To sum-up: February 2020 + March TBR

To Sum up (3)

Hello friends!

My name is Fadwa and I haven’t had much of a life this past month.


*releases long sight* I really went around complaining about life being stressful in January, huh? I was entirely unprepared for February to roll around and for work to completely take over my life. To be completely honest, I feel very exhausted and close to burn-out. You might ask, but why aren’t you taking a hiatus from content? And the answer is simple, creating content is actually the only thing giving me relief at the moment, it’s the only hobby I still have time for in the midst of all the chaos. And I mean logically, if i didn’t do it, I’d have time for other hobbies, but I don’t want to give it up.

Mostly, what I need, is for work to let up. I only have one more month working the ICU and things should be chill after that but…this next month should be interesting, and I’m both looking forward to it because of the experience, but also…not because I’m tired of how intense and demanding it is. I love intensive care and I’m really admirative of those who choose it as their life calling but boi, it’s not for me. If this is teaching me anything, it’s that I definitely need a specialty that’s less soul sucking, for my own health, no matter how much I love it.

That being said, with February Being Black History Month, I read (almost) exclusively Black books and it was such an amazing experience because most books I read were brilliant, and some of them I have a really hard time describing in coherent words. Not only that, but most my reads were Adult books, and I feel like I just opened a secret door and infinite options are now offered to me and I’M EXCITED!!!!

Other than that, life wise, I honestly didn’t have much happening, all I did was focus on surviving. Pls, expect next month’s update to look just like this.


title = goodreads review

Okay so, in the middle of the day on February 29th (the day I’m writing this), I have finished 6 books, but I’m almost done with Black Girl Unlimited and You Should See me in a Crown and I’m hellbent on finishing both before the end of the day, so I’m including them, oops. So, 8 books total. I won’t be taking any questions.

I’m linking to my review pages for both, which aren’t up as of right now, but they will be as soon as I get around to writing them.

  • Beneath the Rising  – DNF @ 34%.  This book started so promising and I was really intrigued by premise and expected to love, but it just started dragging a lot and I lost interested in whatever was happening.
  • Destiny’s Captive – The romance was cute and I absolutely adored the family dynamics in this one but the way the sexy scenes were written made me cringe more than once and the way the PTSD was handled wasn’t the best.
  • The Reader This was a reread for me and I adored it this time around even more than I did the first time.
  • The Deep – Reading this book was such a visceral experience filled with the importance of remembering our ancestors and history and acknowledging the trauma of the past and its everlasting impact.
  • Queenie – This might be a new favorite of mine. It brilliantly an unapologetically explores mental illness and what it is like to hit rock bottom and to be self-destructive, while also being hilarious and showing what recovery is like and tackling a slew of other experiences that are unique to Black women.
  • Freshwater I quite frankly do not know where to begin with this book. Did I love it? Yes. But it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before and listening to it narrated by the author was a unique experience, so I struggle to form words that properly convey that.
  • You Should See Me in a Crown – A Black queer anxious girl who grows up in poverty beating the odds stacked up against her while also getting a cute as hell romance with a dorky girl who doesn’t know how to not have her foot in her mouth? HELL YES!
  • Black Girl Unlimited – This is the first memoir I read in years and one of the only ones I’ve read in my life, and it’s making me want to pick up more. Who am I? But this is written is such a unique way, mixing the author’s life with magical elements that stand as metaphors for real life happening and it’s outstanding.

As you know, I was doing Blackathon and aiming for all eight challenges BUT I did not succeed at that. That being said I did succeed at the readathon overall, since I read all book required to complete the challenges for team contemporary. The only two I didn’t manage to read are An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon and A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy.


Color the Shelves

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I’m really freaking proud of this one, y’all.



MY FRIEND SIERRA IS VISITING ALL THE WAY FROM THE US!!!!! I am so excited about this y’all don’t understand! It’s not happening until towards the end of the month, and it’s quite frankly, very probably, the only thing that will keep me going this hellish month!! I’ll finally get to meet my soul sister and show her around my city and it’s gonna be great!

Other than that, my booktube is SO CLOSE TO 1.5k subscribers!!! and once I reach that I’ll do an unfiltered Q&A and I’m really looking forward to that! Content wise, everything should be going up according to my schedule. And reading wise, I have quite the ambitious reading plans, and i’m partaking in a week long readathon called the Zodiacathon, which I’ve done a few months ago and loved and I’m really looking forward to doing it again, with completely different prompts.


The Electric Heir is also coming out this month so I tentatively want to reread it before reviewing it for its release date but that will remain to be seen. I REALLY want to make it happen though.

That’s it until next time.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them? What books did you read this month?

Oh! And if you have any posts you think I should check out, leave them in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.



9 thoughts on “To sum-up: February 2020 + March TBR

  1. I hope life is kind to you. ICD work is needed but I have no doubt it can be emotionally draining to see people very sick or injured all the time. I have seen my Dad in ICU enough times. Some books I read this past month are: Hunted by P.C. and Kristina Cast. I read Love Trauma by Cara Malone which was a nice escape. A graphic novel and for school I read “Feminist Framework Building Theory on Violence Against Women by Lisa S. Price. I can recommend the last book but content warning is has descriptions of actual victims statement of child abuse, so be warned. For my Anthropology course I need to write up Barbara Smuts and Robert Smuts two articles and then cirque them from a view other than the evolutionary one. I chose the feminists theory view. Wish me luck.

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  2. Seems like a wonderful bunch of books! I’m glad you had a great reading experience. I added Queenie and The Deep to my tbr list as thy sound very intriguing. I hope you have a lovely time with Sierra and that March is kind to you!

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  3. we are all going to explode when you and sierra meet, the power you hold!!! but anyways, i’m sorry to hear things have been so busy for you, and i hope they die down soon. and i’m glad that content creating is giving you relief from all the stress!! healthy coping mechanism lmao. i hope march is better than february for you 💖

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