COLOR THE SHELVES: Interview with Swati Teerdhala, author of The Archer at Dawn

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Hello friends and welcome to Color the Shelves!

A couple months ago, I read THE TIGER AT MIDNIGHT by Swati Teerdhala and had an absolute blast with it! It was such an immersive cat and mouse romance fantasy story, with intrigue and adventure so I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Now imagine how happy I am, that after reading it, I am able to interview the author about it as well as about its newly released sequel THE ARCHER AT DAWN, which I -for obvious reasons- am dying to get my hands on. Especially with how many possibilities the ending of the first book brings to the table, I! Must! Know! So, without further ado, I will cut my babbles short and leave you with the actual interview. Continue reading

COLOR THE SHELVES: Interview with Roseanne A. Brown, author of A Song of Wraiths and Ruin + EXCERPT

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Hello friends and welcome to Color the Shelves!

Today’s post is one that means a LOT to me, not only because it packs a lot of meat and we are being fed (mayhaps I’m hungry) since we have BOTH an excerpt and an interview. But the real reason it means a lot to me is because I had the honor to interview Roseanne, an African author who wrote a West African inspired fantasy (Morocco included heh, because we’re at the northern most part of the west) talking about her experiences writing said book. Said book is A SONG OF WRAITHS AND RUIN which sounds absolutely brilliant. And said experiences resonated deeply withing my soul and made me want to read the book even more. Now, I will stop talking, because you’re not here for me, and leave you with the excerpt first and the interview after that. Continue reading

COLOR THE SHELVES: Writing my own representation – by Adiba Jaigirdar

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Hello friends and welcome to Color the Shelves!

Today’s post is by one of my favorite people, Adiba Jaigirdar, who is the debut author of the amazing and equally fluffy and angsty THE HENNA WARS! Adiba might already be familiar to you on the blog, because she’s the delightful human I collaborated with last year to bring you all the #MuslimVoicesRiseUp, a series of guest posts and conversations centering Muslim authors and bloggers. But today, I’m here to bring you a guest post she wrote about writing her own representation into books when little to none of it exists, especially when she first started writing her stories. Continue reading

WORD WONDERS’ TBR EXPANSION : 100+ books by Muslim authors

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Hello friends and Ramadan Mubarak!

Years ago, I wrote these two posts called Why don’t I see Myself? and Muslim representation I want more of, where I was basically talking about Muslim main characters barely existing in YA and when they did, how they all fit the same mold. I am happy to say now, that even though we still have a long way to go, I finally feel like we’ve reached a point where my complaints in those posts are fading little by little and I don’t feel them intensely anymore. Because since then, I’ve read some brilliant books by Muslim authors from different walks of life and whose experiences differ a lot.

Continue reading