To sum-up: July 2019

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Hello friends!

I disappear yet again. huh? I really have been slacking at this blogging thing lately and I’m not sure what to tell you about it haha, but I have what I think are valid reasons I will get into in the rest of the post.


This month was a really good one in *most* aspects. My mental health did a 180 and is pretty great right now. I don’t know why or how it happened and I won’t be questioning it too much but I’ve just been feeling really good lately. I had such an incredibly fullfilling  but also extremely busy month and that explains why my posts trickled until they disappeared altogether again.

First things is I’ve been going out almost everyday in July, my friends and I just kept on making plans and even when I considered staying back to schedule things or just stay at home and read (like I’ve done in the past) I didn’t feel like doing it at all because I genuinely have fun everytime and I didn’t want to miss out on that. Especially since I don’t thing I have 100% recovered from my blog burn out yet. And I don’t want to force myself to do anything that would make it worse. The time I did stay at home was divided between my blog, booktube, bookstagram, chores, reading and writing.

OH! And that’s a new thing too. Remember how I said I wasn’t interested in writing many times before? Well. Let me go get my clown shoes because I’m boo boo the fool. So to make a long story short, what happened is that one day in mid-July while I was minding my own business getting breakfast, I was hit with this book concept that would not leave my brain. Then as the day went on, little pieces started adding themselves to that initial idea and by the time the day ended, I had something that resembled a book idea. I tweeted very vaguely about it and was encouraged by so many people to actually write it. So here I am, a little less than two weeks later and 10k words into a WIP I never thought I would write. If you want to follow my adventures, check out #QueerResistanceWIP on twitter.

This means that I have way too many things on my plate right now and I’m struggling to juggle everything. I realized that juggling everything “well” means, for me, that my mental health will need to be sacrificed, because it’s just too much pressure. And I’m finally at a place where I can recognize how unhealthy that is and decided against doing it. This is just another reason my blog went to the backburner in July as I try to figure out how to do everything while staying sane. I’m not there 100% but I’m getting there and I’m taking strides towards fitting everything together while taking care of myself. Because I care too much about everything I’m doing to give up on anything.

Oh I was also in a weird slumpish mood for 75% of the month, so that’s great.


Title = goodreads page

I read 8 books this month, two of which were leftover from June that I was already almost done with, and three I finished in the last week. So, yes, weird slump.


If you want to know more about my opinions on any of these books, watch out for my wrap-up, which will be up on my Youtube channel SOON.

You can find my YARC 2019 progress post here. I read 2 BOOKS that fit the challenge this month!






Hopefully me getting my shit together and going back to being consistent with my posting? I miss it to be honest, and I feel inspired to post again. This week though, I’m away spending a few days with my best friend and after that it’s Eid so it might take a little while before I’m 100% back in the swing of things but I will try my best to schedule posts for Eid week before it gets here so I don’t fall behind and give up yet again haha.

Speaking of scheduling, I will be going back to my 3 posts a week instead of 4 I’ve been doing for the past few months. With discussion posts and #DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss alternating every monday. So each will be happening every other week, instead of on Mondays and Sundays respectively every week. Since discussions take the longest to plan, write and format that should take a considerable workload off my shoulders and make it manageable again. Technically though, you’ll be getting my content 5 times a week, because I upload two videos a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I’m also still playing catch-up with months worth of comments on my posts so that will also be happening, and need to update the Trigger Warning Database and uhhh…a few other things I’m sure I’m forgetting. Like I said, maybe I’ve taken on one too many projects. Oops.



That’s it until next time.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them? What books did you read this month?

Oh! And if you have any posts you think I should check out, leave them in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.




14 thoughts on “To sum-up: July 2019

  1. Taking on one too many projects is after all what book blogging is all about, right? 😂 I have just returned to blogging after a looooong hiatus. You are welcome to take a peek at my blog anytime 🙂


  2. This year hasn’t been very great on me physically and mentally either, and as the result, my blogging has also been very sporadic. I’m either too exhausted or too excited with real life that I didn’t feel like reading/blogging much! But I think it’s actually been good, because we’re realizing that the stress can be unhealthy, or we’re just enjoying life and getting out there more, making memories and all that 😀 I hope August will be an amazing month for you, Fadwa!


  3. I am happy July was kinder to you, Fadwa. I look forward to hearing more about your writing project. I am reading Alysha at Last. I too have not read Pride and Prejudice before reading it. It is a good read, but deals with a few tough issues here and there are slowly revelled as the story unfolds. It is by a Canadian author and set in Canada, but mostly from the india diaspora. I think you will enjoy it.
    P.S. The Canadian Cover for Alysha at Last has the same outline as your copy but different colours on the cover.


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  5. How do you manage to have three posts and two videos going up every week? that’s some serious superhero magic!!
    It’s completely ok to have time off, though. Lately, I’ve been trying to be better at keeping my blog schedule consistent, but sometimes life gets in the way or I’m just lazy, and I’ve been trying to manage that better. I would always struggle between wanting to go out with friends and stay home reading and blogging, but it’s just like you said: I know I’ll have fun if I go out, and books will wait for me haha Happy August! ❤


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  7. The struggle to balance everything is real. However it sounds like you are having fun with everything and that is always a good thing. I kind of had too many ideas recently and I am struggling finding the way to do them all justice. I have anxiety regarding my kiddo and the stress is taking away all my concentration levels.

    Sorry to hear Gideon the Ninth wasn’t super good. I saw someone else saying they didn’t enjoy it all on Twitter so that is a bummer.


  8. I’m so happy to see you read and enjoyed Brown Girl Dreaming! Jacqueline Woodson is brilliant. You’d probably like her book Another Brooklyn too 🙂

    That’s so exciting that you started writing a book! Good luck to you with your WIP. I look forward to hearing more about your writing journey.


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