10 romance authors I want to try out in 2020

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Hello friends!

So uh… you know how I am self-proclaimed romance trash? Well, I recently came to two realizations that aren’t very pleasant to me and make it harder to hold onto that title, which are as follow:

  1. Out of all my reading this year so far, romance makes up a whooping 8%, which is a grand total of two books. I’ve read two romance books in the past three months. And I hate it.
  2. I tend to circle back to the same authors and rarely if ever branch out.  Talia Hibbert, Alyssa Cole, Alisha Rai, Rebekah Weatherspoon, and a couple others. But that’s it. I mean they’re phenomenal, but I’d like to see what else is out there.

So to remedy this whole shameful ordeal, I decided that for the remainder of this year I want to read ten romance authors I’ve never read from before. I own every single one of these, most on my kindle but a few physically so I really don’t have any excuse not to get to them. And to motivate me further I even planned a reading vlog on my channel, which might or might not be coming out in a few weeks with a few of these books in it.

Enough ramblings, without further ado, here are the ten authors I want to read romance from this year:

(this are in no particular order, and I’m only including the first book of there’s I’m planning on trying out)

book cover = goodreads page

1- Zoey Castile

Zoey Castile - #1 Stripped

This name might not be familiar to you, but if I say Zoraida Cordova, you’ll probably recognize her. This author writes YA as well as a few romances under that name, but she’s now writing the Happy Endings series under this pen name. I have the two first books physically so I really do not have any reason to have not read them already. And yet here we are. I’ve likes this author’s YA, so I really should just take the leap of faith and jump into her romance. Especially since this one involves the adult entertainment industry and the hero is a deliciously sculpted dancer.

2- Anna Zabo

Syncopation (Twisted Wishes, #1)

I don’t know a ton about this author, other than the fact that all my romance loving friends absolutely love their romances, so I’ve always had them at the back of my mind as a potential author I could check out. But then a couple months ago, I was researching for my aro-spec book list for #AroAwarenessWeek and I found out that this has a grayromantic main character and that was that, I am now determined to read it because I need that representation in my life.

3- Mia Sosa

Mia Sosa - The Worst Best Man

I must admit that I did not know much about Mia Sosa, but then two things happened almost back to back. The first being that I worked with her on a#ColorTheShelves post with a dream casting that had my mouth watering. and the second is that a few friends of mine started reading her book and I’ve only heard the most amazing echos back from them. Plus, the author kindly sent me a physical ARC so what more could I truly ask for? Nothing, really. So this one is getting read very soon.

4- Suzanne Park

Suzanne Park - Loathe at First Sight

This is almost the same situation as above, the only difference being that this is actually Suzanne Park’s debut romance so really I wasn’t missing anything and I still am not since this book isn’t out until August so I have until them to hop on this bandwagon early or…completely jump out of it. We’ll see how it’ll go. Since I don’t have anyone to ask for opinions.

5- Adriana Herrera

42983586. sy475

I’ve been following Adriana for a couple years now so I’m slightly ashamed I haven’t read any of her stories yet, especially since her Dreamers series, especially, is so beloved within the romance community. Honestly the more I write for this post, the more I realize just how much romance content I have to catch up on and I’m both vexed and excited.

6- Suleikha Snyder

48694922. sy475

Suleikha is probably one of the romance authors I’ve been following the longest, the worst part? I didn’t realize she was a romance author until she started advertising Tikka Chance on Me, which I’ve been dying to get my hands on since then. Bad boy biker with a heart of gold meets the good girl? GIMME! I live on that shit. I’ve acquired it recently and have been making moony eyes at it everytime I open my kindle app.

7- Nisha Sharma

36544616. sy475

This post is full of confession and I have another one. I’ve owned Nisha Sharma’s YA contemporary romance debut since before it came out (a friend sent me an ARC) and I still have not read it. But since I’ve fallen out of love with that genre, I gotta say that I am much more interested in reading her adult romance. I’d rather just devour this series about a bunch of Sikh brothers getting up to shenanigans and falling in love.

7- Lucy Parker

25750546. sy475

It seems like everyone but me has a read a Lucy Parker books, especially her London Celebrities series. And yet here I am, having bought the book secondhand over a year ago and I still have not read it. I’m incorrigible at this point. So many of my friends adore her stories and have quite literally yelled at me to just pick up Act Like It already “YOU OWN IT, FADWA! IT’S RIGHT THERE!” and yet. And yet. But this is another one that’s happening very soon. Hopefully.

8- Kit Rocha

17317379. sy475

Kit Rocha being on this list is 110% my friend Nikki’s fault, she adores this author and sings their praises whenever she can. She has been yelling at me to read the Beyond series for over a year now. And I finally have the three books in the series (thanks to her, too, actually!) so I’m running out of excuses. Plus, I’ve been meaning to branch out of Contemporary and Historical Romance so this seems like an opportunity on a silver platter. And I’m actually excited to read this, it has everything I’ve been craving lately so I’m crossing all my limbs I end up loving it.

9- Ann Aguirre


Technically, Anna Aguirre isn’t a new to me author at all. I read her Razorland series as a teenager and was TRASH for it, it was my favorite thing and devoured all three books in a week. And eventhough I was a romance reader back then, I wasn’t online and had no idea she wrote romance, and only discovered she did in the last couple of years. So eventhough I haven’t actively been trying to read them, her romance books have always intrigued me and I knew that I would eventually get around to picking them up. And it looks like that eventually is this year.

10- Dakota Gray

30059610. sx318

This is a last minute addition. I recently got gifted a shit ton of romance books on my kindle and I’m deeply lost as to which ones I should start with as I’m not familiar with 70% of the authors I have and I don’t want to resort to what’s comfortable and go for an author I already know and love. So I shared my list on twitter and got a few people I trust with my romance recommendations praising Perv up and down and that automatically put the book and thus the author on my radar.

And that’s it for this list! I feel like it has a good mix of a lot of genre and themes and I’m REALLY looking forward to getting started on it, especially since I’ve been in a huge romance mood lately.

That’s it until next time.

What are some romance authors you love and would recommend?

Have you read anything by these authors? What did you think of them?

Hope you enjoyed, write to you soon.


9 thoughts on “10 romance authors I want to try out in 2020

  1. Well, you have a solid list there. I enjoyed the Happy Endings series, loved Worst Best Man, over the moon adore Lucy Parker’s books, and thought Sharma’s adult debut was fabulous. I am looking forward to Park’s book, and have been meaning to give the Harrera series a look, because everyone loves it. I need to see for myself. Hope you find some hits in the bunch.


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