COLOR THE SHELVES: A “Island Affair” soundtrack – by Priscilla Oliveras

Color the Shelves (13)

Hello friends and welcome to Color the Shelves!

*takes deep breaths to tame excitement* Do you ever read the synopsis of a book and know immediately you’re going to love it so you’re brain starts chanting NEED! THIS! NOW! This is what happened when I came across ISLAND AFFAIR! It’s the story of a social media influencer recovering from an eating disorder who starts a fake dating scheme with a paramedic when her boyfriend is a no-show. FAKE DATING!!!! This trope is my kryptonite, the build up of sexual tension that comes with it and the budding feelings are *chef’s kiss. And add to that some mental illness exploration? You’re sure to win me over. And today’s, I have invited the author over to share the book soundtrack with you and the story behind each song, which is only going to make you read it more. Trust me.

(I might or might not have been listening to it while typing this post up)

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