#DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss: Writing a Biracial Identity


Writing a book is difficult. Try adding in pieces of yourself and the process gets even more complicated.

            I’ve wanted to include a piece of myself in every story. Up until I tackled my first book, it was usually depression or anxiety rep. These were two things I had become so intimately tied to that putting them on the page seemed natural. Continue reading

MUSLIM VOICES RISE UP – Advice to my Younger Muslim self

8- Advice to my younger Muslim self

Salaams friends and Eid Mubarak!

Welcome to Muslim Voices Rise Up, a month-long project taking place during Ramadan where Muslim authors and bloggers share their experiences on various topics. This project is dedicated to centering Muslim experiences and showcasing the diversity within our own narratives. You can find more info, along with other blog posts for this project, on the introduction post. This is our last post in what’s been an incredible series and…journey to be honest. To finish it off, we asked a few Muslim folks to write about some advice they’d give to their younger selves and here’s what they had to say: Continue reading