To sum up: March 2019

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Hello friends!

March was quite the freaking ride for yours truly if we’re being honest here. But if we’re being objective, it was a great month until everything went up in flames in the last week of it.


I GOT A CAT!!!!! His name is Percy and I love him to pieces (he’s currently snoozing on me while I attempt to type this post, but all I want to do is join him in his nap).


For a little of a backstory, I am allergic to cats, like…sneezing, coughing, itchy nose, eyes and throat and even headache sometimes, but for some reason I don’t react to this little bean. I mean, I did at first, but it wasn’t nearly as bad and it stopped after a few days. His story is that he and his sibling were strays in our appartement building (we later learned hat they were abandoned by our upstairs neighbors), and they’d taken to my sister and I, started following us everywhere and even zoomed inside our appartement the minute we opened the door a few times haha. And not gonna lie, we fell in love with both of them. After a little while, Percy started showing up alone, his sibling nowhere to be found. We think he was adopted but we don’t know for sure. ANYWAY, Percy was so sad over it and he’d legit just sit at our appartement door and start meowing. So after a week or so, we took him in and he’s adjusted very well. He’s quite the sassy cat but he’s also super tender and cuddly.

I also acquired five books I was -mostly- excited for! My limited UK edition of The Kingdom of Copper finally showed up and I am IN LOVE with it, I was also sent What Hell is Not with it for some reason, which is a book I’ve never heard of and I’m not sure I’ll ever read, so I might take that to the secondhand bookstore here and get something else in exchange for it. Also, can you hear me YELL about getting sent an Arc of Love from A to Z which is one of my most anticipated reads of the year!!!!!! I also made it into the street team for it and I’m all the heart eyes. Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge and A Duke by Default are two books I’ve been meaning to get for a while and I finally did, I already read and LOVED the latter.


Later in the month (last week), I got into a pretty bad car accident and I was really lucky to get out of it unharmed because if you could see my car…it’s a mess. It’s wrecked and will need a little while to get fixed. That took a bit of a toll on my mental health, as well as getting triggered by a book I read that I thought I was in a good enough place to handle. So the month ended on a less than great not, and April is starting on the same one. But I’m determined to turn it around!


Title = goodreads page.

Here’s the thing about March. I read 11 books but somewhere there in the middle, I had somewhat of an existential crisis wondering if I’ll ever read a 5 stars books again, then Descendant of the Crane and The Weight of the Stars happened back to back and I forgot what even I was asking.

2019 - March.png

You can find my YARC 2019 progress post here.


Book Title = Review




I’m working on a suuuuper exciting project with a Muslim author friend of mine that we’re hoping to have ready for launching and posting in time for Ramadan (the second week of May) so BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THAT! We’ve made a call for collaborators on Twitter over the weekend and we were overwhelmed by how many people were interested. No, but really, I spent my week-end sorting through notifications and DMs, but I loved every second of it!

I’ll probably share more about it in my April wrap-up as we’re still in the early stages and there’s not much to share yet.


I didn’t get around to reading The Fever King last month but I’m DETERMINED to make it a priority this month. I’m buddy reading We Hunt the Flame with my lovely friends Melanie @ Mel to the Any and Julianna @ Paperblots, Mel and I are ALSO reading A Prince on Paper together, which is going to be glorious. I’m not sure I’ll have time to get to The Right Swipe in April but I’ll try my best because I’m dying to read it.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them? What books did you read this month?

Oh! And if you have any posts you think I should check out, leave them in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



26 thoughts on “To sum up: March 2019

  1. Awe, you got a cat. And he is black like my first cat Felix. Your story of how you got him reminds me of how I got Clyde. When I was four or five years-old a box of cats was left at the place we were renting at the time. I chose one middle-aged black striped grey tom-cat. Or rather he chose me. It turned out he was very special. He could predict earthquakes and my epileptic seizures. He was my unofficial seizure cat. I know seizure dogs cost thousands, so the free cat pulled his weight. He was also a great hunter who was willing to bring meat for the pot…if only we would accept (which we didn’t be clearly he thought Dad needed help in the kitchen)! He knew enough to stay off the road and I once saw a German Shepard walk backwards at his approach. He lived with us for 18 years and he was middle aged when we got him, thus meaning he lived to be around 24 years old. For at cat that is like living past a 100. The wildlife worried be would come back from the grave for months after he died of health problems. Oh, I miss that cat. I now have two Russian Blues, Zack and Xena, brother and sister. They are indoor cats, and Xena is allergic to something (we don’t know what other that it is a food, so she is on special vet food).
    I am glad you are physically well after a bad car crash but that would be scary. I wish you good health. My own is…iffy. Too many epilepsy seizures this past month. On the book front I finished “Whispers of Magic by Karleen Bradford. I will finish this week A Cut Above by Cara Malone. One of the MC is Chinese America, medical school set book. It is just a light read to balance out the heavier reads I have on the go. Besides my family and I spend so much time at hospitals and doctors why not read it?


