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I’m finally getting around to catching up on tags I’ve been tagged to do…uh….a long time ago. Is it just me or are tags not as popular as they used to be? I feel like I haven’t been seeing them around much. BUT ANYWAY, for today’s post I’m gonna be doing the Tropes Book Tag that was created by Jes @ Jes Reads Books on Youtube and for which I was tagged by Romie @ Romie we Deserve Love. This looks like a blast because it’s either just subverting a bunch of outdated tropes or reinforcing good ones and I’m here for it!

Book cover = Goodreads page.

Double Titles

Ohhh this is a good one that I…somehow never thought about before? I’ve never shipped cross-universe and I honestly racked my brain trying to figure out an answer to this question but came out empty handed. We’re off to a great start. 😬

Double Titles (1)

Laini Taylor - #1 Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I mean…I don’t think anyone needs anyone to “complete” them but if we’re talking about a MC who didn’t need the love interest she was assigned, as in the romance was unnecessary, *takes out list to choose from*, I’m gonna go with Karou from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Now, I’ve truthfully only read the first two books but I DO NOT but I, for the love of me, get the whole star-crossed lovers thing she has with Akiva. It was rushed, they didn’t have any chemistry whatsoever and Karou quite frankly gives me hella gay vibes so the whole thing just read forced and out of place to me.


Talia Hibbert - Just for Him #3 Sweet on the Greek

There aren’t many canon couples I feel very invested in but there are a handful ships I would sink with, one of which is *screams* Aria and Nik from Sweet on the Greek. This is one of the best romances I’ve ever read, and the one with the most chemistry and best banter between the two characters. They just made sense together considering how undeniable their attraction was.

Double Titles (3)

Em Ali - Soft on Soft

Soft on Soft by Em Ali. June Bana, the main character in this book has anxiety and the rep is SO GOOD. The way her mental illness is handled was so real.And soft. And gentle. I loved how her love interest, Selena, understood her, took it easy on her and just did her best to never overwhelm her. This book has a soft spot in my heart because it was one of the very few things that made me smile when I was in a very rough place. This is definitely a safe space type read because it’s very low on angst and drama free and purely a feel good romance.

Double Titles (4)

Sandhya Menon - From Twinkle, with love

I am sorry but…Twinkle Mehra, the MC of From Twinkle, with Love just didn’t work for me. Her decision and just all around behavior gave me so much anxiety that it prevented me from enjoying the book in a lot of places. She was so obsessed with becoming popular that she really did not care who she hurt in the process and she sometimes took it too far. I ended up liking it at the end because her character development was great, but for a good chunk, especially in the middle third of the book, I struggled with liking her and even considered DNFing the book.

Double Titles (5)

Jen Wilde - The Brightsiders

Emmy and Alfie from The Brightsiders. She’s a bisexual rockstar and he’s her genderfluid band mate and they!! were!!! so!!! cute!!! They’re childhood best friends and basically inseparable, I loved how supportive Alfie was of Emmy and how he didn’t hesitate to call her out on her bullshit, especially after she got out of a toxic relationship and her life was on a downward spiral. Every time they interacted, you could find me cheering them on and rooting for them because the bond between them was just that strong and they made sense together as best friends as well as significant others.

Double Titles (6)

Jandy Nelson - I'll Give You the Sun

I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson, and I didn’t even have to think about this one. Or rather, I want to forget my reread earlier this year. This book used to be one of my favourite books of all time, then I had the brilliant idea to reread it and…I ended up hating it so much I DNFed it and I really just want to forget I ever did that and go back to a place where I cherished it and didn’t ruin that initial good feeling it gave me a few years ago. Sigh. Worst part is I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it if I reread it and yet I hate myself and went ahead and ruined it for myself.

Double Titles (7)

I still haven’t found a villain to dethrone Osaron from the Darker Shades of Magic trilogy. That thing is absolutely terrifying and every time I think villain I think about him and how twisted and cruel he is, how set on destruction he is and the lengths he’d go to get to his goal. Especially with his fascinating backstory and the way his powers work. Ugh. I really need to reread this series, I’ve been meaning to for so long and still haven’t gotten around to it.


lillian clark - immoral code

The minute I read this prompt my brain went to the Immoral Code kids. The characters in that book are all teenagers who decide to go on a heist a steal money from a huge company to fund their friend’s college fund. Oh, and the company boss is her estranged dad. And listen, that is a noble goal, but they make such a MESS of their lives and get in so deep that they could have used an adult to find them out and talk some sense into them before they found themselves in serious trouble and too far in to get out.

Double Titles (9)

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.








18 thoughts on “TAG #45: The Tropes Book Tag

  1. Loved your answers for this tag! I only read the first book, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but… I felt the same way about the romance, I didn’t feel the chemistry and it bothered me a whole lot, too. Soft on Soft, ahh I need this book, it sounds amazing and so sweet and I didn’t know this had anxiety rep, this makes me even more eager to read it now. ❤


  2. YOO THIS IS SUCH A CUTE BOOK TAG THING!! personally, i LOVE that you chose osaron as your favorite villain. when i saw the covers of ADSOM, i really thought you were gonna say Holland like I often see, but Osaron really doesn’t get his acknowledgement as a villain! like when he just killed the most powerful competitors of the tournament in like 3 pages? oof. also, yesssss the anxiety rep in Soft on Soft is probably the closest thing i’ve read to a character having consistent issues with anxiety and it’s not just a situational thing. also thanks for tagging me!! i cannot WAIT to tackle this 💜💜


    • RIGHT!!! I loved the prompts so much! And yes? Like??? I feel like Holland was more of a victim tovhis circumstances than a proper villain tbh, especially with that redemption arc at the end. And yes June’s anxiety was just so freaking relatable to me, i loved it 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, where were you all my life. I literally feel like I’m the only one who didn’t like the whole star-crossed lovers thing in Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and YASSS Karou totally gives me gay vibes. She is way too cool to be saddled into a generic romance.

    Fab tag! Loved reading your answers! 😀


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  6. OMG yes I’ve never shipped any characters from separate universes?? Like, I don’t understand how people come up with crossover fanfictions, at all. (I respect them but I would never think of a plot like that??) Also, I totally see what you mean about Twinkle from From Twinkle, With Love. She felt so ignorant omg and her voice was SO YOUNG?? She would be like “omg I bet this guy likes this other girl” when he CLEARLY showed interest in HER. Ugh


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