2K FOLLOWERS CELBRATION – Reacting to your assumptions…in a video. Am I a Booktuber yet?

Reacting to your assumptions



There are 2000 people following me. 2000 people who have cared enough at some point or another to want to follow what I have to say.


Not gonna lie. This is kinda surreal and I’m kinda overwhelmed and I don’t really know how to process this. I promise in the video more eloquent thank yous because I’m usually more eloquent in writing but writing this now, I realize that I will probably embarrass past me who thought I would have my shit together and actually know how to thanks y’all for the past three years and a half in the community, for the support, for the opportunities and most important of all for the friends.

Over the past three years and a half I met some of my best friends, people I can’t imagine my life without now, people who’ve shown me unconditional love and support, no matter what I was going through or what I needed, they were there. Not even thousands of miles nor oceans could stop them. They know who they are. I also got to befriend and interact with so many people since joining the community, we may not talk a lot, we may only talk on occasions but I value every interaction. So thank you for following me, sticking by me, and through your support, opening doors to things I didn’t know were reachable for me, and thinks I didn’t even think of doing.

Being in the community pushed me out of my comfort zone more times than I could count, it made me grow and made me realize just how many things I could do if I only believed in myself enough. And I do. I do believe in myself enough now to express my opinions unfiltered, to talk about the things I am truly passionate about and have people read them, and actually care enough about my words to interact with them. It’s sorta mind-boggling if you think about it? That my corner of the internet has people willingly coming in and out of it because they want to read whatever thoughts cross my mind that I want to share. I also believe in myself enough to say yes to things, to work on projects, to initiate projects like #DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss which is my pride and joy as well as another collaborative *whispers* secret project I’m working on right now with a friend and that I’ll get to talk about in just a little over a week. As well as many many more opportunities behind the scenes.

I honestly pour my heart and soul into this lil brain child of mine and seeing that pay off is rewarding. It makes all the hard times, the nights I stay up too late typing away, the burn-outs and the doubts worth it. So all of this to say THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES ❤ This number has always been some kind of unachievable goal for me to be honest haha even when I was 200 or ever 100 followers away. This also happens to be my 500th post!!! So it all worked out perfectly!


That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


17 thoughts on “2K FOLLOWERS CELBRATION – Reacting to your assumptions…in a video. Am I a Booktuber yet?

  1. congratulations on the 2k fadwa!! i’m really happy and proud of you and all that you’ve managed to garner during your experience. you’re seriously one of my biggest inspirations and i can’t wait to see you continue to grow in the community 💜💖


  2. Congratulations on 2k– that’s amazing!!! ❤ and it is wonderful to hear that you believe in yourself and I am glad having a blog and the bookish community helped with that!!! You have a lovely blog and I’m so happy for your achievement!! 💕


  3. You’re adorable with your cat ah I melted ❤ I loved this video SO much and you look stunning this has to be said.
    Congratulations on 2k followers, Fadwa, I'm so, so really happy to have followed you for… most of your book blogging adventure, I think (actually I think I've been following you since 2016 if I'm not wrong? Are we this old really what happened to time oh my god I'm shocked.) and to see you grow and read your posts and learn from you and everything else just makes me so, so happy. Here's to more and more years of blogging, more followers and always, always your passion shining brightly ❤


  4. Congratulations on 2k followers, Fadwa! You are an inspiring book blogger with what you read and your posts. You are amazing and I assume from your blog that you are a good, passionate person who wants a better world. I have much respect for doctors (my family needs them, sadly). I didn’t realize just how much time blogging can take. I hope you have more success in your future.


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  6. CONGRATULATIONS ON 2K! This video was SO CUTE and fun! I’m not a huge makeup person – I’ve gotten better over the past few years (lol, I’m almost 30 and I’m only just getting into makeup) but my sisters are and I need to show them your looks because you are STUNNING. ❤


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