  2. Aaaaw Percy sounds adorable! I have two cats at home – both rescued. And they are just the sweetest kitties who love sleeping on my chest. I know how a lot of people talk about cats not greeting them or being excited when they get home, but my babies make weird meowing sounds for me. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you’re recovering well, physically and mentally.

    I’m so excited for my copy of Descendant of the Crane! I got the preorder swag the other day and they are sooooooo pretty!!


  3. PERCY JACKSON I LOVE ❤ and YESSSS I'm so happy that you got an ARC for Love From A to Z. I'm squealing!! I'm so sorry about the last week of the month. That really sucks about your car and the accident, and I hope you're recovering well. Sending you good thoughts and healthy vibes~ Thank you for featuring my Rainbow Mood Board!! I'm so glad you loved it 🙂


  4. Your cat looks adorable ❤ I'm so sorry that the end of the month wasn't that great, I hope that April will be better for you again and hope you're recovering well ❤
    I'm glad you enjoyed Girls of Paper and Fire, I bought a copy last weekend and hope to read it very soon, I'm so nervous but very excited about it, too 🙂
    Have a lovely month! ❤


  5. Wow Fadwa! You’ve had a busy month.

    Welcome Percy! He is adorable. That is wonderful that you adopted a stray.

    I am so sorry to hear you were in an accident, how terrifying! I am so happy to hear you were not injured.

    I am so happy to see a 5-star rating for Descendant of the Crane! I will be looking forward to reading your review 🙂

    Happy reading in April!


  6. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt in that accident! ❤ Your cat sounds adorable.

    Ahh, okay your reading was A Lot. I barely finished one book last month, and I'm hoping to read at least two this month. Lol. I'm also a part of the street team for Love From A To Z (I think we're in the same team?) and I am SUPER EXCITED! As someone with MS, this is actually the first time I'll be reading a book with a character having the same illness as me.


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  8. THE CAT. IS FRIGGIN’ ADORABLE. He’s so fluffy!!! ❤ It's rather sad about his missing brother though…were your neighbors reported for abandoning them? Because it's quite horrible that they simply dumped the helpless little kitties. 😭

    Btw, I'm glad you found some excellent reads eventually! I fall into that same crisis of reading only 3-star books, and it makes me wonder whether I've already read all the good books in the world lol. And that UK limited edition of Kingdom of Copper looks beautiful!! Is it Goldsboro?


    • HE’S SUCH A PRECIOUS BEAN!!!!! And…that’s not really how things work here haha. Animal protection isn’t really a concept we have. At least we live in an appartement complex with a lot of cats and plenty of people feed them so even before we adopted him he wasn’t starving or anything.

      And yes my copy of The Kingdom of Copper is from Gosboro!!


  9. I’m glad you’re okay and didn’t get hurt at all! I have a lot of anxiety related to car riding, which sucks because that’s pretty much the only way I have to go around places. It’s definitely a struggle, but I hope you can start feeling better soon. I’m also glad you have a new fluffy friend to help you with that!
    Love From A to Z sounds AMAZING and I’m so glad you got an ARC! It seems like March was a month full of contemporaries and I’m glad you enjoyed most of them!
    Wishing you an amazing April, Fadwa! 😊


    • Thank you so much! I’ve never jad anxiety related to driving but now after two very dangerous car wrecks in four years, it settled itself in my brain which is…not fun. I’m sorry you deal with that tho!
      It was!! And weirdly enough, I made April a month for Fantasy without realizing it haha! Happy reading 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE OKAY AND I LOVE YOU!! Also, soooo excited for our buddy read, omg. ❤ I'm so happy that you loved Girls of Paper and Fire, because it is absolutely amazing and I love it so much. I… have a copy of Descendant of the Crane and I haven't read it yet??! Who am I??! (I've started it but I'm only like, 50 pages innn 😦 ) I REALLY WANT TO READ IMAGINE US HAPPY because it looks so sad and relatable and the cover is gorgeous.


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