My best friend picks my TBR… AGAIN!

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Hello friends!

As promised in last week’s post, I am back with another edition of “My Best Friend Picks my TBR”. Here are the original 2019 post as well as the wrap-up for that one. But the gist of it is that Laura basically chose 5 books for me to read throughout the year and I did the same for her. We’re doing the same thing this year, the only difference is that we’re going for 6 books instead of 5.

For this year’s edition, there is a good variety of books, some I’ve been dying to read, some I vaguely know of and some that are wildly out of my comfort but I’m….excited? about all of them because I have high hopes of liking most, if not all of them. And hopefully this year, I will actually read all of them and not leave out one or more. I will grant myself one, though… BUT I’LL TRY MY HARDEST TO GET TO ALL OF THEM. You can aslo find my TBR for Laura here when it goes up. So without further ado, here are the books.

Book image = Goodreads page.

1- On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden - On a SunbeamWe both know that I absolutely love comics in any way, shape or form and I’m going to make it my mission to get you to read more of them, starting with this one. I absolutely loved this one and when I talked to you about it, I found out that you wanted to read it too, so this was quite an easy choice. 

Okay but Laura is the best?? She did not only include a graphic novel I’m dying to read but she also got it for me for my birthday AND in the stunning edition I wanted (the hardcover with the cover art above). And the fact that she also included it in this list means that I really can’t procrastinate it or forget about it and *have* to read it this year. I’m honestly SO EXCITED!!! I kept flipping through it the day it got here in awe of how simple yet beautiful the art is, especially the colors.

2- The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee

stacey lee - the downstairs grlI feel like getting one of us to read Stacey Lee is becoming a bit of a tradition after you put Outrun the Moon on my TBR last year, and now I’m putting The Downstairs Girl on your TBR. And I’m here for it because I love Stacey Lee, and I know you do too.

Anyway, I’m only halfway through this book and I’m loving it a lot already, and I think you’ll really like it too. Or at least, I hope you will. 

AAAAH YES!!! This is the only Stacey Lee book I actually do not own, but I *will* get it as soon as I can because I really am desperate to read it. First because Stacey Lee is my favorite historical fiction author and second because the premise of this book sounds absolutely badass and I need it in my life. And Laura is right about this becoming a tradition, we even buddy-read Outrun the Moon as planned.

3- Timekeeper by Tara Sim

Tara Sim #1 - TimekeeperWhen I saw that Timekeeper was on your e-book TBR I got very excited and kinda nervous at the same time. I mean, I knew I had to put it on your TBR for this year because Timekeeper became one of my favorite YA fantasy(ish?) books when I read it 2 years ago, but I’m also scared that my opinions might have changed and that you’ll hate it and… AH. Anyway, it’s gay so it can’t be too bad, right? 

And I also don’t want you to go into this expecting the worst so: this is a good book! It’s a good one! Yes! 

Ahahaha! I really am not expecting to hate this book. Like, it’s never been a high-up priority on my TBR, especially since I’ve owned the e-book for like…two years, and yet have managed to not read it. But for some reason it’s picked my curiosity lately, so this is perfect and will actually make me read it instead of just thinking about reading it forever.

4- Piecing me Together by Renée Watson 

Renee Watson - Piecing me together.jpgRenée Watson is an incredible author and I really want you to read something by her, and since this is on your e-book TBR already it’s probably a good place to start, right? This might not be my personal favorite book of hers, but I still liked it a lot and I just love Renée Watson’s writing style, and I hope you’ll fall in love with it too.

Okay I must admit that I REALLY wanted to read this one when it first came out but then…it just got buried under a MOUNTAIN of other books so I completely forgot about it. Renée Watson is also an author I’ve wanted to read from for the longest time so time to get my shit together, listen to Laura and do it already.

5- Front Desk by Kelly Yang

Kelly Yang - Front Desk.jpgNext to getting you to read more comics, I’m also making it my mission to get you to read more middle grade. And I feel like I’m already a little bit successful in this after you read and liked Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World for last years TBR (yes, I’m very proud of myself). 

Front Desk is one of my favorite middle grade books and I remember staying up until 2 in the morning because I just had to finish it, and that hardly ever happens so I feel like that says a lot. Plus, this books sequel is being published in September so it’s the perfect time for you to read this! I’m excited!

OF COURSE there was going to be a Middle Grade on this list, OF COURSE! I did not expect anything else from Laura. I mean, she got me to read my first middle grade book ever in 2019 so it’s only normal she continues the tradition. And believe me, I’m not complaining! This book is one of the ones I added on my TBR when I decided to read more MG this year so I’m really excited to see it on this list.

6- Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins - Destiny's Captive.jpgI know you love romance book and the fact that you’ve never read a Beverly Jenkins book is a DISGRACE. Granted, I’ve only read one myself but I really liked it, and I really want to read another one so… buddy read? 

Plus, this one sounds so good? I mean, pirates??? Maybe I should make a whole list here of things that sound good about this book but honestly? Pirates is enough. Pirates, and the fact that it’s Beverly Jenkins.

(Edit: Fadwa has informed me that she’s offended because she has in fact read a Berverly Jenkins book before. Oops, my bad. But you need more Beverly Jenkins in your life so! Go read this book!)

I WAS INDEED VERY OFFENDED!!!! Because I read and loved Rebel by Beverly Jenkins this past year!! And I’m glad Laura is giving me an excuse to read another one hehe especially one about PIRATES!!!! The hero’s grandpa in Rebel is a pirate from one of her other books and he was mentioned so I was already eyeing her pirate books so this is a good place to start. Although since this is a third book in a series (that I can also read independently) I might use it as an excuse to read books 1 & 2 as well hehe.

I’m so so excited about this list and can’t wait to dive into it! HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS  ❤

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



12 thoughts on “My best friend picks my TBR… AGAIN!

  1. I just commented on your counterparts post, but I love this idea and think it’s such a fun way to be able to pick some 2020 reads! Plus you’ve got a built in system to talk about them afterwards!!


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  3. I LOVE Renee Watson! I really enjoyed Piecing Me Together but This Side of Home is my favorite from her, I’d highly recommend it 😀 I keep hearing about The Downstairs Girl and I actually have a copy of it at home that I’ve been meaning to get to, I’m looking forward to your review


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