To sum-up: April 2019

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Hello friends!

I honestly have no idea how April went. I didn’t have a minute of rest all throughout the month which made it pass in a freaking BLUR.


I…MOVED? It was so unexpected! We made the decision at the end of the first week of April and we moved to our new place last Saturday. It was a very needed change in my life but a very bittersweet one nonetheless. I had so many memories attached to our old place, some of which I would like to move on from which…was hard, since I lived there so this feels like a fresh start. Plus, I had two major car accidents going home from the city (we lived in the suburbs) and driving on that dangerous road had started giving me major anxiety, and now we live right in the city which means that everything is close by! Even my school and the hospital(s).

NEXT, I’ve been putting together a huge blogging project that consumed every minute I wasn’t packing/unpacking, with sending emails, replying to them, figuring out logistics, putting everything together and it’s FINALLY done and ready for publication, all I have to do now is post scheduling which will take considerably less time than the previous stages. These two things combined means that I barely had any time to read, so much so that I haven’t read ANYTHING in the past week. Seriously, zilch.

The blog also reached 2K FOLLOWERS this month which is mind-blowing… and I posted a WHOLE ASS YOUTUBE VIDEO to celebrate, which was so so so far out of my comfort zone and I was so nervous for it to go up because I thought it would be embarrassing but it was….okay? And I actually had a lot of fun both filming and editing the video that I’m considering making more videos in the future (and maybe even starting a proper channel…who knows?). Another platform I made an executive decision for is my bookstagram: whereas before I used to follow a theme, I decided to stop doing that as it wasn’t working for me anymore, it was stifling my creativity and sucking the fun out of it so I’m going to start posting more candid and spontaneous pictures. You can follow my bookstagram shenanigans here.


Title = goodreads page.

I read 7 books which is…bleh for me if I’m being honest but I don’t feel bad about it in the slightest because I really did not have time for books and I read when I could/felt like it.

2019 - April.png

You can find my YARC 2019 progress post here. I read 3 BOOKS that fit the challenge this month!

I’m also a little over halfway through Jade City by Fonda Lee, two thirds into the Bruja Born audiobook by Zoraida Cordova and just start Middlegame by Seanan McGuire.


book title = review




I…have 26 hefty posts planned for this month…26. POSTS. And big ones. Like I’ve hinted to above, I’ve been working (with a friend) on a blog series project that means a lot to me all throughout April and we finally get to reveal it in May. In LESS THAN A WEEK. On the 7th of May, to be exact, I will be sharing an introduction post and we’ll get on to posting from there. I know I’m keeping it pretty vague BUT YOU’LL GET TO KNOW EVERYTHING SOON AND I CANNOT WAIT! I poured so many hours of work and organization into it so I hope you’ll all like it.

I’m not sure how I’ll manage to write all the posts, especially since I only have a handful scheduled, and even more so because Ramadan is starting in a few days…um. But we’ll see. Mayhaps I have too much on my plate haha but I’ll manage like always do, especially because I’m honestly so passionate and excited about everything planned.

Also! Ramadan Mubarak if you observe, may it be a blessed and peaceful one ❤


A Very Large Expanse of Sea is this month’s Twitter mutual pick and I honestly have no idea when I would have read it if it wasn’t picked but I’m excited to see how I like it, especially since I heard very good things about it!! Rebel is going to be my first experience ever with historical romance and I’M SO PUMPED!!! I request the arc on a whim and I’ve just been getting increasingly excited about it since I got approved.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them? What books did you read this month?

Oh! And if you have any posts you think I should check out, leave them in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



20 thoughts on “To sum-up: April 2019

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Fever King!! I can’t wait to read it!. And I’m excited that you’re going to read Middle Game, I read an ARC and LOVED IT, it’s amazing, so I hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic May 💕😊


  2. I’m super curious about this project! Congrats on the move, that was so quick and I’m glad you feel better now that you have moved! I read Jade City and really liked it, I hope you enjoy it too 🙂 Descendant of the Crane was my favourite read of the month, seriously WHAT AN INCREDIBLE BOOK ♥


  3. Hopefully city life is good for you (maybe safer and more convenient?) So, you want to know what I read last month: I read Veil by Chloe Neill and A Cut Above by Cara Malone, and a few others. I am curious about this project and can’t wait to find out what it is. On another note, April was not good for me health wise. My epilepsy is still flaring up. Hopefully May will be better for everyone.


  4. I’m so excited to read your 26 blog posts this month! Also super pumped to see what you and your friend cooked up. It must be something huge — congrats on organizing everything!


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  6. I cANNOT believe you have TWENTY. SIX. posts planned for this month? What??? I’m so proud of you and I believe in you ❤ ❤ ❤ also, I'M SO HAPPY YOU LOVED WE HUNT THE FLAME!! I'm still 20% in it and it's been slow-going 😦 😦 I don't think I'm really vibing with the story right now, which is so so so sad. I know Chaima was really disappointed with the novel, and I'm definitely not going saying that I dislike the novel right now, but I'm really unsure? Most importantly, I love you and I'm so glad you're safe.


    • JU I’M FREAKING OUT? WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!! Tbh i didn’t like it much either for the first 30 to 35% but i loved it so much after that!! My review is coming on Wednesday if you’d like to read it!! And thank youu, i love you too ❤

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  7. I haven’t been reading a lot this month too, April has been unexpectedly hectic and flew by really fast! I really looking forward to read We Hunt the Flame and Love from A to Z, they sound really great! I hope you’ll have a great May!


  8. Sounds like you have a VERY busy month coming up! Good luck!
    I’m glad you got the move sorted and are closer to everything now.
    Even though you didn’t read that many books for you it sounds like they were all great. I’m really looking forward to reading Jade City…. Whenever I get around to it (too many books to read!).


  9. Very curious to see your blogging project. ❤ And last minute moving would stress me out so much so kudos for you for juggling both. I hope this new place will be great.
    The Fever King was such a great read!


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