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The minute I read the synopsis for FORBIDDEN PROMISES I knew two things: 1/ it sounds exactly like the kind of romance book I’d gobble up, full of angst and drama and 2/ I needed to have the author over on the blog to chat about the book. And I definitely did not regret that decision. Having Synithia Williams talk about soap operas, drama and the inspiration behind FORBIDDEN PROMISES made the need to have it between my hands and devour the story inside of it intensify. Like, what else could I need in times of stress than a woman in love with her sister’s ex-husband fighting those feelings while he simultaneously fights the ones he has for her? Nothing, me thinks. Especially if you add a backdrop of rich people to it. So enough ramblings on my part, here’s what Synithia has to say:

The Inspiration behind the story

I grew up watching soap operas. They were always on in the background at my house or at one of my grandmother’s homes. I got caught up in the worlds of drama, intrigue, secrets, and forbidden love.  The Michelle Baur/Danny Santos romance from Guiding Light was my personal fav! In high school, I couldn’t wait to get off the bus and watch the three o’clock soaps. If I was going to miss one, I’d set the VCR to record. (Showing my age here) In college I arranged my schedule so I wouldn’t miss an episode. Later, when I got a full time job and couldn’t watch daily, I would still catch up on my days off and quickly pick on the latest intrigue. Even though my favorite soap is no longer on the air, I’ll tune in to Young and the Restless when I can. I mean, who can’t get enough Victor Newman. Lol!

This love of soap operas and the drama that played out in each and every episode fueled my imagination. I’ve been told I love to torture my characters, in a good way, and I have to say this interest in soap operas has definitely influenced my writing. 

Forbidden Promises is a perfect example of how my love of soap operas has inspired me. It’s the first book in my Jackson Falls series which follows the wealthy and influential Robidoux Family. The Robidoux Family made their money in tobacco and expanded that wealth into other enterprises. Forbidden Promises is the story of India Robidoux, the youngest daughter in the family. She’s tried to avoid the drama and obligations that come with being a member of her family by spending years traveling the world playing her violin. What’s supposed to be a quick visit back home turns into her being roped into her brother’s run for the United States senate. What makes matters worse, is when she’s teamed up with her sister’s ex-husband, Travis Strickland. A man she’s been in love with for years. 

Obviously in a soap opera writers are able to put a heroine with her sister’s ex-husband and make the audience cheer for it (i.e. Cassie and Richard from Guiding Light). Forbidden Promises is my attempt to do the same. Neither Travis nor India want to give in to their feelings, but love is something that is hard to deny. What results is a story full of angst, desire, and yearning that I hope readers will enjoy.

Learn More:Synithia Williams - Forbidden Promises

What do you do when you want the one person you can never have?

Get in and get out. That was India Robidoux’s plan for this family visit. But when her brother needs her help with his high-profile political campaign, India has no choice but to stay and face the one man she’s been running from for years—Travis, her sister’s ex-husband. One hot summer night when Travis was still free, they celebrated her birthday with whiskey and an unforgettable kiss. The memory is as strong as ever—and so are the feelings she’s tried so hard to forget.

Travis Strickland owes everything to the Robidoux family. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them—his divorce could never change that. Still, he has one regret. Impulsive and passionate, India always understood him better than anyone else. And the longer they work together on the campaign, the more torn he is. Coming between her and her sister is out of the question. But how can he let love pass him by a second time?


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About the author


Synithia has loved romance novels since reading her first one at the age of 13. It was only natural she would begin penning her own soon after. It wasn’t until 2010 that she began to actively pursue her dream of becoming a published author. She completed her first novel, You Can’t Plan Love, in the fall of 2010 and sold it to Crimson Romance in 2012.

Her novel Making it Real was a USA Today Happily Ever After blog 2015 Must Read Romance and A Malibu Kind of Romance a 2017 RITA finalist.

When she isn’t writing, she works on water quality issues for local government while balancing the needs of her husband and two sons.

The gorgeous banner template was created by Skye @shuurens on Twitter. Here’s her website and portfolio.

That’s it until next time.

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


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