help of someone? to get it erased? while dropping some good ass social justice commentary I’m assuming from Nic Stone’s blurb. I have a feeling I’m so far off, it’s laughable.

The actual synopsis:  LMFAO YES. I’M VERY FAR OFF. The only thing I was right about is the geeky coding part because the MC is a game developer. So this follows a Black teen, Kiera, who created this Black Panther inspired online game, which used to be lowkey until a teen dies because of a dispute that centers the game. The game blows up, people start labeling it racist and exclusionary (because it’s played by black folks only) and a troll is after her. So I guess I got the social justice part right as well.

3- Like a Love Story – Abdi Nazemian


First of all, I adore the color contrast of this cover but uuuh this is a tough one. I’m guessing this is about three teens (duh), maybe childhood best friends, then two of them start dating and grow apart from the third a little, considering the little distant between them on the cover and as that happens the third struggles with that and finds who he is without being a unit with his friends, and what his place in the world is, and maybe this is a love letter to that? To coming of age, and finding yourself in a world that’s constantly moving, and sometimes, does so without you.

The actual synopsis: PFEW. This is the worst I’ve done so far. This books is set is New York during the AIDS crisis and centers a closeted gay teen who intends on staying in the closet after he moves to live with his mom, stepdad and stepbrother. Judy, a girl who’s uncle is a gay man living with the disease and a huge activist who falls in love with him and starts dating him. And finally Art, the only out gay kid at their high school with conservative parents who documents the AIDS crisis through his photography. Reza grows closer with him and wants to find a way out of his deception without breaking Judy’s heart. Yep. I’ve done very VERY bad on this one.

4- Wicked Saints – Emily A. Duncan

36118682This is giving me hella Russian vibes so I’m gonna say this is a Russian inspired fantasy that’s dark and bloody. Centering a saint, as in the actual being who talks to Gods and has prophecies and whatnot who after being treated as less than dirt, is tired of everyone’s bullshit and a isn’t so saint anymore. She turns villain and brings destruction on the world. I sure hope the villain is the MC, because we need more villain origin stories, if this isn’t it, SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS PLOT HAPPEN.

The actual synopsis: *deflates* I was wrong *cries*. This is about a saint (at least I got that part) who must save her people by killing the king and ending the war. With the help of a prince in danger who doesn’t know who to trust and a boy who harbors secrets. I mean this sounds good too but I psyched myself up for villains, WHY AM I LIKE THIS? That being said, some sort of forbidden romance is involved and I’m here for those. Any day. Any time. It’s also dark and gothic, so!!!!

5- Starworld – Audrey Coulthurst & Paula Garner

31681158Considering that Audrey Courthurst is co-authoring this one, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that it’s sapphic as heck. It’s also probably a romance between two girls who are maybe neighbors and definitely love stars, stargaze or…well THE STARS JUST HAVE A MEANING, OKAY? I just don’t know what exactly. The tag line makes me think that they find a safe haven in each other or one of them finds it in the other while they expect it the least, probably while going through a rough time.

The actual synopsis: Omg, I actually didn’t do bad AT ALL. So 1/ this is indeed sapphic, 2/ one of the them wants to go into aerospace engineering so YAY STARS! and 3/ they do find a safe haven in each other and an escape from their rough realities. One of them is Sam and the other Zoe, but what starts as a friendship and escapism quickly turns into Zoe developing feelings for Sam and being scared of ruining the very good thing they already have going on between them. This isn’t a romance though, so that’s the one part I got wrong.

6- The Infinite Noise – Lauren Shippen


Me, before knowing the genre: This is probably about a teen with noise sensitivity, who navigates the world while being constantly overwhelmed by it, because this sure as hell is what the world looks like inside my brain when my misophonia is acting up.
Me, after knowing the genre, which is sci-fi: This is about a teen with misophonia and SOUND RELATED SUPER POWERS, because I sure as hell wish my noise sensitivity came with a superpower at least. I’m probably very far off but a girl can dream.

The actual synopsis: It’s pretty vague so I’m not sure, but it probably doesn’t include any noise sensitivity, S O B S! What it does include though, is three superheroes who come into their powers and go see a therapist who specializes in people like them which sounds super fun and like it can be hilarious, especially since the goodreads page says “What if the X-Men, instead of becoming superheroes, decided to spend some time in therapy?” and I’M HERE FOR IT! This is also based on a podcast so 👀 I might check that out.

7-  All of Us with Wings – Michelle Ruiz Keil

40177227You could say that this girl has the weight of the world on her shoulders *badum duss*. Awful joke aside, can I just say how stunning this cover is? That being said, there’s so much going on in it that I honestly have no idea what the book could be about, BUT it’s intriguing enough I would want read it without even reading the synopsis *shrugs*. But i’ll give it my best shot: This could be set in our world but some people have wings and there’s a girl like that who has a mission with high stakes that could either make or break the world, and I’m assuming that that’s the Golden Gate Bridge? So it’s probably set in San Francisco.

The actual synopsis: I mean, one thing I have right is that it’s indeed set in San Francisco but everything else I’ve said can go to the trash. It centers Xochi a girl who was abandoned by her mother and hurt by a man as she rebuilds her life working as a governess to a wealthy family after she meets their twelve years old daughter, Pallas, and they take to each other. But one day she summons creatures who are hellbent on avenging her and ruining everyone who’s ever wronged her. But monsters like that don’t always stay under control.

8- The Tiger at Midnight – Swati Teerdhala

38205303I’ve been seeing this book a lot and even added it to my TBR but did I ever have the idea to check out what it’s about? NOOOO. Who do you think I am? A smart person? Anyway, so this looks like the story of a girl who is secretly a were-tiger aaand….that’s as far as my guessing goes, I haven’t the faintest as to what the plot could actually be. She looks badass though, and like she’s some kind of badass warrior and that’s all I need to know about a book (especially written by a WOC) to read it.

The actual synopsis: Okay so it’s says nowhere that this girl is a were-tiger but it says nowhere that she’s not either and I trust the cover!!!! What the synopsis says though is that Esha is an assassin for the rebels as she devotes her life to avenging what she lost is the royal coup (I’m assuming she’s the princess), now she has one mission: killing the king’s general. Enter Kunal, a soldier and the general’s nephew, they cross path, and romance ensues but neither loses sight of their high stakes.

9- How to Make Friends with the Dark – Kathleen Glasgow

40755416This looks like the type of book that would break me and leave me sobbing well into the night and I would thank it . So, after some kind of trauma (loved ones death? assault? idk?) the MC sinks into a void of darkness and depression and makes acquaintance with the monsters inside her so much so that she becomes comfortable in it which…you can guess…isn’t the best thing to do. I don’t know, this book is just giving the vibes of a story that’s going to explore mental illness.

The actual synopsis: Yep, this is one I got right. After her mother dies, Tiger finds herself making friends with darkness that seems to be not only around her but also inside her as well. That death hits her especially hard because it used to be her mom and her against the world. And now she’s becoming good friends with that darkness.

10- War Girls – Tochi Onyebuchi

40580686A BLACK GIRL? CYBORG? KICKING ASS? THIS IS ALL I NEED TO KNOW, GIMME IT!!! Okay but this looks like the post-apocalyptic book of my dreams. Set in a futuristic world destroyed by humans, probably because of climate change if we’re being honest (just look at that pollution ridden looking sky in the background) where the higher ups STILL don’t care so a girl (and maybe her friends) join together to dismantle the system and maybe save the bit of the planet that’s left to save.

The actual synopsis: Okay I got SOME of it right, the climate change destroying the planet and rendering it unlivable part as well as a girl (and her sister) willing to go to any lengths to save the little of their home that’s left to save part. And it’s set in a civil war torn Nigeria, in a world where the people who weren’t rich enough to escape to space de a slow death, soldiers are outfitted with bionic tech and artificial organs that are designed to resist the harsh climate.

Good news is I ended up adding ALL these books to my TBR. Bad new is my TBR is crying.

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



29 thoughts on “Forgive me for I have sinned – Judging books by their covers

  1. I think I’d actually read all of these books based off your interpretations of their covers 😂. But, their actual synopses sound enticing either way!


  2. This is such a genius idea, Fadwa! Honestly, I don’t understand why it’s an awful thing to just a book by it’s cover; especially a book published by a publishing house with all the resources to make an absolutely gorgeous cover. Really, the cover is like a thesis statement and it should at least give you a good feel of the genre, etc because so many people do judge books by their covers because we’re all so busy! Anyway, I definitely discovered some new books for my TBR (The Tiger at Midnight looks amazing as does Gideon the Ninth) 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


  3. THIS IS HANDS DOWN A FAVORITE POST I WAS SO ENTERTAINED LOL. and i’m 300% guilty of this as well and i don’t think i can bring myself to stop judging books by their covers any time soon. that being said, some of these had gorgeous covers so even if the synopses weren’t to my liking, might just check em out for the aesthetic 👀👀


  4. I AM CONVINCED I LOVE YOUR BLOG 😍 I don’t get tired of it and I even want to do a creative post with you (I know I know, but I love your ideas so much and I can’t come up with anything good!) Anyway, good one, and nice tries 😂


  5. OMG This is such a funny post!!! I loved seeing how badly you did on some of these (sorry!). I think my favorite cover has to be The Infinite Noise. Look how pretty it is! Your post gave me an idea for one I really want to get up this weekend. Would you mind it if I borrowed your idea and adapt it to what I have in mine while ofc giving you credit? ⭐️


  6. I recently discovered The Infinite Noise and thus started listening to the podcast (which is called the Bright Sessions!) and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen. 😊


  7. JFJSJFS FADWA YOUR GUESS FOR LIKE A LOVE STORY (you tried?? lmao) I think I’ve seen that book (cover) around but the synopsis sounds very unfamiliar, but now I definitely want to read it! also your guess for Wicked Saints??? I would pay GOOD money to read that


  8. Fadwaaaaa this was so entertaining!!! ALSO YOOO I DIDN’T KNOW THE INFINITE NOISE EXISTED BUT I’VE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THE PODCAST THAT IT’S BASED OFF OF SO I’M A LITTLE SHAKEN RIGHT NOW ??!!!?! one of the main characters has an ability to read other ppl’s minds/emotions and is often overwhelmed by it, I believe!!


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